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9 principles of design you must master for perfect slide compositions


Publish on : 11 December 2019

Pages : 85

Move from chaos to order, mediocrity to professionalism, and senseless to a sensible design by mastering the design principles. Step into the shoes of a skilled designer and lay a strong foundation for your design career with this eBook!

Every design that you see, be it a movie poster, a PowerPoint presentation, an infographic, website interface, mobile app interface, billboard or leaflet, is designed by a skilled designer keeping certain rules in mind.

These rules are called design principles and the professional designers have imbibed them to such an extent that they are followed sub-consciously. Like driving a car, the rules become internalized to such an extent that they become a habit.

Any presenter looking to become a professional designer or level up their designing skills must start with the basics i.e. the principles of design. This eBook is for beginners and intermediate designers to strengthen their foundation before they even wish to create designs that can be called professional and polished.

Through this eBook, we will walk you through each of the following 9 principles and show them in action for a strong theoretical and practical knowledge:

  • Balance
  • Contrast
  • Emphasis
  • Movement
  • Repetition
  • White Space
  • Proximity
  • Proportion
  • Unity

Once you have mastered these principles, you can learn when and how to tweak them for creative designs. You will also begin to appreciate the thought and effort that goes into each composition. Start your design career on a strong footing with this eBook!

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