Brand communication powerpoint presentation slides

PowerPoint presentation slides

Presenting this set of slides with name - Brand Communication Powerpoint Presentation Slides. This is a one stage process. The stages in this process are Brand Equity, Brand Communication, Brand Awareness.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 1: This slide introduces Brand Communication. State your Company Name and get started.
Slide 2: This slide presents Brand Product/Service. Mention the product or service which you want to offer the target audience
Slide 3: This slide displays Strategic Positioning. You can use these following startegy for your business or add your own- Differentiation, Comprehensive Cost Leadership, Focus on priorities, On the basis of the competitive analysis carried out, you can strategically design a plan to position yourself in the market.
Slide 4: This slide showcases Brand Mission Statement. Mention the Brand mission in this slide indicating the Brand’s purpose
Slide 5: This slide shows Brand Vision. Mention the Brand vision in this slide indicating the Brand’s future pathway
Slide 6: This slide displays Brand Architecture. Organize the variety of brands available in your organization in an appropriate structure
Slide 7: This slide showcases Brand Elements ELEMENTS, Name, Slogan, Packaging, Logo, Character, Tone, We have listed down the relevant elements of a Brand, you can customize it basis your requirements
Slide 8: Brand Execution Roadmap This slide gives a layout of the timeline of a Brand, you can alter it as per your requirements.
Slide 9: Develop your name, logo and tagline. We have listed the common steps which a company generally follows to create a logo and tagline.
Slide 10: This slide showcases Brand Evolution. We have listed below the evolution steps of a brand. You can refine them bases the requirements
Slide 11: This slide displays Brand Personality. We have listed the key attributes of a brand’s personality, you can use them as per your requirements.
Slide 12: Establish Brand Positioning 12 Evaluating the product on the basis of commonly used parameters which can be altered as per customer requirements
Slide 13: This slide shows Brand Position. You can add information as per your company’s product quality and value proposition
Slide 14: This slide showcases Brand Budgeting. We have listed various ways which needs to be kept in mind while budgeting. We have categorized Budgeting in two parts: Low end and High End. You can choose based on company’s requirement
Slide 15: This slide showsBrand Tracking - Product Awareness.Brand performance is monitored through means of questionnaire and the inferences are listed down in this slide to track the awareness, experience and usage of the brand.
Slide 16: This slide showcases Brand Tracking – Brand Experience & Usage. Brand performance is monitored through means of questionnaire and the inferences are listed down in this slide to track the awareness, experience and usage of the brand
Slide 17: This is a Coffee Break slide to halt. You may change it as per requirement.
Slide 18: This slide is titled Charts & Graphs to move forward.
Slide 19: This slide showcases Clustered Column - Line for the comparison of three product.
Slide 20: This is a Competitive Analysis Scatter Chart slide to present- Data Import, Example, Pricing, Support, Update, Tutorials, Easy to use, Users Interface.
Slide 21: This slide shows a Stacked Line graph in terms of percentage and years for comparison of Product 01, Product 02, Product 03 etc.
Slide 22: This slide is titled Additional Slides.
Slide 23: This slide represents Our Mission. State your mission, goals etc.
Slide 24: This slide showcases Our Team with Name and Designation to fill.
Slide 25: This is an About Us slide. State company or team specifications here.
Slide 26: This is an Our Goal slide. State your important goals here.
Slide 27: This slide shows Comparison of two entities in butterfly chart form.
Slide 28: This slide presents Financial scores to display.
Slide 29: This is a Quotes slide to highlight, or state anything specific.
Slide 30: This slide showcases Global Project Locations with a World map and text boxes to make it explicit
Slide 31: This slide presents a PUZZLE slide with the following subheadings- Integrity and Judgment, Critical and Decision Making, Leadership, Agility.
Slide 32: This slide presents a Timeline to show growth, milestones etc.
Slide 33: This slide presents a Mind map with text boxes.
Slide 34: This idea shows an image of Bulb Or Idea to state your facts, notes etc.
Slide 35: This is a Thank You slide with Address# street number, city, state, Contact Numbers, Email Address.

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