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Top 15 Templates for Resourceful Data Classification 

Top 15 Templates for Resourceful Data Classification 

Anmol Thakur

Anmol Thakur

June 23 2022

Today, the world has become increasingly digital, and it doesn't come off as a surprise that we produce 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. This data is more than just facts and figures; it’s a resource, which when skillfully used helps in establishing links between a company's human, digital and financial assets. Data thus collected can be studied in infinite ways to discover new opportunities at improving the products and services. 


This is why it is foolish to leave such an exceptional resource at God’s mercy when all we need is its careful management. Management of data, it starts with locating and labeling the information, also referred to as data classification.




Data classification segregates the information according to its type, sensitivity, and value. These tags help establish better data security, making the data more accessible and helping the organization accomplish its goals. 


But, this convenient process of categorization is complicated. Hence, we have attempted to make this complex process a tad bit easier by providing a compilation of 100% editable PPT templates that cover the various aspects of data classification.  


Look further into the blog to choose the template that is most suitable for your needs.


Template 1: Data Classification Cycle PowerPoint Template


This data grouping PPT slide is well-equipped to make future business predictions. This PPT layout contains a cycle graphic that lets you talk about the various processes involved in data classification. It allows you to discuss data collection, destruction, retention, relevance, release, and backup. Get this crisp and minimalist template now to enhance your productivity. 


Data classification in data cycle powerpoint slides


Download this template


Template 2: Data Lifecycle PowerPoint Slide


Deploy this data collection PPT layout to display the lifecycle of the digital data. This accurately designed data processing PowerPoint layout allows you to discuss data manipulation, conversion, alteration, handling, and storage. This slide is 100% editable, which gives you leverage to add or remove topics based on your priorities. Get it now!  


Data classification in data cycle design powerpoint slide


Download this template


Template 3: Data Management PPT Layout


This data classification PowerPoint template discusses the essential aspects of data management in an easily comprehensible manner. This data supervision PPT slide lets you examine the legacy data, labeling, data loss prevention, data analytics, etc. This PPT slide is content-ready with a visually attractive circular diagram. Use our expertly designed PPT to garner your audience's attention. Download it now!


Data classification in data management powerpoint topics


Download this template

Template 4: Data Classification for Cyber Security PPT Theme


Never lose your classified data with the help of our cyber protection PowerPoint layout. Prioritize data security by having viable discussions on data restriction, proprietary, data sensitivity, and non-sensitivity. This specific slide provides a visual edge as it incorporates bright colors for effective content delivery. Get this layout now and deliver perfection!


Data classification in cyber security powerpoint show


Download this template


Template 5: Structured and Unstructured Big Data Classification PPT Template


Differentiate between structured and unstructured aspects of big data classification with the help of our digital information classification PowerPoint template. This slide touches on the format and storage distinction of both structured and unstructured data. Make your meetings and discussions more productive with our engaging PPT layout. This PPT template will help you mark new industry standards. Download now! 


Structured and unstructured classification of big data


Download this template


Template 6: Data Classification Steps PowerPoint Slide


This attractive PPT template lists the various steps of data classification. Employ this well-made data grading PPT layout to create classification tags, scan data, interview users, queried files, etc. This elegant slide is fully editable and customizable for your convenience. Grab this professionally-curated PPT slide now! 


Data classification steps ppt examples


Download this template


Template 7: Data Process Flow PowerPoint Theme


Data organization has many variables, so it is vital to keep a plan handy to manage it. This data process flow PowerPoint slide helps you track the momentum of the digital information. This slide helps in planning, proceeding, checking, and acting accordingly. You can also edit icons and change the colors of this attractive square diagram. Click the link below to download this template now!


Data classification process flow ppt example


Download this template


Template 8: Data Classification in Data Governance PPT Theme


Presenting to you our professionally-designed data governance PPT theme. This PowerPoint theme helps manage the availability, usability, and security of the data. It helps discuss IT governance, application, and information management. Control the usage of information with the help of our ready-to-use data segregation PPT template. Acquire this statement of perfection now!


Data classification in data governance powerpoint themes


Download this template


Template 9: Big Data Classification PowerPoint Layout


Management and analysis of big data can be a headache if you don’t have a specific game plan to structure it. This PPT template helps you achieve just that by providing you with a table to display various aspects of data classification. Feel free to get this template if you wish to state the source, category, format, processing, and infrastructure of the data. Access this customizable PPT layout now!


Big data classification example of ppt


Download this template


Template 10: Level-Wise Data Classification PowerPoint Slide


This data classification template helps categorize the levels of data availability. It talks about the features of public, sensitive, and restrictive data. This data segregation PPT template gives ease in operation as it is 100% editable. It contains attractive icons and colors that catch the eye. Get it now! 


Data classification levels ppt background


Download this template


Template 11: Data Segregation PowerPoint Layout


Employ this data differentiation PowerPoint template to identify the most valuable information on the server. Provide a solid framework to achieve top-notch classification. Accordingly, state the business requirements, data availability, resilience, retention, and security. Get this expertly designed PPT layout now!


Data classification framework template powerpoint layout


Download this template


Template 12: Data Framework Diagram PowerPoint Template


Utilize this data framework PowerPoint template to locate and retrieve the digital data. This effective PPT slide helps adequately label data in motion, use, and rest. This template comes with a circular diagram that has interactive icons. Get this impressive template for better guidance. 


Data classification framework diagram powerpoint images


Download this template


Template 13: Data Analysis for CRM PowerPoint Slide


Prioritize the needs of your customer with the help of this data analysis for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) PPT single-slide. Organize the essential data from varying sources to help customers meet their requirements. Establish strong customer relationships with our fully-editable PPT layout. Grab this customizable template today!


Data classification for crm powerpoint ideas


Download this template


Template 14: Data Grouping Approach PPT Template 


Discover, recognize, and classify the data with the help of our data grouping PowerPoint layout. This PPT slide helps you realize the location of the critical data and information in the server. Download this customizable template to simplify the process of organization. 


Data classification approach template sample of ppt


Download this template


Template 15: Data Categorization Method PPT Design


This data classification PowerPoint slide categorizes the data with the help of a visually appealing flow chart. It discusses quantitative and qualitative factors involved in data segregation. You can easily add and remove information in the chart according to your requirements. Click on the link below to download this template.  


Data classification method ppt design


Download this template


Data classification helps predict the future by considering the variables surrounding data. Use our professionally-designed customizable templates to locate and label the data of importance. 


Acquire these templates now!


Need some custom designs as well? Click here to check out our expert services.


P.S. Looking for tools to devise a digital data structure for your company? Check out our data governance framework blog to know more!


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