Events are the most crucial part of an organization’s calendar. These help businesses create a impact, create team bonding and boost the employer brand, irrespective of its ultimate purpose, be it profit or non-profit.


To ensure the event proves to be of value and is cost-effective, just one single extravaganza is never enough. There is always the need to organize multiple events to build on the success of each one. To do this well, you need event feedback from relevant stakeholders.


In essence, then, event feedback refers to a questionnaire that organizations get attendees, and all other relevant groups, to fill up and share their thoughts, comments, suggestions etc. It could ask open-ended questions, closed queries or a mixture of the two.


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In this blog, we will show you how to design an event feedback template that gathers valuable responses from your audience in the format you require to make decisions. It asks relevant questions and is organized logically and aesthetically. SlideTeam offers complete solution to this pain point, saving your valuable time and effort.


Are you planning to create an event timeline? Don’t worry! We’re here to help you with a set of presentation templates.

Each of the templates is 100% cusotmizable and editable. The customizable nature allows you to edit these presentations. The content-ready slides give you the much-needed structure. Let us explore.


Template 1- Event Feedback Survey PowerPoint Template

This PPT Template includes event satisfaction questionnaires, post-event survey questions, and an event feedback survey questionnaire. You can administer the survey to gather data on aspects of your event, from organization and logistics to content and overall experience. Use this presentation template to help you update data analysis and present precise event survey results for organizers, enabling you to make informed decisions for future events. The post-event feedback survey form helps assess the event's strengths and weaknesses for incorporation in future, and the set of questions is related to general experiences, and also tied to the event like how satisfied was the respondent to the information presented. The aim is to understand your audiences better and enhance their experience of your event.


Event Feedback Survey


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Template 2- Feedback report for conference event satisfaction Template

This slide highlights the feedback result report of corporate events that can help evaluate the opinions of event attendees. It can help the company improve future events based on collected responses. Use this presentation template to rate the appropriateness of the venue and location, the relevance and effectivess of the content (in terms of whether it is easy to understand), and finally, the direct question on would the respondent attend the event again. The responses are plotted on a pie chart with the four possible answers being agree, strongly agree; disagree and strongly disagree. The template can also document up to three takeways gleaned from an analysis of the survey.


Feedback report for conference event satisfaction


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Template 3- Customer Feedback Report for Post-Event Analysis Template

This PPT Template questions customers to gauge their satisfaction with the event on the variables of staff helpfulness, the event experience taken as a whole, and the event's content. The data is presented as percenetages in a tabular format, with the NEUTRAL rating also an option, with the other response options ranging from very satisfied to very unsatisfied. Finally, you can add key takeaways based on the previous responses. Get this template from below.


Customer feedback report for post event analysis


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Template 4- Post Event Audience Feedback Survey Questionnaire Template

This PPT Template highlights a post-event questionnaire that can be administered to audiences. It includes a rating scale between 1 and 5 for each question, such as registration process, event application, event schedule, event website, location of the event, catering, communication, event hotels, etc. Use this Preset Design to ask up to 10 questions, with icon intuitively guiding the respondent to come to the question. Get this template from below.


Post event audience feedback survey questionnaire


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Template 5- Feedback Survey Strategies for Post-Event Communication Template

This PPT Slide covers action steps for communicating after the event. It includes strategies such as asking attendees to rate events between 1 and 10. Both general and specific questions are asked depending upon the profile of the survey takers, VIP attendees, speakers, vendors, etc. Questions of different types, such as multiple choice, yes/no, and free-form text answers, will keep respondents interested and engaged. Grab this template from below.


Feedback Survey strategies for post-event communication


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Template 6 Prepare a post-event feedback survey Template

This PPT slide exhibits the post-event survey and its benefits. Key benefits covered are predicting audience interest in similar events in the future, providing insight into attendees' opinions about the events, and helping to learn target market expectations from the products. You can deliver an outstanding presentation on the topic by using this post-event feedback survey template. This slide also delineates expectations and predictions about the attendees' satisfaction. Grab this template now.


Prepare post event feedback survey


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Template 7- Feedback form for team building event Template

You can use this PPT Template to measure the success rate of the event. This feedback form allows the company to conduct follow-up meetings and discuss relevant issues. Again, the scale used is strongly agree to strongly disagree, and seven questions on the efficacy of the team building event can be asked using this slide. Get this template from below.


Feedback Form for Team Building Event


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Event feedback templates: Enchanting Possibilities


The feedback template, a constellation of carefully structured questions, acts as a celestial map, guiding organizers and attendees on a shared improvement journey. Like a whispered secret shared around a bonfire, the open-ended feedback that these templates facilitate nurtures innovation and shapes future events. So, let us venture into this realm, where each checkbox and text box signals tangible, sureshot improvement in next events.


To learn more about the feedback form template, click here.


FAQs on Event Feedback Templates


What is the event feedback form?


An event feedback form is a document that gathers success metrics and other data that illustrate the performance of your event. It also includes a description and summary of the event and comments regarding what aspects could have been improved. An event feedback form will help you and your team evaluate your event.


Why feedback after an event is important?


Feedback is essential after an event because it provides a reality check of what went right or wrong and helps progressively improve event management. It also shows the event professional’s commitment to improve. It also helps maintain a connection with the audience and encourages creativity. Lastly, it is an excellent tool for analysing what went wrong at the event and why.


How do you rate the event?


It’s essential to ask attendees about overall satisfaction with an event. You can also ask participants to rate specific things, including the venue, date, speakers, vendors, catering, quality of sessions, number of sessions, and more. This will help you gauge how well you did in each area. The idea is to be able to organize a better event the next time.