Product briefs are critical to business success and used by major brands worldwide. For instance, Asana is a product briefing service that works to make ideas into reality. Spotify uses this service to push its programs forward; Resultantly, the streaming service has seen a 50% increase in advertising campaigns each month, reduced manual work through automation, notifications & intake forms, and more. Now over several dozen brands like Google, Amazon, Comcast, Paypal, etc, are using this service. If you wish to implement this strategy in your own business, you need SlideTeam's Product Brief Templates.


The new product, your brainchild, has been approved for production. You have the brief for this product ready. The product description, target audience and market analysis more has been conducted and is ready to be delivered. But wait, creating this product brief was a task of its own. Now, creating a PowerPoint Presentation for the meeting where you announce it to the management, probably, fills you with more worry that the product itself.


Not to worry. With our Product Brief Templates, you will be ready for the big meeting in a jiffy, with the bare minimum of effort on your part.


Product Development Plan PowerPoint Templates


Our PPT Slides have got you covered. To help you make an amazing impression in the product meeting, we have curated Top 5 Product Brief Templates. Our PowerPoint Decks and Layouts help you deliver the results from your analysis and your plan. You can also share details with the team(s) to get work started on the new product.


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Moreover, these templates are content-ready and 100% customizable and editable. This means you will have a ready-made framework for your presentation, with the research already done. All you need to do is enter your own information in the slides and you’ll be ready. Let’s look at these templates now!


Template 1: Product Brief PowerPoint Template Bundles


We present to you the ultimate PPT Deck to deliver your product brief. Use this PPT Set to deliver information on the marketing overview, introduction & analysis, sales performance analysis, and more. The PPT Bundle has the charts and tables you need to present the data visually. Use the dashboard in the template to know the four key sales performance metric about any product. These are: Product-wise revenue, online versus offline sales, monthly cost analysis and sales revenue through different strategies.  Download this PPT Template from the link below!


Product Brief Powerpoint Ppt Template Bundles




Template 2: New Product Brief Document with Key Constraints


Use this tabular PPT Slide to present critical limitations to your new product’s brief. Present related data including the process, schedule & budget, target market, risks, and more. The table is color-coded to improve readability. The segment on product schedule, staffing and budget summary is of utmost importance as you plan ahead.  Download this PPT Layout now.


New product brief document with key constraints




Template 3: New Product Brief Document with Performance Characteristics


Present your product brief in the form of a tabled listicle. Use this PPT Slide to present information such as, product performance characteristics, installation, packaging, statutes & regulations, and more. Download this PPT Theme to lay out a pointed list on the product’s characteristics.




Template 4: Brief Report of New Product Brand with Target Audience


This PPT Template is a tabulated product brief that emphasizes the needs of the the target audience. Use this PPT Slide to deliver data on the project background, target audience, advertising objectives, benefit support, competition, etc. Get this PPT Template right away to access this must-have product brief report. The last three points on competition, advertising tone and advertising medium need special attention to ensure the product turns into a reliable revenue stream.


brand with target audience




Template 5: Overview of New Product Brief with Key Objectives


Tabulate the product brief and present details on the new service with this PPT Theme. Add product title, overview, objectives, target audience, and more, in this two-column table format. Deliver your competitive analysis to the audience and showcase the potential of the new product with this PPT Theme. The complete new product brief can be showcased on the seven variables as highlighted in this slide.  Download now!


key objectives




The Next Big Thing


As you prepare your company to start work on your new idea (product), using one of our Product Brief Templates will help you communicate your plans in a clear and easy-to-understand fashion. From product description and timeline to risk analysis and budget, you can present an actionable roadmap with our PPT Templates. Grab them now!


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FAQs on Product Brief Templates


What is a product brief? 


A product brief is a concise document that outlines key details and objectives of a new product development project. It serves as a blueprint for the product team, guiding them throughout the development process. The brief includes the product’s purpose, target market, unique selling points, features, timeline, budget, and any other relevant information that aids in successful execution.


How do you write a new product brief? 


To write a new product brief, start by gathering essential information about the product's purpose and intended audience. Conduct market research to understand customer needs and competitors. Clearly define the product’s objectives and goals. Create a detailed description of the product, highlighting its features, benefits, and value proposition. Include technical specifications and outline the development process. Set a realistic timeline and budget for the project. Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to ensure all aspects are covered accurately.


What is a good product brief? 


A good product brief is clear, comprehensive, and aligned with the project's goals. It should communicate the product’s vision, target audience, and key features. A good brief also outlines the competitive advantage and value proposition the product offers. It provides details without unnecessary jargon or ambiguity. Additionally, a good product brief considers the constraints, resources, and potential risks associated with the project. A well-crafted brief fosters a shared understanding among team members and stakeholders, leading to a smoother and more successful product development process.