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Top 10 Warehouse Management Templates For Inventory Control

Top 10 Warehouse Management Templates For Inventory Control

Smriti Srivastava

Smriti Srivastava

October 14 2021

Anyone who actively shops online on e-commerce sites looks for free delivery while ordering.  And no one orders from a business that has constantly delayed or delivered inaccurate shipments at high operating costs.


But the capability and capacity of a business to offer free deliveries, order traceability, and reduced overheads depend on the most crucial part of the logistics control, i.e. warehouse management. It helps stores encourage a positive customer experience for a higher retention rate and customer loyalty.


Warehouse management ensures that while keeping the costs down, businesses that cater to large stocks have adequate warehousing space, knowledgeable and trained human capital, and an organized inventory. It also ensures a well-oiled supply chain for packing, picking, shipping, and tracking the orders, and an automated system for the day-to-day warehouse operations.


But doing all this doesn’t come easy. You need a warehouse management plan to do so. That’s why we have compiled this catalog to provide you with our best readymade templates. These templates will help you break down each activity successfully. Read on.


Templates to develop your warehouse management plan


COVID-19 has certainly intensified the need to adopt a warehouse management system as soon as possible. Now that everything from clothes and electronics to food, beverages, medicines, and more are bought online, it becomes crucial for businesses that store items to have comprehensive control over their inventory.


They need a plan to:


  • Improve accuracy rate of their warehouse operations
  • Deal with labor shortages
  • Gauge the future demands for preparedness
  • Lower overhead costs
  • Foster data-driven decision making


So let’s dive right into our templates designed to help you enable digital transformation in your company.

Template 1

Highlight your purpose of updating the warehouse management system of your company with the assistance of our invigorating PowerPoint template. You can share the statistics and benefits related to warehouse management by employing this template. So download the template now!


Implementing Warehouse Management System PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download this template

Template 2

Deploy this PowerPoint deck to create a strategy for automating your warehouse picking order system. This 50-slide deck is capable of drawing a stark comparison between warehouses with and without an integrated management system. You can download this template and start analyzing stock inventory arrangements effectively.


Warehouse Management For Inventory Control PowerPoint Slides


Download this template

Template 3

Buyers tend to buy goods from retailers having better delivery services. Therefore, we recommend this particular 50-slide complete deck that will help you focus on warehouse process reaction and performance optimization. You can even take advantage of this template to cover key points like communication, business target, SEO, and social media engagement.


Warehouse Strategy PowerPoint Slides


Download this template

Template 4

Create a lean warehouse strategy with a storage distribution approach by taking the aid of this all-inclusive PowerPoint deck. This template is designed keeping in mind the importance of 5S i.e. sustain, sort, standardize, straighten, and shine, for improving workplace team efficiency. You can access this PPT deck in just a few quick steps by clicking the link below!


5s Workplace Efficiency Warehouse Management PowerPoint Slides


Download this template

Template 5

Map out a suitable framework for warehouse management and your inbound-outbound planning by employing this content-ready PowerPoint template. Put this readily available template to use for your labor planning, monitoring, task management, and activity training needs. Download it instantly by clicking the link below!


Warehouse Management Framework For Inbound Outbound Planning PowerPoint Slides


Download this template

Template 6

Navigate your stock inventory by utilizing this warehouse management dashboard PowerPoint template. You can track your KPIs and global financial performances effortlessly by downloading this ready-to-use template. Click on the link below!


Warehouse Management Dashboard PowerPoint Slides


Download this template

Template 7

Pick this template to outline your actual sales, orders, production, sales budget, inventory, and production forecast in an organized format. The color-coding of this template helps you manage your time, customers, products, and suppliers effectively. All you need to do is click the download link below and start improvising.


Warehouse Management Matrix PowerPoint Images


Download this template

Template 8

This is another PowerPoint template designed exclusively to provide insights into the benefits of a warehouse management system. Talk about ways to reduce stock holding costs and automate tasks for your organization by downloading this informative PPT design.


Benefits For Warehouse Management System PowerPoint Slides


Download this template

Template 9

Address your warehouse operational inefficiencies, workhouse spacing issues, and workforce incidents through this content-specific PowerPoint template. This comprehensive template is useful in devising a plan to streamline, sort, shine, standardize, and sustain warehouse processes.


5s Model For Lean Warehouse Management PowerPoint Slides


Download this template

Template 10

Download this particular template to focus on optimizing key functional areas of your warehouse. This warehouse management dashboard template will help you determine performance metrics for your enterprise. You can evaluate your key activities without any hassle with the help of this PPT template. Without further ado, click the download link below!


Warehouse Management Dashboard PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download this template


As a business owner, you have to embrace new technology and strategies for smooth warehousing operations in a digitally savvy world. And developing a warehouse management plan is just the right way to go. It helps improve customer satisfaction and experience, leading to higher revenue generation and brand building for your company.


So if you’re looking to start running your warehouse like clockwork, grab these professionally developed templates at once!


P.S: You can also learn the tricks to track and monitor your resources effectively with our inventory management KPI templates featured in this blog.

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