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Slide 4

This slide showcases the multistep approach to provide great customer service. The major steps highlighted are determine how customer support will be delivered, identify which skills of customer support needed to be groomed, develop a customer support plan and evaluate customer support success.

Slide 5

This slide highlights the major tools to provide customer support such as phone, messaging, email, self-service, social media apps, and live chat.

Instructor’s Notes:

The tools that can be used to connect with the customers are as follows:

·      Phone: This is the most widely used method to interact with customers, as talking over the phone adds the human touch to the conversation

·      Messaging: This method is also gaining popularity in various forms such as direct text messaging or messaging apps (WhatsApp) as it is a quick and easy way to resolve customer complaints

·      Email: This method is generally preferred to interact with corporate clients to resolve complaints as it is the most formal amongst all and can be used as a proof in case of any issue escalation

·      Self-Service: More and more customers are adopting this approach to get instant resolution and avoid wait time

·      Social Media Apps: Many customers also use social media platforms such as Twitter to seek customer service support

·      Live Chat: To provide 24*7 hours customer support, live chat is the best option. It can be managed by humans or chatbots

Slide 6

This slide showcases the multiple skills that must be developed in agents to provide better customer service. The key skills highlighted are listen attentively to customers, patience, communicate well, product/service knowledge, remain cool under pressure, understand customers well, and positive language.

Instructor’s Notes:

·      Listen Attentively to Customers: Train customer service agents to carefully listen to customers' problems to better understand the issues and provide suitable solutions to resolve them immediately

·      Patience: Develop patience in the agents to calmly deal with angry customers

·      Communicate Well: Ensure that agents can communicate appropriately with the customers. It's the "secret sauce" for keeping customers happy and satisfied

·      Product/Service Knowledge: To win customers' trust and confidence and correctly resolve customer problems, an agent should have thorough knowledge about the company's products and services

·      Positive Language: Train agents to use positive language while communicating with customers, even if customers are using a harsh tone. It will reflect that the agent is determined to resolve their issues

·      Understand Customers Well: Train agents to anticipate customers' needs in advance within the first few seconds of communication to quickly resolve problems

·      Remain Cool Under Pressure: A good customer support agent handles pressure well when things get hectic to provide exceptional customer support. Train them for the same

Slide 7

The purpose of this slide is to highlight the multiple steps to develop a customer support plan. The major steps discussed are devise a customer support vision, understand customer needs, hire the right employees, define goals, train employees, hold employees accountable and reward good performance.

Instructor’s Notes:

The major steps to prepare customer service plan are as follows:

·      Devise a Customer Support Vision: Have a well-defined vision for customer service and communicate it to the agents

·      Understand Customer Needs: Proactively find what customers want by communicating with them and provide that to ensure maximum customer satisfaction

·      Hire the Right Employees: Agents form the backbone of the customer support department. So while hiring new employees, ensure they have the correct skillset (impeccable communication, positive personality, and empathetic attitude.)

·      Well Defined Goals: Once customer needs are understood, and the right employees are hired, set measurable customer service goals for teams to achieve

·      Train Employees: Have a continuous training program to upskill agents to impart the best customer service

·      Hold Employees Accountable: Confront agents that fail to demonstrate the appropriate behavior. Provide them the necessary support to help them achieve their customer satisfaction goals

·      Reward Good Performance: Appreciate agents that are delivering excellent customer support with monetary and nonmonetary benefits

Slide 8

This slide highlights the metrics to check the performance of the customer service department. The major key performance indicators are Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES), Net Promoter Score (NPS), First Response Time (FRT), Average Handle Time (AHT), First Contact Resolution, and Customer Retention Rate.

Instructor’s Notes:

The major metrics to evaluate the customer support success are:

·      Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT): CSAT score measures if the customers are satisfied with the provided service or not. It can be measured using regular numbers or using symbols such as stars and smiley faces

·      Customer Effort Score (CES): CES measures how much effort customers had to make to resolve the issue

·      Net Promoter Score (NPS): NPS measures loyalty and the probability that a customer will recommend your product to others

·      First Response Time (FRT): FRT measures the time required by the service agent to respond to a customer complaint. It should be as low as possible

·      Average Handle Time (AHT): AHT measures the average contact time spent by a service agent with the customer to resolve their queries

·      First Contact Resolution: It showcases the number of incoming service requests that are resolved within the first interaction. Higher count reflects the efficiency of customer service agent

·      Customer Retention Rate: It highlights the percentage of existing customers who remain customers post complaints also. The higher the rate, better it is for business

Slide 10

This slide covers customer service strategy as making customer satisfaction the end goal of the company. It also depicts that to maximize customer satisfaction, companies should implement customer-first approach in the organization.

Instructor’s Notes:

Slide 11

This slide covers customer service strategy as identifying all the customer's touchpoints. It also depicts that companies can reach out to customers by learning more about their problems and enhancing products or services to avoid specific problems etc.

Instructor’s Notes:


·      Many companies have noticed that many of the first month's queries are regarding billing.  The preferred channel is phone calls. You may solve this by giving more actionable information to the customer support team regularly

·      You've also learnt that there's a churn risk if your consumers don't contact you by week 16. You may prevent this by checking in with your consumer more frequently and resolving any concerns that arise

·      Buyers who are unhappy with a brand will depart in 91% of cases. They're not going to complain. Learning about their problems can be beneficial to you!

Slide 12

This slide covers customers service strategy as setting goals for client support team. It also depicts that goals must be SMART and broken down into specific areas, to get better result in action

Instructor’s Notes:

Create SMART goals

(Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time bound) 

·      Instead of broad aspirations, set specific goals: Make each objective just for one area

·      Make the objectives tough enough to keep you developing but also reachable with hard work and focused effort

·      Ensure that the customer service objectives are closely related to the company objectives

·      Determine how will you measure the progress and how long will it take

The top customer service representatives prioritize client contact. They believe they are empowered and encouraged to do the right thing for the consumer. Make this approach the foundation of all customer service goals you establish.

Slide 13

This slide covers customers service strategy as identifying customer service KPIs to monitor. It includes metrices such as customer satisfaction score, net promoter score, active and resolved issues etc.

Instructor’s Notes:


·      You've increased one key performance indicator, such as NPS. However, you've seen that revenue indicators such as client lifetime value are decreasing. You need to go back to the KPIs and figure out how to connect the two.

·      Reducing the average resolution time is another example. Assume your team is effective in reducing the time it takes to close a problem. As a result, people begin to handle issues ineffectively. This can harm client satisfaction and a variety of other important indicators. Make sure you don't look at the KPIs in a vacuum.

Slide 14

This slide covers customers service strategy such as building a driven client service team. It also depicts that the customer support teams must have some traits such as excellent listening, negotiation, and critical thinking etc. 

Slide 15

This slide covers customers service strategy such as building a powerful client service toolkit. It also depicts that a CRM software can help companies to assist customers through live chats, emails and phone calls.

Slide 16

This slide covers customers service strategy such as empowering the customer service agents. It also depicts that empowering customer support team will allows them to make their own decisions and can resolve client problems quickly

Instructor’s Notes:


·      The employee empowerment initiatives of Ritz-Carlton hotels are among the best in the industry

·      According to their well-known policy, staff can spend up to $2,000 to resolve each client complaint that arises. They are not required to request a manager or wait for a green signal

·      As a result, the consumer always receives an instant solution. A service like that leaves little space for dissatisfaction

Slide 17

This slide covers customers service strategy such as creating a constant feedback loop. It can be achieved by listening to consumers via surveys, polls, social media, focus groups etc., And listening to what customer representatives have to say about their experiences while serving the clients.

Slide 22

Instructor’s Notes: Split the participants into teams and make them brainstorm the action plan that they will put in place to resolve address the problem. The next slide contains the solution that the bank implemented. The solution will be different for different organizations and should be taken as only indicative in nature

Slide 23

This slide depicts how the situation was analyzed and the solutions that were provided to improve the customer service experience.

Slide 25

This slide depicts the summary of table of contents for strategic aspects of delivering great customer service session.

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