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Treemap: A Quick Guide with PowerPoint Templates Included

Treemap: A Quick Guide with PowerPoint Templates Included

Smriti Srivastava

Smriti Srivastava

October 18 2021

You have two options! You can choose a lengthy list of numerical values to represent your data or a beautifully arranged treemap chart to weave a story for the same dataset. What will you choose?


It’s a no-brainer!


Humans tend to interact and respond well to visuals. And when there are multitudes of content to be displayed, treemaps provide it a hierarchical view through nested rectangles.


Not there yet?


Don’t worry. This quick guide will take you through the concept of treemapping and offer the best treemap chart templates to get you started.


What is a treemap?


While looking for ways to visualize a vast file directory on the computer compactly, American computer scientist Ben Shneiderman in 1990 invented the treemap mechanism. It quickly became the standard data analysis method and other analytical applications for professionals.


No matter the topic, you have to give your full attention to the visualization that can identify the largest and smallest elements at a glance. Using nested rectangles of different colors and sizing metrics, a treemap outlines the bigger picture of a situation. It goes beyond just showing the median of a component.


Let’s learn how to create a treemap in two easy steps.


Take the example of this randomly selected sales data. We have two variables - quarter and sales (in that particular quarter). We’ll use this data to create a treemap by following these steps.


Step 1: Arrange your data in Excel.

Sales data


Step 2: Select your data > Go to the Insert tab >  Choose Other charts  > Treemap.


Treemap sales data


Applications of treemaps


Now that you have a better understanding of treemaps, you’re ready to make one and apply it for various business scenarios like:


  • Capturing sales data: Your revenue per sale, average customer lifetime value, net promoter score, and revenue by product need an easily accessible representation. And tree mapping makes it easy to optimize future performance within your organization.
  • Discovering business intelligence: You can use treemaps to explore complex activities of business intelligence like marketing, finance operations, quantitative analysis, and strategic planning.
  • Spotting patterns: Another significant function of treemaps is that they help you gauge the data metrics and make smarter decisions. Unlike other charts, treemaps show lots of data concisely.
  • Analyzing ratios: Treemaps allow you to evaluate data ratios without having to study complex statistical procedures. You can just convert all the numerical data into a treemap and start assessing effortlessly.


But are treemaps always useful?


Although treemaps are the best way to compare proportions, identify relative changes, analyze the correlation between elements, or even evaluate costs, before using one, you should be aware of the following drawbacks:


  • Firstly, interpreting treemaps is tricky. Therefore, ensure your audience can decode them before presenting.
  • Secondly, if your content has similar data points or sets, it is difficult to differentiate in the nest.
  • Thirdly, using treemaps to represent losses or drop in sales can be difficult as it cannot do well with negative values.


But in overview, treemaps help study gradually increasing data sets that cannot be analyzed using other graphs like bar charts or pie charts.


Templates to breathe life into your treemap


It isn’t hard to deduce that treemaps make intelligent use of physically limited space to show patterns and even help spot patterns in a data set.


And even though treemaps allow quick perceptions and efficiently capture significant volumes of information, they are tedious to create.


So here are our six custom-made PowerPoint templates to help you get started.


Dive right in!

Template 1

Showcase your data in nested rectangles by introducing this pre-designed PowerPoint template. Map out the corporate, consumer, and home office sales to discuss it with your colleagues by downloading this PPT template.


Tree Maps of Revenue Generated by Salesperson PowerPoint Slides


Download this template

Template 2

When you structure your data set in a hierarchical order, it becomes easily accessible. Therefore, pick this professionally curated PPT template to start visualizing your data on revenue creatively. Click the link below!


Tree Maps with Corporate Consumer and Home Office Sales PowerPoint Slides


Download this template

Template 3

Share your quarterly data with your colleagues by downloading this treemap PPT design. As the template is content-ready, you can leverage it to save your time and effort. Without further ado, click the download link!


Quarterly Sales Tree Maps with Weekly Status PowerPoint Slides


Download this template

Template 4

Graphical representations help track the progress of weekly business operations effectively. So incorporate this treemap PowerPoint template to chalk out your sales and make your meeting productive.


Quarterly Tree Maps of FY PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download this template

Template 5

Elucidate your company’s data dashboards using our expertly designed PowerPoint template. You can capture relative sizes of categories in an attractive yet informative way with the assistance of this PPT template. Don’t wait any longer to click the download link!


Tree Maps of FMCG Company PowerPoint Slides


Download this template

Template 6

Here’s our PowerPoint template to highlight the performance of your products in a color-coded and organized manner. You can adapt this treemap chart template according to your needs effortlessly. So without waiting any further, click the download link!


Performance Tree Maps of Manufacturing Firm with Various Division PowerPoint Slides


Download this template


Where are you going wrong? Which items are doing good, best, and worst? What is the value-to-price ratio? Which elements are desirable to invest in? Many such questions require you to examine and scrutinize large sets of data. This is where treemaps come in handy. You can quickly determine the largest and smallest elements without having to go through lengthy numerical data.


So if you’re ready to add all your data and get analytical results in one go, download these templates now.


For more tips on data visualization, check out our comprehensive guide and actionable templates here.

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