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25+ beautiful, downloadable gradients for slides that beat the clutter!


Publish on : 11 December 2019

Pages : 49

Gradients are taking the internet by storm! Mobile apps, web designing, marketing collaterals...they are everywhere. Download our editable, curated collection of beautiful gradients for PPT slides.

Colors have the power to uplift a design aesthetically, draw the attention of the viewers, add meaning to the message, and establish a company’s branding by reinforcing their branding colors. 

Gradients mix colors to amplify the power of colors and add value and aesthetic appeal to a design. Gradient backgrounds, due to their pulling power, have become highly popular in web design, app design and other design fields. Monotone gradients (mixing of one color in its varying intensity) and duotone gradients (mixing of two colors) are the most popular choice of designers. Mixing of more than two colors can become chaotic and overwhelm a design.

PowerPoint designers and presenters are yet to follow this trend in their presentation designing. The pressure to look formal forces them to follow the default PowerPoint colors. The result is monotonous presentations that do not engage the audience.

To help presenters apply visually-arresting gradients that look professional and modern at the same time, our team of designers has curated 25 gradient backgrounds that will change the overall look and feel of your presentation. All these gradients are available for download and use through this eBook.

Download this eBook if you wish to:

  • Download the best monotone and duotone gradients for PowerPoint presentations and other designs
  • Get ready-to-use, editable background files so that you can customize them as per your presentation and branding requirements
  • Learn multiple ways to use a gradient in a presentation

It’s time presentation design industry matches other design fields and embraces the modern trends of design, gradients being one of them. Make your presentation a memorable experience for the audience by leveraging the power of rich gradients!

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