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Become a master visual storyteller! top 10 tips to choose the perfect image for your presentation


Publish on : 17 September 2019

Pages : 64

Images can do wonders for your presentation if you know how to choose them wisely. Cliché images can, however, make you look cliché. Learn 10 awesome tips that will always help you grab the most breathtaking images for your slides!

One can get the sense of a visual scene in less than 1/10th of a second.

50% of our brain is involved in visual processing.

50% of the audience was persuaded by a purely verbal presentation while 67% of the audience was persuaded by the verbal presentation that had accompanying visuals.

Such research findings validate the long-held belief that images are more powerful and more persuasive than text alone.

But in this age of visual communication, it is the choice of visuals that will make a presenter stand out from the crowd. Most presenters are content with picking the first stock photo that they see and put it in their slides. But a business handshake, girl with a headset and other stock photo clichés do not inspire anybody in the audience. It makes the presenter look cliché as well.

So, how do you choose an out-of-the-box image? This eBook shares 10 invaluable tips to land yourself the best picture that adds value to your presentation and grabs the eyeballs of the audience as well.

Through this eBook, you will learn how to:

  • Develop an eye for spotting a creative image
  • Present ordinary business concepts in creative ways
  • Choose images that click with the audience
  • Declutter your slides by choosing cleaner images
  • Engage the audience with images that tell a story

Become a visual storyteller that makes each slide a delight to watch and listen for the audience. Move one step ahead from choosing average images to amazing ones. Let each image actually tell a thousand words and get etched in the minds of the audience.

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PowerPoint is a powerful visual aid and can be a game changer for your business once you learn to use its full potential. But most are conditioned to use PowerPoint in the conventional way. It’s time to unlearn the wrong and learn to be a visual storyteller. Your slides are a canvas to create beautiful visual stories that engage audience and deliver your message convincingly. Learn the art and craft of visual communication that holds the attention of audience. Forget the dreaded experience of audience sliding out of their seats and out of the room or simply tuning you out. Keep them riveted to their seats with slides they have never seen before. Time to embrace the new ‘you’ and new style of presentations!

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