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Complete Curriculum

  • Why do we need Fire Safety Training?
    • Important Fire Safety Statistics
    • Fire Accident: The Triangle Shirtwaste Fire
    • Fire Accident: China Zhili Toy Factory Fire
  • Introduction to Fire
    • What is Fire?
    • What does Fire comprise?
  • Chemical Composition of Fire
    • Introduction to Combustion Reaction
      • Flaming Combustion
      • Smoldering Combustion
    • Introduction to Fire Triangle
    • Introduction to Fire Tetrahedron
    • Most Common Causes of Fire in a Workplace
      • Electrical Equipment
      • Arson
      • Smoking
      • Clutter & Combustibles
      • Old Fire Risk Assessment
      • Contractors
      • Human Error or Negligence
    • Did You Know?
    • Statistics on Workplace Fires
    • Most Common Causes of Household Fires
      • Cooking
      • Heating Appliances
      • Candles
      • Children
  • Statistics on Household Fires
  • Key Takeaways
  • Let’s Discuss
  • Let’s Test What We Have Learnt
  • Classes of Fire
    • Class A
    • Class B
    • Class C
    • Class D
    • Class E
    • Class F
  • Types of Fire Extinguishers
    • Fire Classification & Extinguisher Table
  • How to Extinguish a Fire
    • Cooling
    • Smothering
    • Starving
    • Interrupting Combustion Process
  • How to Use a Fire Extinguisher?
    • PASS
    • Tips for Safe Use of Fire Extinguisher
    • What NOT to do when using a Fire Extinguisher?
    • Instructions for Safe Use of Fire Blanket
  • Common Fire Protection Equipment at Workplaces
    • Fire Hydrants
    • Sprinklers
    • Dry Risers
    • CO2 Flooding System
    • Drenchers
    • Hose Reels
    • Fire Doors
      • Fire Door Maintenance Checklist
  • Key Takeaways
  • Let’s Discuss
  • Let’s Test What We Have Learnt
  • Fire Detection
    • Significance of Fire Detection
    • Methods of Fire Detection
      • Smoke Detectors
      • Heat Detectors
    • Fire Alarm System for Warning
    • Checklist for Fire Detection & Warning
  • Fire Risk Assessment
    • Introduction to Hazards & Risks
    • Activity: Identify the Hazards
      • Cheat Sheet
    • Introduction to Fire Risk Assessment
    • Objectives of Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Risk Assessment Approach
    • Identify Fire Hazards
      • Checklist for Identifying Sources of Ignition, Fuel, and Oxygen
    • Identify People at Risk
      • Checklist for Identifying People at Risk
    • Evaluate, Remove, Reduce, and Protect from Risk
      • Checklist for Evaluating, Removing, Reducing, and Protecting from Risk
    • Record, Plan, Inform, Instruct, and Train
      • Checklist for Recording, Planning, Informing, Instructing, and Training
    • Review
    • Checklist for Reviewing Risk Assessment
    • The Comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment Checklist
  • Key Takeaways
  • Let’s Discuss
  • Let’s Test What We Have Learnt
  • Introduction to Fire Prevention & Protection
  • Overview of Fire Prevention
    • Staff Training
    • Fire Marshals and their Duties
      • Evacuation by Fire Marshals
    • Fire Drills
    • Fire Safety Checks
    • Fire Safety Maintenance Checklists
      • Daily Checks
      • Weekly Checks
      • Monthly Checks
      • Six-Monthly Checks
      • Annual Checks
    • Fire Evacuation Plan
      • Introduction and Importance of Fire Evacuation Plan
      • Steps to Create an Evacuation Plan for your Workplace
        • Fire Evacuation Strategy
        • Alarm Systems
        • Evacuation Routes & Strategies
        • Appropriate Signage
          • Important Signs/Symbols in case of Fire
        • Firefighting Equipment
        • Fire Wardens & Trained Personnel
        • Alarm Testing & Fire Drills
        • Business Continuity Measures
  • Sample Fire Evacuation Plan
  • What can be done in case of a Fire Emergency?
    • Fire Emergency Dos and Don’ts
    • Fire Safety tips
  • Fire Action Notices
    • Action in the event of Fire
  • Employers’ Responsibilities
  • Role of an Employee
  • Introduction to Responsible and Relevant Person
  • Duties of Responsible Person
  • Key Takeaways
  • Let’s Discuss
  • Let’s Test What We Have Learnt

Sample Instructor Notes

What is this slide for: PASS Approach for Using a Fire Extinguisher

This slide covers: This slide depicts the PASS approach for using a fire extinguisher. P stands for pull the pin, A for aim at the base of fire, S for squeeze the lever, and S for sweep side to side.

Instructor’s Notes:

  • P: The first step of using a fire extinguisher is pulling the pin on its handle
  • A: In the next step, the nozzle of the fire extinguisher must be aimed at the fire’s base
  • S: In this step, the lever below the handle should be squeezed. By doing this, the extinguishing agent is discharged, and releasing the lever stops it. Some extinguishers may have a button that can be pressed for the same
  • S: Finally, the extinguisher should be swept from side to side, aiming at the fire’s base until the flames appear to be out. This process should be repeated if the fire appears to re-ignite

What is this slide for: Heat Detectors as a Method of Fire Detection

This slide covers: This slide talks about heat detectors as a method of detecting fire. A heat detector is a fire alarm that activates when a heat-sensitive element becomes hotter due to the convection thermal energy of fire. Heat detectors help in containing the property damage.

Instructor’s Notes:

  • Rate-of-Rise: Rate-of-Rise (ROR) heat detectors function when there is a rapid rise in temperature of its heat-sensing element. This is typically of the order 6.7° to 8.3°C (between 12°F and 15°F) increase per minute, irrespective of the starting temperature
  • Fixed Temperature: These are the most popular type of heat detectors. When the heat-sensitive eutectic alloy hits the eutectic point, where it changes from a solid to a liquid, fixed temperature detectors sound an alarm. Generally, the fixed temperature point for electrically connected heat detectors is 58°C (136.4°F)


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