This world is rushing, and to cope with the world, we also have to move fast, and online!


Nowadays, smart people use quick methods to check progress or resolve an issue. Growing your business requires enough production to meet demand, along with quality. To know whether you are maintaining standards, you have to go with the smartest approach, and that is letting online metrics screen your quality. In this advanced world, understanding the stronghold of online metrics like website traffic on the corporate sector is essential. There are metrics, when you analyze the world of online metrics. 


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Where everybody is devoted to making decisions based on data, these metrics will assist you in those crucial decisions by sorting out data and creating a clear picture for you. 


Online metrics have become the talk of the town because of its data handling factor. These offer key inputs into user behavior, website performance status, and the effectiveness of your online strategies. The summarized data, presented through online metrics, can be used to measure, analyze, and tackle obstacles. The use of these metrics helps in smooth operations of your business. Ultimately, the business is bound to expand.  


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At SlideTeam, we offer templates on online metrics to track and compare the performance of any department in your organization. We have jotted down the top 5 online metrics that will assist you in making decisions that are good for your business. Now, let’s have a look at those metrics. 


Template 1: Gojek Online Presence Performance Metrics

This PPT Template is used to highlight the information related to the Gojek performance metrics. It is necessary to get all that information right in front of you so you can take calculated actions to grow your business. In this template, you will get a pin-point presentation of the performance rate, tables, and graphs to make it look easier to understand. This template will give you a proper overview of the online presence of your service with the help of graphs. You will get a Gojeck website traffic graph that will tell you about the website rankings and total visits per month. Also, you can check the Gojek social media presence on another graph, which also mentions the follower growth. This is a complete package of an informative and neat PPT layout. Download this template from the link below. 


Gojek Online Presence Performance Metrics




Template 2: Online Sales Metrics Showing Improvement

If you are into selling a product or a service in the market, you must keep track of the sales per month or quarter. Keeping track of the performance to solve the issues and make things run smoothly is always good. We know it is not easy to track a sales improvement or progress in one or two slides, but now you don’t have to worry about the presentation part because we have made this template to ease your life. This slide provides you a chart presenting the numbers of your sales per quarter. The charts will give you an overview of your sales growth situation, and you can also add some key insights. This summarized and professional PPT Layout helps you present the condition of your sales graph. Get the online sales metrics showing improvement template from the link below.


Online sales metrics showing improvement




Template 3: Comparison Metrics Of Online And Offline Marketing

Marketing is one of the most important segments of companies trying to sell their products or services. You must compare online and offline marketing results to establish a perfect marketing strategy. For this purpose, you can use the comparison metrics of online and offline marketing. In this PPT Template, you can compare the money you have spent on marketing, leads generated by both, revenue, and customer relation progress of both marketing strategies. This simple and easy-to-understand template will allow you and your team to figure out a perfect plan and move.


Comparison Metrics of Online and Offline Marketing




Template 4: Online Sales Improvement Metrics To Track

Being an employee or an owner, you should know whether your plans work for your company. Keeping track of sales is necessary to achieve your goals in a determined time. Online sales could bother you sometimes as this thing can spike in no time. To have operations under control, you should have this template ready all the time to summarize and analyze your online sales improvement over the period. This PPT Slide briefs you and your team about your sales situation for a specified time. In this template, you will get a table that will tell you about the conversion rate, customer retention rate, net profit, cart abandonment rate, return on investment, time on the website, and bounce rate. This template is enough to make you and your team understand your company's sales scenario easily


Online sales improvement metrics to track




Template 5: Online Sales Improvement Metrics With Strategies

Are you worried about your sales decline? Don’t sweat because we have a perfect product for you. The template, online sales improvement metrics with strategies, will help you cover all the factors affecting your sales growth. It will also provide you with some informative strategies to help you tackle the situation. With the help of this template, you can brief your team about the next steps toward success. This template is highly presentable with professional insights; you can edit it as needed. Every company has that one employee who brings good ideas to the table, it is time to be that employee. In this template, you will get strategies on sales conversion rate, customer acquisition cost, average order value, customer lifetime value, and email opt-in rate. This PPT layout will help your team pick some good ideas from the slide and implement them, helping you shine better in front of your management. 


Online sales improvement metrics with strategies






Online metrics kill many birds with one stone. It has become a mandatory skill in today’s world if you are looking for a way to work smart. Online metrics will help you determine issues plaguing your way toward success. They can also be used to present the progress or improvement of a particular department of your organization. Online metrics can become the first step toward a stress-free working culture if used correctly. This is the most professional way of tracking sales, marketing, success plans, etc. The templates mentioned above will help you explain your situation, whether it is your sales improvement or marketing strategies; you will certainly ace your meeting. 


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