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17 tiny tweaks to add the “wow” factor to your slides


Publish on : 15 October 2019

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Want to give a quick design makeover to your slides? Then, master these 17 tiny tweaks that can radically transform the way your presentation looks. These hacks take just a minute each but do wonders for your slides!

We are often so obsessed about the big aspects of the presentation - getting it ready on time, rehearsing our speech and making last minute additions and subtractions - that we ignore the little aspects that can make a big difference to our PowerPoint slides.

We are not talking about the big design changes that will take hours but 1-minute tweaks that can radically transform the way your slides look. Taking out a few minutes of your time to make small tweaks will lift your message and impact the audience in ways that would not have been possible before.

Through this eBook, we will teach you:

  • 1-minute hacks to transform the text on your slides
  • 1-minute hacks to add power to your visuals
  • 1-minute hacks to slide design and layouts for a professional look

Redesigning a presentation from scratch can be a daunting and time-consuming task. The presentation tweaks shared in this eBook will help you polish your presentations in no time and create much better-looking slides. Little things do matter, and tiny tweaks can lead to big changes!

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PowerPoint is a powerful visual aid and can be a game changer for your business once you learn to use its full potential. But most are conditioned to use PowerPoint in the conventional way. It’s time to unlearn the wrong and learn to be a visual storyteller. Your slides are a canvas to create beautiful visual stories that engage audience and deliver your message convincingly. Learn the art and craft of visual communication that holds the attention of audience. Forget the dreaded experience of audience sliding out of their seats and out of the room or simply tuning you out. Keep them riveted to their seats with slides they have never seen before. Time to embrace the new ‘you’ and new style of presentations!

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