Modern day living is a bundle of chores. Some of us are working from home, while others have to make the hectic commute each day. Many have children or pets to take care of; some are employees answering their superiors; and others, are bosses dealing with their employees.


Consequently, there are meetings, parties, job interviews, school concerts, family emergencies, sports events, and more, all adding a rush of excitement and panic in our meticulous planning. 


Owing to days full of activity and obligations, many professionals still struggle to create a work-life balance. 




Work-life balance - Not a myth


Work-life balance is a concept that encourages an ideal situation in which an employee can stabilize their time and energy between the professional and personal aspects of their life. 


Have you heard this statement - “If you love your job, you will never have to work again”?


It couldn’t be further from the truth.


The research states that the more impassioned you are about a job, the more work you will do. But throwing yourself into heavy work can cause stress, burnout, and loneliness. 


So how do you shine in your career while making time for your loved ones? The truth is there is no one-size-fits-all trick! But a handful of strategies can help. 


Therefore, to help you pursue a more balanced lifestyle and increase your productivity at work, we have shared five tips, each followed by five highly creative work-life balance templates. You can incorporate these into your business, boosting your employees’ physical, psychological, and emotional well-being. Let’s dive in!

1. Don’t overexert

Despite the idea that successful employees work late hours, studies show that we are least productive when burning the midnight oil. In fact, working late hours can make you tired during the peak office hours in the day. So if your employees are involved in large projects or long to-do lists, pick these templates and encourage them to put hard stops at night and balance things out. 

Template 1: Work-Life Balance Initiative Template

This template highlights the benefits, policies, and programs that help create a better balance between the demand of the job and healthy management of personal life. So grab it instantly and make desired changes. 


Work-Life Balance Initiative PPT

Download Work-Life Balance Initiative In An Organisation Template 

Template 2: Surviving a Toxic Workplace PPT Slide

The slide provides insights on maintaining a healthy work-life balance while navigating through a challenging work environment. It sheds light on the issues that can arise in a toxic workplace and offers practical solutions. The template is tailored to address actual workplace problems that can impede productivity. Download now!


Surviving a toxic with strong work life balance

Download this template

Template 3: Strategies to Implement the Worklife Balance

Managers can use this template to discuss proven work-life balance strategies with their team, such as working smarter not harder, using technology to the fullest, make time for yourself, avoid exertion, and more. Therefore, download this design and add it to your arsenal.


Strategies To Implement The Work-Life Balance

Download Strategies To Implement The Work-Life Balance

Template 4: Work Life Balance Statistics Slide

A work-life balance statistics PPT slide can help give your team valuable insights into how they're balancing their professional and personal lives.
By presenting data on work hours, productivity levels, and time spent on leisure activities, you can highlight areas where team members might need to adjust. This slide can be a valuable tool in starting a conversation about work-life balance and encouraging team members to prioritize their well-being.


Worklife Balance Statistics Slide

Download this template

Template 5: Work Life Balance Accounting Template

Aiming for a balanced work-life is vital for a satisfying and healthy lifestyle. A practical approach to achieving this balance is using a work-life balance accounting template. With this tool, individuals can easily monitor the amount of time they spend on work-related tasks, personal obligations, and recreational activities. A work-life balance accounting template provides a practical method to enhance personal time management and increase the likelihood of attaining a more fulfilling work-life balance.


Work Life Balance Template

Download this template

2. Time for self-care 

Whether you work in an office or from home, you should make time for your private life and self-care without getting distracted from work. You can schedule personal activities in your calendar like workout, phone calls with your family, or coffee breaks. This strategy will force you to do things that are rejuvenating. Additionally, you can use these templates to awaken your employees with the benefits of work-life balance. 

Template 1: Work Life Balance Objective 

Jobs can create work-family conflict and stress. Therefore, use this template to urge your employees to extract leisure and self-care time. The design hosts many features, of which flexibility tops the list. So download and edit it easily. 


Work-Life Balance Objectives

Download Work-Life Balance Objectives PowerPoint Shapes

Template 2: Work Life Balance Options Template

This template includes a well-researched work-life interface for maintaining a balance throughout the organization. So download immediately and add it to your business presentation. 


Work-Life Balance Options PowerPoint Template

Download Work-Life Balance Options PowerPoint Templates 

Template 3: Work Life Balance Icon

Pick this lucrative template design to improve your employee motivation, reduce absence, attract new talent, and more. The design will help them understand the benefits of self-care. So download it instantly!


Icon Showing Work-Life Balance

Download Icon Showing Work Life Balance Of Employee Template 

Template 4: Work Life Balance Facts

This template will help your workforce understand how your company is contributing to establishing a work-life balance. It includes different measures to induce in their routine such as vacation, self-care, health, money, and more. 


Work-Life Balance Facts PowerPoint Guide

Download Work Life Balance Facts PowerPoint Guide

Template 5: Work Life Balance Example

Introduce work-life balance in your organization with the help of this example template design. It will help you connect with the team steadily. So grab it right away!


Work-Life Balance Example PowerPoint Templates

Download Work-Life Balance Example PowerPoint Templates

3. Set boundaries

“People will treat you how you allow them to treat you” — this quote is valid in all areas of life. Let your managers and colleagues know about the boundaries you have set, such as noting your work and off-work hours on the office calendar. With these creative templates, you can persuade your employees to set boundaries and manage the crucial moments in their life. 

Template 1: Measuring Work-Life Balance 

Choose this template and help your colleagues understand that poor work-life balance can lead to exhaustion, fatigue, failing mental and physical health. So grab it and boost your company’s employee satisfaction rate.


Measuring Work-Life Balance Satisfaction Among Employees

Download Measuring Work-Life Balance Satisfaction Among Employees

Template 2: Work Life Balance Practices

Besides defining personal life boundaries in the workplace, this template includes 20 practices to maintain an effective balance. So grab it and captivate your audience directly.


Work-Life Balance Practices PowerPoint Slide

Download Work-Life Balance Practices PowerPoint Slide

Template 3: Work Life Balance Matrix Template

This exclusive template includes a well-examined work-life balance matrix design. Share it with your employees and help them increase their work rate by setting priorities. Download now!


Work-Life Balance Matrix PowerPoint Presentation

Download Work-Life Balance Matrix PowerPoint Presentation Template 

Template 4: Activity Plan

This template includes an activity plan to manage work-life balance such as flexible schedule, social benefits, family support, and mobility measures. Download now and make changes as per your company’s plan.


Activity Plan To Manage Work-Life Balance

Download Activity Plan To Manage Work-Life Balance

Template 5

This PowerPoint template can be used to help people understand the importance of setting boundaries in the workplace. Focusing on your inner peace and health is a must. Therefore, pick this template and encourage employees to practice yoga to refresh their minds. 


Woman Maintaining Work-Life Balance By Doing Yoga

Download Woman Maintaining Work Life Balance By Doing Yoga

4. Prioritize and audit

To prevent yourself from working overtime, use different prioritization tactics and audit your to-do lists to ensure that you are working efficiently. You can use these topic-specific templates to help your employees focus on high-impact activities and cease those that do not drive significant output. These templates will help them decide whether to stop, delegate, improve efficiency, or keep going. 

Template 1

Pick this design to check if the employees in the company are showing interest in the work-life balance program. Besides, it will also help you ensure if they are continuously prioritizing and auditing the tasks given. So download it now. 


Estimating Value Of Number Of Employees Using Work-Life

Download Estimating Value Of Number Of Employees Using Work-Life Balance Program

Template 2

This design can be used by employees to prepare a report on the initiatives taken by them for maintaining a balance. Additionally, it is convenient to edit, so download right away.


Number Of Initiative To Manage Work-Life Balance

Download Number Of Initiative To Manage Work Life Balance

Template 3

This template will help you achieve work-life balance in a competitive environment. Moreover, business leaders and managers can pick this design to communicate their message with precision. Download and use it to your advantage. 


Achieve Work-Life Balance Example

Download Achieve Work-Life Balance Example PPT Templates

Template 4

This is another work-life balance template that includes a thoughtful roadmap covering various initiatives such as flexible leaves, holidays, wellness programs, productivity measures, and more. So download it without any second thoughts. 


Key Initiatives For Work Life Balance Covering Wellness Program

Download Key Initiatives Work Balance PPT Template 

Template 5

Select this attractive template to highlight the ways that can ensure work-life balance in a business. Create a harmony that improves the quality of life and career accomplishments for your employees. Grab it right away!


Work-Life Balance Employee Benefits

Download Employee Benefits Good PPT Example

5. Physically separate work from life

If you work from home periodically, the lines between official and personal life can become blurry. But fret not! You can conveniently deal with this situation by creating a workplace for yourself. Try to designate a space in your home solely for work. Utilize these templates and create a robust work-life balance presentation, thus motivating your employees to separate work and home. 

Template 1 

Today’s workforce comprises four different generations - baby boomers, generation X, Y, and Z. And all have a different take on work-life balance. However, this template can inspire them to physically separate work from private life. So download now!


Core Values With Passion Ownership Work-Life Balance

Download Core Values With Passion Ownership Template

Template 2

The human resource department can use this template to share key initiatives for employees to help them maintain work-life balance. The template can be easily edited. Therefore, download it and make changes.


Key Initiatives For Work-Life Balance PPT Template

Download List of Key Initiative Template

Template 3

Pick this template to discuss various topics such as flexibility in hours, overtime, tasks that do not affect personal life, and ability to time-bank. Download and illustrate the percentage of employees who enforce these initiatives.


Work-Life Balance Percentage PowerPoint Slide

Download Work Balance Percentage PowerPoint Slide

Template 4

This template can be used to research the factors that have a direct impact on work-life balance. The slide is designed by our team of professionals. So download it without any doubt. 


Work-Life Balance Research PowerPoint Slide

Download Work Balance Research PowerPoint Slide

Template 5

Marketers and business managers can pick this template to depict the “balance of power”. Choose it to analyze the potential profitability of your organization. Download and achieve all business goals by maintaining a balanced work culture. 


Porter 5 Forces For Work-Life Balance Schedule

Download Porter 5 Forces For Work Balance Schedule Template


Instead of wrapping up


Let’s share another trick! If you are a manager and tend to be a wunderkind, encourage your subordinates to take breaks, even if you do not. Make sure not to hold back when it comes to your employees’ work-life balance. Our well-designed templates will certainly help you build a dedicated, motivated, and passionate staff. 


P.S: To optimize your employee productivity and competency like a pro, explore our top workforce management templates here.


FAQs on Work Life Balance


What is work-life balance?


Work-life balance refers to the equilibrium between an individual's personal life and work obligations. It involves striking a healthy balance between the time spent on work-related tasks and the time spent on personal activities, such as hobbies, family commitments, socializing, and leisure pursuits. A proper work-life balance can contribute to better physical and mental health, improved relationships, higher job satisfaction, and increased productivity at work. It is a crucial aspect of achieving a fulfilling and satisfying lifestyle, personally and professionally.



What does a good work/life balance do?


A good work-life balance can provide several benefits to an individual, such as:


Improved Physical and Mental Health: Adequate time for rest, exercise, and self-care can improve an individual's physical and mental well-being, reducing the risk of burnout, stress, and illnesses.


Increased Productivity: A balanced lifestyle can enhance an individual's productivity by reducing fatigue and improving focus, creativity, and motivation.


Better Relationships: By having time for personal commitments, individuals can strengthen their relationships with family and friends, leading to better emotional and social support.


Higher Job Satisfaction: When an individual has a balance between work and personal life, they are more likely to enjoy their job, leading to higher job satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement.


Overall Fulfillment: A good work-life balance can contribute to an individual's sense of purpose, fulfillment, and happiness, leading to a more satisfying lifestyle.


What are the 3 habits for better work-life balance?


There are several habits individuals can adopt to achieve a better work-life balance. Here are three essential habits:


Set Boundaries: Establishing clear boundaries between work and personal life is crucial to achieving balance. This can involve setting specific work hours, avoiding checking work emails outside of work hours, and dedicating time to personal activities that are important to you.


Prioritize Self-Care: Self-care activities such as exercise, meditation, or hobbies can help reduce stress and improve mental and physical health. By prioritizing self-care, individuals can enhance their well-being, leading to a better work-life balance.


Practice Time Management: Effective time management involves planning and prioritizing tasks, setting achievable goals, and eliminating time-wasting activities. By practicing time management, individuals can increase their productivity and reduce the likelihood of overworking.