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  1. 0814_hammer_with_handsaw_and_nails_image_graphics_for_powerpoint_Slide01
    0814 Hammer With Handsaw And Nails Image Graphics For Powerpoint

    We are proud to present our 0814 hammer with handsaw and nails image graphics for powerpoint. This image has been designed for service related concept. To display this concept, we have used graphic of hammer and handsaw with nails. These tools display the concept of repair and service. Use this image for service related presentations. This image is suitable for business and technology related topics.

  2. 0814_handsaw_with_nails_and_hammer_for_repair_image_graphics_for_powerpoint_Slide01
    0814 Handsaw With Nails And Hammer For Repair Image Graphics For Powerpoint

    We are proud to present our 0814 handsaw with nails and hammer for repair image graphics for powerpoint. Graphic of handsaw with nails and hammer have been used in this image. This image displays the concept of service and technology. Use this image for industrial presentations, where you need to focus on repair concept.

  3. wrench_bath_tub_hand_saw_tool_kit_box_ppt_icons_graphics_Slide01
    Wrench Bath Tub Hand Saw Tool Kit Box Ppt Icons Graphics

    Presenting wrench bath tub hand saw tool kit box ppt icons graphics. This Power Point icon template diagram has been crafted with graphic of wrench, bath tub and hand saw icons. This icon template contains the concept of tool kit use for various architectural works. Use this icon PPT for architecture and business related presentations.

3 Item(s)