Have you ever thought about life without food? Don’t you turn grumpy and irritated when you don’t have your favorite food in the house and you are super hungry? 


“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own


Food affects our health and mood  — how we feel today, tomorrow, and in the future. Simply put, our body is just like an engine and food is its fuel which gives it energy. Without food, we cannot survive, leave aside doing anything else. This is how essential food is for living. Food and agriculture are vital, they go hand in hand for one simple reason: Everyone eats. It is food that binds us together, no matter in which corner of the world we reside and agriculture is its backbone. Food and agriculture are crucial components of sustainable development and other indispensable individual and societal issues around the globe as food is a key result of agricultural practices.


As a popular saying says: ‘You are what you eat’, food is the key to unlock the path leading to a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet is greatly responsible for good health. In fact, students’ and employees’ productivity is linked to healthy eating.

One of the effective ways of putting across your views is by using our Food and Agriculture PowerPoint templates which cater to a variety of purposes such as for your company’s health campaigns, food joint-related meetings or agricultural advancement proposals. 


Here, I have selected the top 25 food and agriculture PowerPoint templates designed by SlideTeam professionals to download that will satisfy even the picky eaters. We have PowerPoint templates of different tastes.


Let’s dig in!

Top 25 Food & Agriculture PowerPoint Templates to Download


Template 1


Food Background Download Food Background Image With Different Vegetables


Food is meant to be enjoyed, then why not enjoy eating healthy food. For living a long and energetic life, the importance of eating healthy food can be communicated in an attractive way using this food PowerPoint Template. The vegetable background in this edibles PPT makes it useful for explaining the nutrient values by doctors and dietitians. Website designers can employ this awe-inspiring food PowerPoint theme as it serves as the perfect framework for the websites of food bloggers and restaurants. Food quality agencies can incorporate our visually appealing PPT background to state the quality measures ensuring quality eatables.


Template 2


AgricultureDownload Agriculture Proposal Template PowerPoint Presentation Slides


The agriculture sector is a major factor on which the economy of a nation depends. Agricultural activity contributes to generating decent income which can be elucidated with this vibrant agriculture PowerPoint template. Statisticians can incorporate our farming PowerPoint theme to showcase the facts and figures explaining the crucial role of agriculture for rural development and environment protection. Agricultural reforms, financial policies, and technological advancements can be illustrated using this agriculture PPT background


Template 3


Healthy Resolution FoodDownload Healthy Resolution Food PowerPoint Templates And PowerPoint Backgrounds


A healthy body leads to a healthy mindset. Exercise and nutritional eating habits have a huge impact on our well being which can be described as young and old with this healthy food PowerPoint template. Educationalists and teachers can employ this healthy eating PowerPoint theme to inculcate the value of nutritional eating at an early age. Gymnasiums can incorporate this PPT background to describe the different exercise regimes.


Template 4


Food On Dark Wooden Table

Download Food PowerPoint Template 


Leading a healthy lifestyle boosts immunity, and helps in reaching and maintaining a healthy weight that can be expressed by incorporating food PowerPoint templates. Cooking classes can employ this eatable PowerPoint theme to describe about the cuisines and other relevant information for the interested people. Food restaurants can utilize our PPT background for displaying the menu and also for the food and beverages website. 


Template 5


Agriculture And Forestry KPI Dashboard

Download Agriculture And Forestry Kpi Dashboard Showing Crop Production And Chemical Fertilizers Consumptions


Professionals in the farming industry can download this graphical agricultural PowerPoint template to discuss the factors affecting the production of food. Statisticians can employ this agricultural PowerPoint layout to state the crop production, chemical fertilizer consumption, production of milk and fish and other significant parameters.


Template 6


Fresh Food For Fitness And HealthDownload Fresh Food For Fitness And Health


Dietitians and fitness enthusiasts can incorporate this health PowerPoint template to discuss the vital role of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet. The nutritional facts can be expressed with our eye-catching fitness PowerPoint layout. This PPT background can be employed for food blogging websites and gymnasium promotion activities.


Template 7


Assortment Of Products And FoodDownload Assortment Of Products And Food Image


Shopping malls and complexes can highlight seasonal offers and attract more customers by utilizing this food PowerPoint template. Our visually attractive processed food PowerPoint theme can be used for promoting the food and beverage industry and their standard regulations decided by official agencies. Food quality check officials can also incorporate our food products PPT background.                                              


Template 8


Globe With LeavesDownload Globe With Leaves Nature Agriculture


Geographical dominance of agricultural activities can be discussed with the assistance of this green earth and agriculture PowerPoint Template. The forestation area can be illustrated with our creative food and agriculture PowerPoint layout. Teachers and environmentalists can employ this green living PPT theme to suggest sustainable ways of living. The concept of co-existing with nature can be illustrated by NGOs to spread awareness among the masses.


Template 9


Balanced Diet Food With Weighing Scale

Download Balanced Diet Food With Weighing Scale


A balanced diet helps in reducing the risk of chronic diseases. The benefits of taking a balanced diet can be highlighted by doctors and dieticians to motivate their patients to switch to a healthy lifestyle. The nutritional values of fruits and vegetables and the advised diet plan can be showcased using this balanced diet food PowerPoint Template. 


Template 10


Coffee Lover FoodDownload Coffee Lover Food


Coffee is an instant mood lifter and often the most celebrated beverage across the world. Download this coffee PowerPoint Template to discuss the coffee plantation of the area. By incorporating this food PowerPoint theme, you can include this PPT slide for breaks in between meetings and conferences. Scientific research on this popular beverage can be stated by utilizing this PowerPoint background. 


Template 11


Food PyramidDownload Food Pyramid


Food pyramid PowerPoint Templates can be downloaded by scientists and scholars to elucidate the impact of different levels of the food chain. Science students can utilize this food pyramid PowerPoint theme for their projects. The nutritional importance of each food group can be discussed effectively by taking the assistance of our food chain PowerPoint layout.


Template 12


Food Waste Icon Showing Plates With FoodDownload Food Waste Icon Showing Plates With Food


Food wastage is one of the prominent issues the world is facing today. The problem of hunger is a global problem that can be addressed by utilizing this food wastage PowerPoint template. The stats of food wastage can be discussed with the help of this food discarding PowerPoint layout. Restaurants can utilize our PPT background to communicate the message of zero food wastage on their premises.


Template 13


Processing Storage Agricultural Income Food Expenditure

Download Processing Storage Agricultural Income Food


Food quality professionals can download our food processing PowerPoint template to explain the complete procedure to the teammates for ensuring the quality of food. The different stages of storage of agricultural food can be elucidated with this PowerPoint background. Food management students can also employ this PPT layout for projects and seminars in colleges. 


Template 14


Agriculture Research Strategic Action Plan Risk

Download Agriculture Research Strategic Action Plan Risk Factor Regulatory Compliance


Agricultural advancements of a country is directly reflected in the economy. Employ this agricultural risk management PowerPoint template to elaborate on the strategies adopted to mitigate the risks associated with agriculture activities. You can also incorporate this agriculture management PPT layout to discuss the policies and reforms in this industry. 


Template 15


E Procurement Food Delivery

Download E Procurement Food Delivery 


The food delivery option is very crucial in today’s time. Download our food delivery PowerPoint template to explain the process to your employees in an effective manner. The different steps can be elucidated with this amazingly designed e-procurement PowerPoint layout to figure out if any glitch occurs in the process.


Template 16


Food Pyramid Highly ProcessedDownload Food Pyramid Highly Processed And Consume Adequately


Download this processed food PowerPoint template to illustrate the stepwise procedure of how the prepackaged food is consumed. The nutritional value can be stated in this PPT theme and can be employed by dieticians and doctors. Students can also be explained about the food pyramid with this PowerPoint theme and illustrate the advantages of eating healthy food.


Template 17


Little Chef With Vegetables FoodDownload Little Chef With Vegetables Food


Kids camps can incorporate this visually attractive food PowerPoint template for promoting cooking classes. Teachers can employ a healthy food PowerPoint theme for educating kids. Download this eatables PPT background to spread the message of healthy eating from a young age. Parents can also incorporate this PowerPoint background to motivate kids for opting healthy eating.


Template 18


Baby Having FoodDownload Baby Having Food 


The baby food PowerPoint template can be downloaded by pediatricians to elaborate on the nutritional value of giving it to infants. Baby food manufacturing companies can employ this PPT background to promote its brand stating the various offers. 


Template 19


American Cuisine Food Stamps

Download American Cuisine Food And Burger Stamps


Restaurants and food joints can incorporate this PowerPoint template for promotion. Food stamps PowerPoint theme can also be employed for cooking classes.


Template 20


Agriculture Design Product Specification

Download Agriculture Design Product Specification 


Agricultural activities and their proper functioning can be elucidated with this PowerPoint template. Scientists can incorporate this PPT to suggest new measures for increasing the output. 


Template 21


Harvest ConceptDownload Harvest Concept Collage Agriculture PowerPoint Templates And PowerPoint Backgrounds


Harvesting techniques, scientific findings, and research can be elaborated using this vibrant agriculture PowerPoint template. The farming industry can incorporate this PowerPoint background to highlight the benefits of organic farming. The sale of organic seeds and other equipment needed for agricultural activities can be promoted with the help of an agriculture PowerPoint background.


Template 22


Food Service Delivery    Download Food Service Delivery Icon


The food delivery service is an added feature of any food outlet. Highlight the services provided by the food joint by taking the assistance of this food delivery PowerPoint template. You can also incorporate this food delivery icon PowerPoint background to list the requirements of hiring a suitable candidate.


Template 23


Wheat Field Collage FoodDownload Wheat Field Collage Food PowerPoint Templates And PowerPoint Backgrounds


Introduce this visually attractive wheat field PowerPoint template for highlighting the statistics of wheat production. The annual turn over of wheat selling can also be illustrated using this PowerPoint background. 


Template 24


Straw Man Hanging On Pole In Farm

Download Straw Man Hanging On Pole In Farm 


Incorporate this farming PowerPoint template to discuss the methods of ensuring the proper production of food. Shopkeepers can download this PowerPoint background to showcase the agricultural tools available for selling.


Template 25


Collection Of Protein Rich Food For Health

Download Collection Of Protein Rich Food For Health


This visually attractive PowerPoint template can be downloaded to elaborate on the protein-rich foods. Dieticians can employ this healthy food PowerPoint theme to illustrate the recipes which can keep us healthy. Vegetable and fruit supply outlets can also utilize this PPT background and list the food items along with their price.


Good health gives us a more cheerful and bright perspective on life. Don’t forget to have a nutritious snack while downloading from our collection of Top 25 Food and Agriculture PowerPoint Templates that perfectly fits your needs!


Happy healthy eating even in meetings!