'Fuel Meter' powerpoint templates ppt slides images graphics and themes

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  1. ha_3d_alarm_clock_fuel_meter_flat_powerpoint_design_Slide01
    Ha 3d Alarm Clock Fuel Meter Flat Powerpoint Design

    We are proud to present our ha 3d alarm clock fuel meter flat powerpoint design. This power point template diagram has been crafted with graphic of 3d alarm clock and fuel meter. This PPT diagram contains the concept of time management and planning. Use this PPT diagram for business and technology related presentations.

  2. fuel_meter_speedometer_location_pointer_ppt_icons_graphics_Slide01
    Fuel Meter Speedometer Location Pointer Ppt Icons Graphics

    Presenting fuel meter speedometer location pointer ppt icons graphics. This Power Point icons template has been crafted with graphic of fuel meter, speedometer and location icons. This icon PPT contains the concept of location pointer with fuel indication. Use this icon PPT for map and transportation related presentations.

2 Item(s)