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Top 10 Insurance Value Chain Templates to Let Digital Policies Guide Efficient Processing of Claims

Top 10 Insurance Value Chain Templates to Let Digital Policies Guide Efficient Processing of Claims

Parul Arya

Parul Arya

May 3 2021

Just like any other industry, the insurance sector also relies on digitalized procedures to add value to the lives of its customers. The days of filing claims on paper are long gone. Technology has become much more influential. Digital technologies are redefining the boundaries of the insurance industry and also reshaping customer expectations. In fact, the constant strife to shun traditional practices has given birth to the nifty little concept of insurance value chain. Let’s explore.


How technology bolsters an insurance value chain


By definition, an insurance value chain includes underwriting pricing, sales, and distribution, claims management, and product design. Insurance companies find it problematic and burdensome to manage settlements on the same day and introduce new policies to customers. All this can be resolved by adopting the latest technology. 


Being digitally active can provide many benefits to insurance companies. With this, there is no need for insurers to knock on every customers’ door, asking whether they have claimed their insurance or not. Automation makes it easy for insurance providers to run their operations smoothly and consistently.


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The digital enhancement helps both insurance companies and claimants to coordinate effectively. For simpler claims, technology eases the operations and helps claimants or customers achieve the desired outcome quickly. Similarly, for high-dollar claims, digital tools reduce the adjuster’s workload and provide them extra time to deal with the claimants. Take a look at the benefits of digital policies for claims:


  • Well-curated and accurate claim assessments
  • Automated calculations
  • Higher possibility to claim damages
  • Digital policies
  • Reduction in processing time


Top 10 Insurance Value Chain Templates To Download


Being an insurance provider, you must adapt to the digital world and make data-driven decisions. We introduce you to our insurance value chain templates with which you can make your business digital-friendly.

Template 1

Take advantage of this template to describe the process of the insurance value chain to your viewers in an understandable manner. You can apply this slide in your presentation and get connected to the spectators more professionally. Use advanced features and highlights in this template to make your subject appealing.


Insurance value chain management

Download Insurance Value Chain Management

Template 2

Utilize our attractive slide to explain how automation will revolutionize your insurance value chain processes. The template comes with ample space wherein you can jot down all the necessary information related to the insurance value chain. You can also add images and stylish fonts in this slide to enhance the look of your information.


Insurance value chain analytics

Download Insurance Value Chain Analytics And Decision Support

Template 3

Incorporate this slide in your presentation to highlight the steps that help modernize the insurance value chain management. There are two sections given in this slide namely support activities and primary activities. The slide has been designed professionally by our experts to free you from any kind of trouble.


Product claims benefits
Download Insurance Value Chain Product Claims Benefits

Template 4

Take the assistance of this interactive slide and talk about how technology can speed up claims operations. With the help of this template, you can also illustrate the automated process that investigates insurance frauds effectively. Use our high-grade icons and color schemes to beautify your content.


Claims policy and sales
Download Insurance Value Chain Claims Policy And Sales

Template 5

Utilize our slide to jot down the importance of the insurance value chain in recruitment engagement and servicing. The engaging diagram in this template bifurcates each of the 6 different areas that help you tweak the content with ease. Tap on the slide and download it without any hassle. 


Insurance value chain recruitment
Download Insurance Value Chain Recruitment Engagement And Servicing

Template 6

Use this template to illustrate the role of insurance value chain governance in your organization. With the aid of this slide, you can portray the digital policies that help you stay flexible amid the changing insurance scenarios. You can grab this slide and get your work started in less than a minute.


Finance marketing servicesDownload Insurance Value Chain Finance Marketing Service

Template 7

Employ this template and showcase how digital platforms have replaced traditional insurance practices. The slide consists of interactive images that help you stick to the essence of your topic. You can also include the content and image in the template that can make your insurance value chain presentation more interactive. 

Ecommerce opportunities
Download Insurance Value Chain And Ecommerce Opportunities Framework


Template 8

Create an impeccable presentation on the insurance value chain by utilizing our eye-catching template. In this, you can mention the insurance value chain steps like product design; pricing and underwriting; distribution; and admin and claims management. The color scheme in this slide will up your presentation game.


Product pricing and claimsDownload Insurance Value Chain Product Pricing And Claims

Template 9

Take advantage of this template to demonstrate various activities of the insurance value chain such as service development, marketing and sales, administration, asset management, and claims management. Use the landing page of this template in your presentation to grab the audiences’ attention instantly. 


Primary activities

Download Primary Activities Of Insurance Value Chain

Template 10

Incorporate this creatively-designed template to explain how the rise of technologies can transform the entire claims process. You can make changes to this template and personalize it as per your needs. Also, this template allows you to mention the problem areas that affect the insurance value chain process.


Insurance company value chain

Download Insurance Company Value Chain For Finance And Marketing



An insurance value chain works as a functional model for independent insurers as well as insurance companies. It is a chain of activities that these entities perform to deliver valuable services to their customers. Download our insurance value chain templates to be more systematic and proficient in handling your end-to-end processes. Let the digital force be with you! 

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