Event surveys are valuable for businesses that want to create great experiential marketing events. For example, a technology company organized an annual conference with keynote talks and panel discussions. They thought the event was well-organized but did not know how attendees felt about it until they sent out a survey.


The survey results showed attendees were very dissatisfied with the technical glitches during the panel discussions. This open-ended feedback helped the company identify areas where they could improve the event. They fixed the technical issues, and the next year’s conference was more engaging and seamless.


This example shows how event surveys can help businesses refine their events and create a better experience for attendees. They can also help businesses improve their reputation and attract more people to their events. 


In this blog post, we’ll have a look at top 5 slide tech event survey templates. We’ll also discuss how these templates can help your organization improve its events.


In business, surveys are also critical to making decisions based on important information.  Dive deeper into our guide here for a thorough exploration of top 10 survey templates and more.


Whether you’re planning your first event or you’re looking for ways to improve your existing events, be sure to read this blog post! 


Each of the templates is 100% customizable and editable. You both both structure in the form of content-ready templates and the capability to go bespoke, due to the editability feature.  


Let’s explore! 


Template 1: Event feedback survey PPT template bundles 

This PPT Template is designed to help you make your events even more successful. Get valuable feedback from attendees to improve future events. The template includes questions about aspects of your event, from  organization and logistics to the content. You can administer it to your attendees online or offline. Once you’ve collected this feedback, the template will help you analyze it and present it clearly and concisely. This will allow you to identify sections where you can improve your events, making them even more memorable and impactful for your attendees. Use this template to even ask whether attendees were very dissatisfied with any aspect of your event. This question will help you identify any areas where you need to make some changes, so that you can keep your attendees happy and coming back for more.


Event feedback survey PPT template bundles


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Template 2: Event Survey PPT Template Bundles 

Dive deep into user feedback with our Event Survey PowerPoint PPT Template Bundles. Designed for event organizers and planners, this complete bundle ensures that every aspect of your audience’s experience is noticed. Date and time suitability is a crucial feature that helps you understand if the selected timeframe resonates with your attendees’ preferences. Equally important is the ease of access, which gauges the simplicity and user-friendliness with which participants can join and navigate the event. Another vital aspect to consider is speaker quality, offering insights into the impact and effectiveness of the presenters you’ve chosen. Meanwhile, assessing the breakout session’s effectiveness provides a clear picture of each session’s strong points and potential areas for enhancement. An intriguing feature to consider is future participation. This will let you gauge the enthusiasm of your attendees and determine if they are keen to partake in the upcoming editions of your event. Finally, the overall experience form ensures that you understand the attendees’ entire journey, from their initial entry to their concluding moments at your event. 


Event Survey PPT Template Bundles 


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Template 3: Social media event advertising survey results PPT template 

This PPT Template gives you a deeper understanding of trade show’s success factors. Analyze and visualize the impact of promotional strategies on your event's traction. Experiential Marketing Assessment is a pivotal feature that delves deep into understanding the extent to which immersive experiences have elevated audience engagement at your event. Equally significant is the interactive and technology impact, allowing event organizers to evaluate cutting-edge technological tools’ potency in attracting attendees and ensuring they remain engrossed. In today’s digital age, the social media influence feature has become indispensable, helping event managers measure the power and impact of social media platforms and campaigns in widening the event’s audience net. Use this template to provide valuable insights, shedding light on promotional tactics that resonate the most and ensure heightened audience participation. To facilitate a straightforward understanding of the efficacy of each strategy, the percentage-wise report visualizes contribution, offering a clear and concise breakdown. This aids in identifying the most impactful process. The key takeaways section encapsulates salient learnings and observations, ensuring a clear roadmap for your team.

Harness the power of data and insights to craft even more compelling future events. With this PPT template, you're not just reviewing numbers; you're charting the course for even more impactful events. Discover, analyze, and strategize with a download. 


Social media event advertising survey results PPT template


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Template 4: Results of Net Promoter Score Survey Customer Attrition Prevention 

Use this presentation template to delve into customer loyalty with our Net Promoter Score (NPS).  This presentation reveals how likely users are to recommend your brand, shown via an intuitive pie chart. The observations section offers more profound insights, while the template also showcases the overall results of the NPS Survey. Understand your customers’ inclinations towards your products and gauge their propensity to switch to competitors. This PowerPoint Presentation is crucial for brands to enhance customer connections and maintain a competitive edge.


Results of Net Promoter Score Survey Customer Attrition Prevention


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Template 5: Attendees survey outcomes on event success parameters PPT template

Unlock the secrets to a triumphant event with our specialized template, dedicated to presenting attendees' feedback on crucial event success metrics. Dive into nuanced analyses on keynote addresses, engaging panel discussions, in-depth tutorials/master classes, interactive Q&As, and dynamic breakout sessions. The template isn’t just about showcasing raw numbers, it offers a canvas for you to integrate and highlight the insights garnered from the survey. Refine your future events with knowledge, ensuring each surpasses the last in delivering value and satisfaction.


Attendees survey outcomes on event success parameters PPT template


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Event surveys are a great way to collect feedback from attendees and measure the success of your event. With SlideTeam’s event survey templates, you can create an engaging survey that will help you get the information you need. Whether for pre-event planning or post-event analysis, these examples provide the guidance needed to craft practical questions and keep respondents engaged.


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FAQs on Event Survey Templates


What is event planning survey?


An event planning survey is a tool that event planners use to gather feedback from attendees. This feedback can be used to enhance future events by identifying areas that were well-received and areas that need improvement. Event planning surveys can be conducted before, during, or after an event.


How do you write an event survey?


  • Start with a clear goal:  Are you looking for feedback on the overall event experience or specific aspects of the event, such as the speakers, the venue, or the food? 
  • Keep your questions short and simple: People are more likely to complete a survey if the questions are easy to understand and answer. 
  • Use question types: Not all questions are created equal. Some questions are better suited for gathering quantitative data, while others are better for gathering qualitative data.
  • Anonymity. People are more likely to be honest in their feedback if they know their answers won't be traced back to them. If you collect personally identifiable information, such as names or email addresses, make sure it is optional and explain how the information will be used.
  • Test Your Survey Ask few friends or colleagues to take the survey and give you feedback. This will help you identify any problems with the survey and ensure it is easy to understand and complete.
  • Timing: The best time to send a survey is within a few days of the event.
  • Follow up with non-responders. If you don't get a lot of responses to your survey, you can try following up with people who haven't responded yet. 


What are the objectives of event survey?


  • Evaluate the event: This includes gathering feedback on event experience and aspects such as the speakers, content, food, and venue.
  • Identify areas for improvement. The feedback from the survey can be used to identify areas where the event can be improved. 
  • Build relationships with attendees: The survey is a chance to connect with attendees and get to know them better. This can help build relationships with attendees, leading to future business opportunities.