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Virtual Reality is the Future of Business (And These 15 PowerPoint Templates Will Show You Why)

Virtual Reality is the Future of Business (And These 15 PowerPoint Templates Will Show You Why)

Kritika Saini

February 24, 2021

1929: Edwin Link built Pilot Maker, the first-ever flight simulator and rationally the first example of an artificial environment simulated by technology, which was later used by the US air force in 1934 to train more than 5 lakh pilots during World War II 


1968: Morton Heilig conceptualized the Sensorama Simulator, an immersive cinematic experience that simulated all five senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell) 


1986: Sword of Damocles, the first virtual reality head-mounted display, developed by Ivan Sutherland


The term “virtual reality” was coined decades before the rise of digital technology. Still, many people associate it with images of a game, teenagers wearing goggles, and marveling at the sensation of riding a roller coaster from the comfort of home. 




Nevertheless, companies trying to capture public imagination and spark virtual reality’s mainstream adoption will dramatically change the way people think about it. 


What is Virtual Reality?


Virtual reality or VR is a computer-simulated environment with scenarios and objects that appear to be real, making the user feel fully immersed in their surroundings. The environment is perceived through a device called a virtual reality headset or helmet. 


If you are a gamer, you might have had an impressive VR experience. Today, the most prominent VR applications take total control of a user’s senses to create a deeply engaging experience in an entirely virtual environment that feels quite realistic. 


According to a research by a US-based market intelligence firm, VR in business is forecast to outpace leisure use of technology, with spending reaching $9.2bn by 2021, thereby enhancing its scope from entertainment experiences to marketing, finance, HR, and production. So let us explore the presence of VR in different domains. 


VR in education and training

Virtual reality is already making a great invasion in education and training. Engage platform is used by Facebook, HTC, and the European Commission to enable remote learning. A study published in 2019 explained how medical students trained using VR could better perform specific procedures than their peers trained with traditional methods. A feather in the cap of effective new technologies is Teslasuit, which offers an array of biometric sensors to measure users’ heartbeat, perspiration, and other stress indicators. 


VR in industry

The pandemic has changed the way of working for many employees. Therefore, to retain a cooperative environment, many solutions are emerging (involving VR). For example, Spatial created a tool which is the VR version of Zoom. There is a noted 1000% increase in the use of this software since March 2020. Communication giant Ericsson has predicted that by 2030, they will be able to enter a digital and interactive working environment that will appear completely real to our five senses. 


VR in socializing 

Several VR-based social platforms already exist, such as VR chat, AltspaceVR, and Rec Room. Facebook with a long stake in VR after its acquisition of oculus headsets, also unveiled its Horizon platform. In beta, it allows people to build and share a collaborative online world (by hanging out, playing games, and working together on projects). Therefore, we will have more meaningful ways to meet other humans as technology improves in this field. 


VR in entertainment

A happy start for virtual reality is gaming applications. And the reason for that is because people are willing to spend money on the most impressive and immersive entertainment experiences. Sandbox VR operates real-world centers that use full-body feedback suits - letting groups battle it out in deep space, aboard ghostly pirate ships, and through zombie infestation. 


So now we know that virtual reality is ready to transform the world. The question is, are you ready? Help your business benefit from the rise of VR by exploring our top 15 virtual reality templates. 

Template 1

Showcase how virtual reality will help businesses take a step further in their product and service advancements with this template. Despite all the obstacles, the VR market is developing, especially in gaming, and enterprise segments. So download this template and elucidate the future of VR technology. 


Futuristic Technology Image Of Woman Using VR Goggles

Download Futuristic Technology Image Of Woman Using Virtual Reality Goggles

Template 2

Crowd experience of virtual reality is not only beneficial to customers but also helps designers with the validation of simulation models through observation. Use this well-crafted template to share interactions such as gaze to enhance a sense of immersion or study of proxemics. Download and use it to eliminate turbulence along the way. 


Crowd Having Experience Of VR

Download Crowd Having Experience Of Virtual Reality

Template 3

Create a simulated experience that is similar to or completely different from the real world by picking this virtual reality template. In addition, you can manifest the different applications of VR such as entertainment, education, and more. Therefore, download and edit it conveniently!


Virtual Reality Application Icon For Simulation Project

Download Virtual Reality Application Icon For Simulation Project

Template 4

Demand for VR is increasing exponentially as it holds enormous potential for changing the way in which various organizations work. Download this template and enhance your digital customers' journey with VR solutions. 


Digital Solution With Virtual Reality And Cloud

Download Digital Solution With Virtual Reality And Cloud

Template 5

VR completely immerses its users in a computer-generated reality. Testing the actual VR experience is critical on the device and desktop environment. So download this innovative template to easily review the tester’s conversation and body language during testing.


Executive Icon Testing Virtual Reality Headset 

Download Executive Icon Testing Virtual Reality Headset

Template 6

This VR template will help you illustrate the joy that people receive after experiencing it. Spark your audience’s interest by proposing a lucrative and tested VR model. The template is easy to edit. Therefore, grab it right away!


Young Boy Experiencing Virtual Reality Atmosphere

Download Young Boy Experiencing Virtual Reality Atmosphere

Template 7

This virtual reality icon template can be used to showcase the 360-degree experience. It is an audio-visual simulation of an altered or substituted environment that surrounds the user from all directions. So download this striking template and impress your audience. 


VR 360 Degree Experience Screen Icon

Download 360 Degree Experience Screen Icon

Template 8

Virtual reality is playing a significant role in the upliftment of the gaming industry. Choose this design and demonstrate how VR provides gamers with appealing virtual objects. Download this cutting-edge design and enrich the game environment. 


Technology Enthusiastic Playing Virtual Reality Games

Download Technology Enthusiastic Playing Virtual Reality Games

Template 9

Modern-day VR headsets are based on technology developed for smartphones including gyroscopes and motion sensors for tracking the user’s head, body, and hand positions. This well-crafted VR template is designed by our creative team of professionals. So download and use it multiple times. 


Person Playing Game Of Virtual Reality Device 

Download Person Playing Game Of Virtual Reality Device

Template 10

This is yet another example of people experiencing VR on a device. Steal the thunder by introducing your company’s VR model in the market. This template includes a host of features, of which flexibility tops the list. Therefore, download immediately and edit it as per your content. 


People Experiencing Virtual Reality On Device

Download People Experiencing Virtual Reality On Device

Template 11

Watching a kid experience the magic of VR will help you understand how amazing this technology has become. Kids approach virtual reality with a level of wonder and enthusiasm that can help you recall the importance of this extended experience. Therefore, select the template and display the broad applications offered by your company. 


Kids Experiencing Virtual Reality Technology

Download Kids Experiencing Virtual Reality Technology Together

Template 12

What makes VR drones popular? It is the technology that provides a real-life experience like videos, a bird’s-eye view from high up in the air, or to click great aerial photographs. So download right away and add it to your arsenal.


Emerging Technologies Virtual Reality Drones 3d Printing

Download Emerging Technologies Drones 3d Printing

Template 13

Diversify your business to take a leap and simulate its physical presence in the real as well as the imaginary world. With this template, you can explain VR as a primary method for curing post-traumatic stress. So download this template and make technology available for use.


Virtual Reality Experience Individual Technology

Download Virtual Reality Experience Individual Technology 

Template 14

Virtual reality places a user inside an experience. Rather than viewing a screen in front of them, the user can get immersed in the 3D world. Therefore, download this invigorating template that can be added to any presentation. 


Person Experiencing VR Technology Icon

Download Person Experiencing Virtual Reality Technology Icon

Template 15

Transform your customer’s journey into a visually interactive VR experience. Pick this template to enrich the relationship between the consumer and your brand. Download it to add value at every stage of the customer journey. 


Customer Icon Experiencing Artificial Virtual Reality

Download Customer Icon Experiencing Artificial Virtual Reality

To conclude

The current and prospective virtual reality applications can spark drastic improvements in a broad range of industries and revolutionize the way practitioners work. So pick these innovatively-crafted templates to conduct your business in virtual reality. 


PS: To know how artificial intelligence templates can help transform your business, click here.

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