Have you ever made an online purchase decision based on a customer review posted on the website itself? Yes, all of us have. This means customers have a tendency to take the final call in the purchase decision after considering customer reviews as a significant input.


Customer reviews are important as these signal the trust a brand enjoys in the market and the perception customers have of it. Some prospects use customer reviews to glean information about the after-purchase journey a brand or a business provides. For example, if customer-reviews available on a website show bad after-sales or difficulty in getting customer service, many potential new purchasers are dissuaded enough not to make that final click. On the contrary, glowing reviews help drive sales exponentially as well.

The more intelligent of consumers may use the sum of all user-ratings posted on a particular business website, but customer reviews are again critical to business success. Yes, customer reviews have so much power today that these can make or break a business.


As a business owner, who has been using the website channel, the format/presentation template of the customer review platform is your choice.
This brings it with a gamut and profusion of decisions to make that you are much better off leaving to experts like us, at SlideTeam.


Which color panels and borders do you want for the customer review section? What should be the size, resolution of photographs etc. Even as the actual quality of products and services is what the customer is keying in as review, the structure, design and format of your customer review bar is critically important. As customers start to punch in the review, the aesthetics can may be goad them into writing a better word for your room service. At other times, a badly-chosen color scheme for the customer review panel could have users type in harsher words than they intended, if they felt irritated by your products.


When interested in customer review, what businesses are really looking for is customer satisfaction surveys. In many ways, these surveys are a precursor to customer reviews, as a satisfied customer is a positive vote of thanks in the business. Explore more on this engaging topic for business to your satisfaction with a click here.


With customer reviews directly linked to website traffic and the generation of leads, the first and the wisest business decision is to outsource/get the template from SlideTeam’s ready to use curated, well-researched collections. Our solutions, ten of which the blog highlights, offer you unparalleled convenience and saves your precious time and money.


The 100% customizable and editable nature of the templates is what makes them a real treasure trove of convenience, information, and business value. Use these Customer Review Templates to ensure that customer feedback is recorded in the format that is suited to your business. These customer review presentation templates, if used to their full functionality, can even be great tools for decision-makers like the CEO or yourself to decide if the business needs to make further efforts to boost its Google presence and expand reach.

Read on to expand this significant tool of customer experience that businesses are using to harvest rich gains in terms of user engagement and taking real-time decisions on product quality upgrade/recalls, assessing market demand etc.


Let’s start!


Template 1: Using Customer Reviews as Marketing Collateral, shift perspective

If ever there was a tutorial held in a Fortune 500 company on Customer Reviews and their Importance, this has to be the top slide (and it already is, in some cases, with SlideTeam counting these premium businesses as clients). Use this presentation template to highlight how a company can use customer reviews as marketing collateral. Tell your audience the key, but seldom-discussed tip on soliciting customer services. A company must ask for honest feedback from its customers, and use it publicly, if positive. This is because there is rarely any level of marketing or customer experience that can match the confidence generated when people hear good things about your business from other, unrelated sources/individuals. This pack of slides also includes additional slides for Icons, About Us, Our Team, Vision and Mission goal, Idea Generation etc. as bonus. Get this presentation template now and present to a roomful of people how customer reviews needs to be given its due as a key business input.


Ways to Make Customer Service Part of the Marketing Strategy


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Template 2: Market Development Strategy Dashboard Depicting Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are inherently subjective, for a business owner/professional it is the most objective account of a product as told in a story by different people, all valued users. Use this PPT to present all relevant business information from a customer review into a marketing dashboard for business use like knowing your customer effort and satisfaction score along with quality, price, overall design, and service, and how much effort the customer had to put in to get the desired level of service. This PPT Dashboard helps you gain actionable insights from data points that will, otherwise, have been lost. Use this gem of a customer review template to give your business the head start it deserves in retaining and acquiring more customers.


Market Development Strategy Dashboard Depicting Customer Reviews


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Template 3: Customer Reviews, Testimonials for Travel and Tourism Start-up

Use this PPT Presentation to showcase the reviews and testimonials your customers have given for the business value you provide. Display your specific customers’ photographs and comments, with permission of course, to showcase the way your business may be making people’s lives easier. This slide has space for three, but you can customize and have as many customers as needed. After all, social proof is an important business victory to showcase. Download now to showcase the difference you make in your customers’ lives.


Our Customer Reviews and Testimonials


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Template 4: Addressing Customer Review Associated with Uber Eats PPT Diagram Lists

Use this template to address customer reviews if you are into the food and beverage business and collate information about the outlets in your area. With this PPT Presentation, solicit reviews on what people like when they order out using an app. This is a powerful presentation to really know the business with its customizable nature a major advantage. Download now to customize the functionalities of a world-beating food and drink app store.


Addressing Customer Review Associated to Uber Eats


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Template 5: Product Scorecard Presenting Customer Reviews

This PPT Presentation is a tool for you to use in data analysis on multiple products that you offer in terms of customer reviews. Understand how you can present data on style, function, quality experience and features of N products on a single slide. This product scorecard is depicted in a tabular representation form for easy comprehension and understanding. Download it now to make a business decision on product life cycle.


Product Scorecard Presenting Customer Reviews


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When businesses serve customers, it is important to aim for customer delight, and the top brass to track the quality of service on offer. The only way to quickly have this embedded as an organizational policy and practice through training. Scale up your customer service with SlideTeam’s comprehensive training course on Customer Service and Ensuring Customer Delight. The hands-on course also incorporates Disney’s HEARD philosophy as a major customer service principle. Get the course, with training material included, with a click here.



FAQs on Customer Review



What is customer review and feedback?


Customer review is an organized and systematic way of getting your user or target base to give their opinion on your business product and service. It may be solicited or unsolicited, but is an important input for a business in improving its customer engagement. In most cases, customer reviews come on their own through channels, mostly online nowadays. It can include request for features, complaints, negative comments or information lapses in service/defective product quality etc. Customer reviews can also be good, in which case it is a marketing collateral. Customer feedback is solicited and businesses organize campaigns around getting it. Feedback can cost, while customer reviews are like Vox Pop in a newspaper. If businesses don’t pay attention to customer review, it may lose them.


How do you write a good customer review?


Writing a good customer review means the customer has been engaged enough to want better service and point out deficiencies or lacunae in a business product or service. For effective results, a customer is well advised to ensure the review he/she posts points out his issue clearly, list specific problems also lists solutions he/she wants as well. If a promise was not delivered, it is always a good idea to point that out. Also, make sure you use videos and photos as these are not standard affair on most websites. Remember, business do take your word seriously. Be clear, concise and assume the business is there to help you, till it is proven otherwise.



Why are customer reviews so important?


Customer reviews are critical to business success. There are three ways in in which they are worth their weight in gold:


  1. Gain experience and knowledge about what the customer wants; for instance, is the texture of your new cookie appealing to the taste buds of your customers. Only reviews can help you know that.
  2. Customer reviews act as marketing collateral; more reviews mean your customers trust you to deliver and want you to meet their demand better. This is an invaluable resource.
  3. Customer reviews give you credibility and creates a buzz around your business. It also shows people are finding you worth their time.