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Top 10 Receivable Management Templates to Improve Your Company's Liquidity Position

Top 10 Receivable Management Templates to Improve Your Company's Liquidity Position

Smriti Srivastava

Smriti Srivastava

September 16 2021

Did you know in 2014, for receivables management, the Obama administration had to roll out an initiative, “Supplier Pay”? It was to deal with the rampant issue American businesses face, i.e. not getting paid on time.


Although an ideal model includes - a company providing the service and getting paid right after.


However, some companies allow sales made on a credit basis, generating the need for account receivables management


Their decision to give credit might increase customer satisfaction, gain a competitive advantage, or simply boost sales volume.


But here’s the catch!


Customers aren’t always forthcoming with their overdue payments that sometimes lead to non-payments. And having a stuck working capital flow impacts your liquidity position directly.


Therefore, in this blog, we offer our handpicked PowerPoint templates to alleviate the lag between your sales and receivables.


Let’s explore!


PPT templates for seamless receivables management 


You can save your cash flow from getting cramped and managing receivables successfully, with these prerequisites:


  • An all-inclusive receivable management process
  • A training guide for your staff
  • A growing interest policy on the account receivables
  • A framework to send out statements
  • A proactive approach


And each one of these prerequisites requires a medium to be executed efficiently. Our content-specific templates are explicitly designed to assist you with your agenda of receivables management. So go ahead and take your pick now!

Template 1

Work towards minimizing your processing costs by taking advantage of this well-researched PowerPoint deck. This template will help you cover all the crucial aspects of the concept clearly and concisely.


Accounts Receivable Management PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download now!

Template 2

Elaborate on the five-stage process that goes into successful receivables management by incorporating this pre-designed PowerPoint template. Download this entirely editable template and make a compelling presentation right away!


5 Step Accounts Receivable Management Process PowerPoint Slides

Download now!

Template 3

This is another eye-catching receivable management PowerPoint presentation template that includes effective tips on how to speed up your payments. Just download the template by clicking on the link below!


Effective Tips For Successful Receivable Management PowerPoint Slides


Download now!

Template 4

This template is explicitly designed to help you eliminate the problem of unpaid accounts. Gain insight into the various benefits of receivables management with the assistance of this PowerPoint template.


Key Benefits Of An Effective Receivable Management System PowerPoint Slides


Download now!

Template 5

You can take the help of this template to prevent overdue payments or non-payments by managing good receivables. So download this PowerPoint template to start your journey now. Click the download link!


Receivables Management Layouts Summary PowerPoint Slides


Download now!

Template 6

Create an accessible dashboard to monitor the performance and targets achieved or missed by deploying this readily available PowerPoint template. This template is capable of keeping track of various key performance indicators with ease.


Account Receivable Management Dashboard PowerPoint Slides


Download now!

Template 7

Understanding the process of receivables for multiple accounts can be tricky. Therefore, we have come up with this professionally curated PowerPoint theme to make your task easily traceable by including relevant flowcharts. Without any further ado, click the download link!


Account Receivable Process For Multiple Events PowerPoint Slides


Download now!

Template 8

You can utilize this template to arrange the crucial elements of the management and processing cycle in an organized and structured format. Download this adaptable template to start creating your winning presentation immediately!


Accounts Receivable Management Receipt Processing Cycle PowerPoint Slides


Download now!

Template 9

Pick this template to highlight the crucial elements of receivables management in an attractive yet informative manner. By downloading this template, you can inform your audience about the concept briefly and effortlessly.


Receivables Management Invoice PowerPoint Presentation Infographics


Download now!

Template 10

You should download this PowerPoint template to strategize on choosing a suitable receivable management software for your requirements. This template mentions each viable option creatively. So download this template in just a few steps by clicking the link below!


Select A Suitable Account Receivable Management Software PowerPoint Slides


Download now!


The creditor hath a better memory than the debtor, which means you have to take charge and establish an action plan to avoid bad debts or downright non-payments.


So if you’re motivated enough to streamline your workflow and create insightful customer reports, these templates are just for you. Download them and get started immediately.


P.S: To further understand how to ensure optimum utilization of assets, check out our financial management templates here!

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