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Presenting this set of slides with name - Stakeholder In Tabular Format With Eight Columns And Rows. This is a seven stage process. The stages in this process are Stakeholder Matrix, Stakeholder Analysis, Stakeholder Mapping.

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The image presents a tabular slide template designed for mapping out the role and influence of stakeholders in a project. The template consists of eight distinct columns, each serving a specific purpose in understanding and managing stakeholder dynamics effectively:

1. Stakeholder Name: 

This column is designated for listing the names of individuals or groups with an interest in the project.

2. Contact Person: 

It allows you to specify a primary contact for each stakeholder, facilitating efficient communication and coordination.

3. Impact: 

In this column, you can describe how the project affects each stakeholder, providing insights into their interests and concerns.

4. Influence: 

Here, you detail the level of influence that each stakeholder has over the project, helping to identify key decision-makers and stakeholders with significant power.

5. What Is Important To The Stakeholder?: 

This column captures the goals and interests of each stakeholder concerning the project, shedding light on their motivations.

6. Stakeholder Contribution To Project: 

It asks for details on how stakeholders contribute to the project, whether through resources, expertise, or support.

7. How Could The Stakeholder Block The Project?: 

This column is for anticipating potential obstacles and considering strategies to mitigate risks associated with stakeholder opposition.

8. Stakeholder Engaging Ideas: 

The final column is purposed for brainstorming ways to involve stakeholders positively in the project lifecycle, fostering collaboration and support.

Use Cases:

This template is versatile and can be applied effectively across various industries. 

1. Construction:

Use: To manage contractor and investor relationships.

Presenter: Project Manager.

Audience: Project Team.

2. Healthcare:

Use: To coordinate between departments, patient groups, and regulatory bodies.

Presenter: Hospital Administrator.

Audience: Healthcare Management Team.

3. Education:

Use: To engage with faculty, parents, and community partners.

Presenter: School Principal.

Audience: Educational Stakeholders.

4. Technology:

Use: For product development involving investors, users, and internal teams.

Presenter: Product Manager.

Audience: Development Team.

5. Government:

Use: To strategize interaction with citizens, lobby groups, and other officials.

Presenter: Policy Analyst.

Audience: Government Representatives.

6. Non-profit:

Use: To outline engagement with donors, volunteers, and partner organizations.

Presenter: Program Coordinator.

Audience: Board of Directors.

7. Finance:

Use: To manage relationships with investors, regulators, and customers.

Presenter: Chief Financial Officer.

Audience: Stakeholders and Shareholders.

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