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Shhhhhhh!!! 15 powerpoint design secrets no designer wants you to know


Publish on : 17 September 2019

Pages : 131

There is a method to a designer’s madness and creativity! A process that can be learnt to create beautiful slides day after day. Designers spill their design secrets with this eBook. Become a professional PowerPoint designer today!

A great design is the result of a great idea executed brilliantly. How do you get great ideas in the first place? How do the most famous designers create amazing designs day after day?

There’s a method. Designers have trained their minds to think in a certain way. Dealing with topics that are complicated, outside their field and dreary many times, day in, day out requires a creative formula that can be applied in all situations. We wanted to crack this formula and share it with our readers. Hence this eBook.

So will everyone who reads this eBook become a great designer? Yes, if they practice it in their presentations. The old, unproductive habits have to be discarded and the brain has to be trained to follow this new, scientific method.

The secrets are out. Through this eBook, you will discover:

  • The art of looking at any concept through a creative lens
  • Principles that designers rigorously follow to create professional designs
  • The science behind choosing design elements that look good and work well
  • The craft of composing aesthetic designs
  • Quick tips and tricks to churn out beautiful slides
  • Trends that are ruling the presentation business
  • Organization of resources on a designer’s machine

Knowledge isn’t everything. Implementation is more important. This eBook gives you the knowledge of how designers work to create designs that amateurs are never able to. Put the tips and formula shared in the eBook to create designs that you thought you were never capable of!

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PowerPoint is a powerful visual aid and can be a game changer for your business once you learn to use its full potential. But most are conditioned to use PowerPoint in the conventional way. It’s time to unlearn the wrong and learn to be a visual storyteller. Your slides are a canvas to create beautiful visual stories that engage audience and deliver your message convincingly. Learn the art and craft of visual communication that holds the attention of audience. Forget the dreaded experience of audience sliding out of their seats and out of the room or simply tuning you out. Keep them riveted to their seats with slides they have never seen before. Time to embrace the new ‘you’ and new style of presentations!

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