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Top 10 PowerPoint Templates to Leverage SOAR Analysis for Your Business

Top 10 PowerPoint Templates to Leverage SOAR Analysis for Your Business



October 22 2021

We are all too familiar with the big old SWOT analysis. One mention of it, and we are all jotting down strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. But it’s rare that its contemporary, SOAR analysis, gets the limelight. Let’s walk you through it!


SOAR analysis – encapsulating Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results — is a practical approach to strategizing and identifying avenues that align with the mission of your organization. It’s a tool that companies around the world use to brainstorm new problem-solving techniques and articulate their business strategy.


Unlike SWOT, which focuses mainly on the current scenario of an organization, SOAR primarily strikes a balance between the present and the future. To exemplify, let’s say there’s a company that has developed a bike taxi-hailing application. For the app launch, the preliminary SOAR analysis will give you the following:


Strengths: What makes you unique and powerful? (Could be a seamless UI, better USPs, know-how, resources, and assets)


Opportunities: What markets can you exploit to become successful? (Could be good market positioning, new untapped markets)  


Aspirations: What do you wish to become with the resources? (Could be brand building, making a difference, setting better goals)


Results: How will you know and measure your accomplishments? (Could be revenue targets, SMART KPIs, download milestones)


With its action-oriented and appreciative outlook, SOAR analysis is an incredible medium for organizational assessment, learning and development, strategic planning, and innovation. The tricky part is visualizing your findings to add value to your team meetings. For that, this blog presents…


Editable templates to prepare your SOAR analysis worksheet


A typical round of SOAR analysis gives you four data points. These are often visualized in a 2x2 matrix — the current values of strengths and opportunities go in the top two cells, while the aspirations and results (the future values) go in the bottom two. Bring in a visualization tool (like PowerPoint), and you can chart the data points in a simple matrix design as follows:


SOAR Analysis matrix


But let’s not limit the visual representation to a plain boxed design. There are applications of SOAR analysis that extend beyond the regular. And you cannot go into every brainstorming session with the same old colored square (you can almost hear the audience groan when they see the same slide again).


So to help you present your crucial information in an eye-catching format, here are 10 unique designs prepared in PowerPoint. Brimming with editable graphics and texts, these fully editable templates will eliminate all doubts in style. Available for immediate download, these templates are just the designs you need to set and smash ambitious goals. So scroll below and take your pick now!

Template 1

Here’s a content-ready preset covering the SOAR analysis of a business use case in the engineering service industry. The template covers each component of the analysis for manufacturing a radio frequency identification device (RFID). But you can also use this PPT layout for any kind of product as per the requirements of your industry. Click below and make it yours.


Soar Analysis Of Engineering Service Industry


Download this template

Template 2

Here’s an actionable design depicting a unique SOAR analysis example. Presenting a different take on the SOAR model, this template spells out the roadmap for successful organizational change with distinct icons. Feel free to download this creative preset and populate it with your ideas and data.


Soar Analysis For Successful Organizational Change


Grab this template

Template 3

Are you still trying to navigate the difference between SWOT and SOAR? Try this handy PPT design that assigns a rating scale to your SOAR assessment. Edit this template with your content, and then fill in the rating to understand where you lag and what you can leverage for success. Just calculate and have at it!


Soar Key Strategic Tool Powerpoint Templates


Download this template

Template 4

SOAR is a versatile indicator, not just for organizations but also for individuals. Here’s a thematic visual that you can incorporate into a personal development program with instant ease. Take it away in a few clicks! List your core competencies and limitations in this PPT design to draft an actionable plan for your career.


Soar Analysis For Effective Personal Development


Grab this template

Template 5

Overcome any and every business challenge with the help of this practical SOAR analysis presentation slide. Each catchy icon in this PowerPoint template corresponds to various action steps for growth, such as innovation planning, integrated programs, and continuous improvement. This intuitive layout is all you need to get the best out of your brainstorming sessions. Click below and start preparing.


Soar Analysis For Existing And New Business Growth


Download this template

Template 6

Those in the manufacturing industry can deploy this informative PPT design to conduct a fruitful SOAR analysis. Additionally, this template acts as a precursor to successful strategic planning by calibrating each component on a scale of 1-10. So select this template and assimilate it into your next big business presentation.


Soar Analysis Of Organization For Manufacturing Industry


Grab this template

Template 7

Turn the page with this bold template covering initiatives for organizational improvement through SOAR analysis. You can also use this PPT layout to focus on performance measurements, leadership, employee motivation, and customer prioritization. So choose this template and prepare the checklist for a bright future for your business.


Assessment For Organization Operations Improvement


Download this template

Template 8

Here’s an advanced perspective on the typical 2x2 SOAR matrix. Supplemented with color-coded icons, this flexible template is best suited for strategic evaluation for the automotive industry. Additionally, this layout can help you conduct gap analysis and plan for market expansion, brand integration, and customer acquisition. Click below and start on the right note.


Assessment Of Organization For Automotive Industry


Grab this template

Template 9

Here’s another creative variant of the SOAR matrix design to help you strengthen your business research skills. You can also devise functional training modules for your team with this colorful design. Moreover, you can bring your stakeholders and project managers on the same page regarding critical requirements with this illustrative layout. Quick and easy!


Assessment To Enhance Business Research Skillset


Download this template

Template 10

Finally, here’s an offbeat template to help you visualize SOAR analysis for the digital technology industry. Suitable for any business vertical, this editable preset covers digital transformation, knowledge development, AI learning, machine workforce, and more. So click below to download this template and churn out ideas that knock it out of the park every time.


Digital Technology Industry Evaluation


Grab this template


Get set, SOAR


SOAR analysis is an adaptive framework for identifying gaps in your business strategy. The utility may vary as per the problem statement you have at hand. When coupled with other analytical tools and indicators like balanced scorecards, it can bring out the best in terms of innovation and efficient resource management.


So whether you are setting tangible goals that let you focus on the enhancements instead of weaknesses and threats or aligning stakeholders’ interests with your ambitions, SOAR analysis is the way to go. Present your learnings with our informative PowerPoint templates, and no one can stop you from becoming a team of champions!


P.S: Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.


P.P.S: To leverage more visual models for effective strategic management, check out our catalog of balanced scorecard templates here.

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