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PowerPoint presentation slides

Presenting Build And Deploy Android Application Framework Powerpoint Presentation Slides. The slideshow is completely customizable in PowerPoint and other related software. Modify the font style, font color, and other components with ease. Transform this PPT into numerous documents or image formats like PDF or JPEG. High-quality graphics ensure that the picture quality is maintained.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 1: This slide introduces Build and Deploy Android Application Framework. State your Company name.
Slide 2: This slide displays Agenda.
Slide 3: This slide shows Table of the Content.
Slide 4: This slide displays Table of Content of the presentation.
Slide 5: This slide shows the company overview, Healthcare Application project details and Healthcare industry details i.e. market value, market size etc.
Slide 6: This slide shows the process of developing android application related to healthcare which includes requirement analysis, application designing, development, application testing, etc.
Slide 7: This slide depicts the challenges faced by the customers in Healthcare application i.e. Data Confidentiality, Price Transparency etc.
Slide 8: This slide shows the key solutions offered by the company to overcome the challenges faced by the customers. Major solutions includes Data Security, Price transparency, Informative, etc.
Slide 9: This slide shows the components of our healthcare application including exercise time, water tracker, body glucose, total calories consume etc.
Slide 10: This slide shows the various tests which are applicable on the Healthcare application i.e. UI Test, Privacy Test, Security Test etc. with their expenses.
Slide 11: This slide shows the architecture related to android application deployment on android platform which covers compiled and uncompiled resources, mobile devices, external storage etc.
Slide 12: This slide displays the Content.
Slide 13: This slides shows the Advantages related to healthcare application which includes les time consumption, relevant information, easy documentation, etc.
Slide 14: This slides shows the graph related to total numbers of downloads of healthcare application worldwide for the years 2015 to 2019.
Slide 15: This slides shows the Key statistics and figures related to healthcare application which includes application downloads, customers focusing on wellness and exercise applications, doctors' recommendations, etc.
Slide 16: This slide shows the available market for the company to introduce healthcare application with market size, access to investors, population size, etc.
Slide 17: This slide displays Table of Content
Slide 18: This slide shows the reasons to invest in healthcare application by the company which includes consumer focus on healthcare application, doctor recommendation, improve patient’s health, etc.
Slide 19: This slide shows the applications in different fields which are successfully developed by the company already i.e. photo editor, transportation, education, food and drinks, etc. with its total number of downloads and revenue share.
Slide 20: This slide shows the team management which successfully leads the company i.e. Founder/CEO, Business Heads, Android Tech Lead, Design Tech Lead, etc.
Slide 21: This slide shows the team structure to develop the healthcare application which includes Team Leaders, UI Design Team, App Development Team, etc.
Slide 22: This slide shows the company’s comparison of various factors i.e. Low price, Superior Quality, Installation, Data Security etc. with its competitors.
Slide 23: This slide shows the Interface or Sitemap related to Healthcare Application which includes Health Services, Patient Experience, Medical Devices, etc.
Slide 24: This slide displays Table of Content.
Slide 25: This slide shows the world map which depicts the application development rates by regions.
Slide 26: This slide shows the pros and cons of local and outsourced employees hired by the company.
Slide 27: This slide shows the hiring cost required by the company to hire the team of application developers in different regions (North America, South America, Europe and Asia).
Slide 28: This slide shows the Features which includes User Login, File uploading, Profile Editing etc. with their cost related to the application.
Slide 29: This slide shows the cost breakdown of healthcare application development for various segments i.e. Basic, Medium and Complex.
Slide 30: This slide shows the factors which influence healthcare application development cost i.e. Tech Complexity, Team’s Location, Technologies, etc .
Slide 31: This slide shows the approximate cost of healthcare application development according to various segments i.e. Simple Medium and High complex.
Slide 32: This slide displays Table of Content with- Forecasted Healthcare Application ROI
Slide 33: This graph in the slide depicts forecasted total number of downloads of healthcare application from 2020 to 2024
Slide 34: This graph shows the Forecasted revenue generation of the company by industries i.e. Banking and Finance, Food and Drinks, Social Networking with comparison to Healthcare. Revenue Generation by Industries
Slide 35: This graph in this template shows the Forecasted revenue generation of the company by factors i.e. Downloads, Advertisements and Subscription.
Slide 36: This slide displays Table of Content
Slide 37: This slide shows the dashboard related to healthcare application which includes waiting time, patients by division, patients’ information etc.
Slide 38: This slide shows the dashboard of healthcare application which includes average length to stay, Lab test details, Patient metrics, etc.
Slide 39: This is Build and Deploy Android Application Icons Slide.
Slide 40: This slide is titled as Additional Slides for moving forward.
Slide 41: This slide depicts Column Chart for comparison of products.
Slide 42: This slide displays Area Chart for comparison of products.
Slide 43: This slide displays Venn
Slide 44: This is Financial slide.
Slide 45: This slide displays Comparison between Male and Female users.
Slide 46: This slide is titled as Important Notes for posting notes.
Slide 47: This is 30 60 90 Days plan slide.
Slide 48: This is Thank You template with Contact details.

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