• Business Transformation
    with Our Research Services

    Gain valuable insights into your industry, products/services, competitors and customers with our Business Research Services

  • Market Analysis

    Converting real time data in to actionable insights by leveraging the world’s best-in-class databases & reports

  • Investor Pitch

    Nail your fundraising presentation articulated by our well-designed compelling & interesting story

  • Competitive Intelligence

    Gain relevant insights about their competitors by understanding the ins & outs of their business

Services We Offer


Market Analysis

Our Market Analysis offering helps the clients to understand the intricacies of the market in a comprehensive manner. We generate real time insights by leveraging the world’s best-in-class databases & reports. We aim to convert data into actionable insights that helps our clients to make better business decisions


Competitive Intelligence

With our qualitative & quantitative methods, our competitive landscaping practices helps our clients in gaining relevant insights about their competitors, which is not available on public sources. We help you in understanding the ins & outs of their business and identifying potential opportunities and areas where you can outperform them.


Investor Pitch

Raising capital from investors is a tedious & time-consuming task. Hence, It’s important for the businesses to nail its investor pitch presentation and draft a compelling & interesting story. We help corporates, startups & financial institutions in creating a well-designed pitch deck to raise funds without any hassle.


Buyer Persona

We draft a research-based profile which helps our clients in depicting the focused target customer, which eventually saves time & money. It helps corporates in understanding and relating to their ideal audience, what they do on a daily basis, their preferences, challenges & how they make decisions.


Business Plan

Our business plan helps the client in summarizing the marketing, financial & operational objectives of the business. Our clients can use this document as a roadmap to structure, run and grow new business with the detailed plans and budgets that demonstrates how these objectives can be achieved. If you’re serious about starting up your business or taking it a new level, then a well-structured business plan is critical to your success.


Go-to-Market Strategy

We set the blueprint for how our client can target their audience and achieve competitive advantage by creating a winning Go-to-Market strategy; irrespective of whether you are venturing in to same market or penetrating a new one. We achieve this by identifying your target markets, then profiling your client, followed by competitive analysis, Demand forecasting & modeling, Brand positioning & Market opportunity assessment.


Market Feasibility

We understand the economic viability of your project by analyzing the market forces at play. We conduct feasibility studies on new product ideas, marketing campaigns, processes or even the entire business and then identify the potential problems along with their possible solution. We evaluate various factors such as competitors, projected sales, market constraints & potential, technical feasibility, Financial & Organizational feasibility.


Market Sizing

We determine the potential of the market in terms of size. This is crucial for companies who are launching a new product or service. Determining the market size can solve strategic dilemmas regarding the levels of investments in the business. We define your target customer, then estimate the number of target customers, then determine the penetration rate, and further calculate the market size- by volume & value.

Our Recent Work

Our services cater to major MNCs around the world, helping them optimise their business performance and overcome the challenges. Take a look at some of our recent projects across various verticals illustrated below


Retail Market Assessment Study

A study to perform a market and retailer assessment for the client by understanding the change in US consumer dynamics, trends in retail and e-commerce channels..


Tobacco E-commerce Landscape

A major FMCG company wanted to understand the e-commerce environment in the tobacco industry across its target markets. It engaged our team to help understand the regulatory ..


Key Trends of Internet for a Telecom Provider

To understand the internet usage trends at the global and regional (MENA) level; and assimilate a detailed view of the key internet use-categories, such as social networking..


Brand Assessment For a Travel and
Tourism client

To understand the potential reasons and factors that led to a lower value for money perception for an emerging tourist destination (promoted by the client), as compared to several..


Competitive Landscape in
Automotive Arena

To gain understanding of various players operating across five key application areas (top 7-10 players per domain) within the automotive industry (driver coaching, auto infotainment..


Research Support for a High Performance Computing (HPC) Firm

To develop an understanding of key application areas for a High Performance Computing (HPC) firm, its market size, technology dynamics, and competitor landscape..

How We Work

We use the following 4-step process to understand your project and deliver results that exceed your expectations, with quick turnaround times. This approach helps us fully understand your requirements, identify project objectives, and build an optimum strategy and achievable plan, even under very tight deadlines.


  • Questionnaire
  • E-mail
  • Telephone
  • Video Conferencing

and Pricing

  • Understand the project
  • Draw pricing estimates and send proposal
  • Signing NDA


  • Research execution
  • Data Analysis
  • Review of “Work in Progress” with customer to exceed expectations
  • On going reporting

Project Review, Delivery
and Reiterations

  • Final Deliverable discussed over conference call
  • Next steps as required

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