Did your heart not skip a beat when Larry, the health inspector in US television sitcom Friends, warned Gunther of shutting the Central Perk forever for running afoul of rules on hygiene? Had it not been for Gunther’s girlfriend Phoebe, Larry was hell-bent on closing the Perk. He even had all his restaurant checklists handy to fine eateries that were not going by the book.


Trust us, when we say this! We have Larries in real-life too who can inspect your restaurant at any moment. It is your responsibility as management or owner to keep a check on your menu, supplies, floor plan, inventory, hygiene, equipment, and more. Any gaps or loopholes in following the rules can cost you lots of money in fines, headaches that a sullied brand brings, and in worst-case scenarios, permanent closure of your restaurant.


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It is essential as a restaurateur to prepare checklists to help you stay organized, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. It will help you provide the best experience to your guests and ensure that you comply with all rules and regulations of the Food and Beverage industry.


Restaurant Checklists to Keep Tabs on the Day-to-Day Operations


A restaurant checklist ensures that all tasks are completed before, after, or during the operations. A checklist comprises a list of items that streamlines the opening and closing procedures of the restaurant. It also helps you create a standard document to train your employees and other staff members to be operationally efficient. Whether it is the bar, kitchen, or other area, a checklist will help you achieve your monthly targets and increase your sales by keeping everything aligned.


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Browse through the presentation templates below and pick the ones that meets your requirements.


Let’s begin!

Template 1: Restaurant Operational Checklist PPT Template

Want more efficiency in your restaurant operations? Deploy this content-ready PowerPoint Template to list items needed for your food joint. Use this predesigned PPT slide to categorize business processes into sections to keep track of tasks and functions. Create a weekly restaurant operations checklist to analyze and monitor duties for delivering the best service to customers. Download now!


Operational Checklist PPT Slide


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Template 2: Restaurant Checklist PowerPoint Slide

Outline a well-structured restaurant checklist showcasing prep work tasks for the kitchen staff to provide world-class experience to the customers. Incorporate this professional PPT Slide to craft a comprehensive to-do task list to ensure food safety at your restaurant. This ready-made PowerPoint Diagram comprises a table to categorize two major policy matters of Workstation Safety and Food Safety. The tasks under each head can be listed as having been met, needing work, and not applicable. Pen down the relevant food and workstation safety guidelines application to your outlet and stay clear of any unwarranted publicity or incident. Grab this template now!


Restaurant Checklist Guidelines PPT Slide


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Template 3: Restaurant Operations Checklist PowerPoint Diagram

Here is another premium and high-quality PPT Template for restaurant owners to drive sales and increase revenue by streamlining complex processes. Deploy this content-ready PowerPoint Template to maintain food quality and safety standard by orienting your staff and employees on hygiene and cleanliness. Grab this actionable PowerPoint Diagram to ensure you do not miss out on any operational work to keep your restaurant likeable and buzzing with customers. Download now!


Food Safety Checklist PPT Template


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Template 4: Restaurant Checklist PPT Template

Wish to create quality dining experience for your clients? Use this ready-made PowerPoint Template to keep the essential tasks in line and organized. Deploy this flexible PPT Slide to keep a check on tasks, processes, and procedures that you have established. Incorporate this content-ready PowerPoint Diagram to assign your staff and employees their daily tasks and encourage them to perform with persistence. This is a ready to use PowerPoint Layout to help you keep tabs on reservations, inventory, sales report, register, etc. Download now!


Restaurant Operations PowerPoint Diagram


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Template 5: Restaurant Operations Process Checklist PowerPoint Slide

Last but not the least is this content-ready PowerPoint Template to run restaurant operations in a clockwork manner. Incorporate this ready to use PPT Diagram and monitor day to day operations to derive profitable sales and growth. This PPT slide is perfect to help you list and exhibit priority tasks that are vital for food quality and safety. Use this PowerPoint Diagram and lay out procedures, with comments, to maintain standards and improve business operations. Download now!


Restaurant Operations Management PPT Template


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A Big Positive to the Checklist


A restaurant checklist helps you set your theme, tasks, procedures in line. It also allows you to deliver impeccable services to customers. Your team, staff, and other members in the restaurant become aware of their duties and perform with diligence using a checklist. A checklist streamlines and transforms your business operations and reduces errors or gaps. Therefore, increase the quality of execution and ensure a positive experience for your customers with SlideTeam’s custom-made and content-ready PowerPoint Templates. These PPT Slides will help you align tasks and duties with business goals and increase the output and productivity right way. Download these templates from the above collection or here.


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FAQs on Restaurant Checklist


What is an opening checklist?


A restaurant can be a busy and fast-paced environment. Staying organized and updated with all the tasks is a key to success. It is essential to be prepared before a customer walks in to your restaurant such as, cleaning, sanitizing, restocking, and more. Therefore, management and owners need to make sure that some tasks are completed before and after each shift to run the business operations hassle-free. This is where, an opening checklist plays a vital role in ensuring you are ready to serve the customers. An opening checklist is a list of tasks that staff should complete either at the start or end of the shift. This checklist should be accessible to all the staff members to sign off completed duties. It should include the following:


  • Setting up the restaurant with table settings, condiments, décor, and menu
  • Ensuring the restaurant is clean and tidy
  • Setting up the bar with stock, clean glassware, and attractive displays
  • Emptying the bins
  • Taking the trash out
  • Sweeping and cleaning surfaces, etc.


Why are checklists important?


According to a study, six of 10 restaurants close within a year of starting operations because the owners and management cannot keep up with their tasks, roles, and responsibilities. Running a restaurant also requires a thorough process and system to take care of daily operations and functions. Creating and maintain a checklist is one of the most effective methods to track recurring and new tasks. A detailed and comprehensive restaurant checklist ensures that operations are properly run and quality services are delivered. There are some other benefits that can help you manage your restaurant do well if you adhere to the checklist:


  • Outlining clear duties
  • Keeps you and your staff organized
  • Employees feel accountable and responsible
  • Maintains your inventory at the optimum levels
  • Allows you to be ready to serve customers with confidence


What is the value of a checklist?


The use of checklists reduces errors and improves safety. They are powerful tool for process improvement. They help you go through all the steps and tasks to be performed. A well-structured checklist increases motivation and improves continuity and efficiency. Really, a checklist that is scientifically drawn up and implemented with vigor and routine is invaluable for businesses, especially high-wastage ones like restaurants. Use these small pieces to paper to create miracles in managing businesses.