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PowerPoint template is fully compatible with Google slides. Multiple display options i.e. standard and widescreen. 100 percent editable designs to show your creativity. Similar designs available with different nodes and stages. Easy to download and convert into JPEG or PDF format. Alteration can be done in color, text and shape. Pre-designed PPT slide just download and insert it in the presentation. Quick download. Choice to add company logo and replace text as required. High resolution quality ensures no pixilation.

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The image is of a PowerPoint slide titled "Business Strategic Plan Template." This slide is a structured framework for outlining a business's strategy for a specific year, in this case, 2017.The template is divided into several sections:

1. 2017 Strategic Plan: 

This is the overarching theme of the slide, setting the stage for the content.

2. Purpose: 

The stated purpose is for the company to be recognized as the best pressure regulation supplier in the process control industry.

3. 2017 Focus: 

The focus for the year is on growing sales revenues.

4. Key Objectives: 

The objectives are categorized into four areas – Market Development, Process Improvement, People Development, and Product Development.

5. Initiatives: 

Under each objective category, there are specific initiatives listed, such as expanding market reach, implementing lean process development, improving communication, and increasing the quick-change regulator line.

6. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): 

The slide lists several KPIs to measure progress, such as Revenue/Distributor, Cash to Cash Days, % Turnover/Month, and New Product Revenue/Month.

Use cases:

Strategic plan templates are crucial for aligning goals, setting clear objectives, and measuring progress across various industries.

1. Technology:

Use: Aligning product development with market needs.

Presenter: Chief Technology Officer.

Audience: Product Teams, Investors.

2. Healthcare:

Use: Planning healthcare services expansion and process improvement.

Presenter: Healthcare Administrator.

Audience: Medical Staff, Stakeholders.

3. Education:

Use: Setting institutional objectives and initiatives for development.

Presenter: School Principal or University Dean.

Audience: Faculty, Educational Board.

4. Finance:

Use: Outlining new financial product launches and market strategies.

Presenter: Financial Strategist.

Audience: Investment Teams, Shareholders.

5. Manufacturing:

Use: Implementing efficiency improvements and product line expansions.

Presenter: Operations Manager.

Audience: Manufacturing Staff, Supply Chain Partners.

6. Retail:

Use: Expanding market reach and improving sales processes.

Presenter: Retail Manager.

Audience: Sales Teams, Marketing Department.

7. Real Estate:

Use: Developing property portfolio strategies and growth initiatives.

Presenter: Real Estate Developer.

Audience: Investors, Real Estate Agents.

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