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  1. 0115_3d_airplane_for_air_travel_image_graphics_for_powerpoint_Slide01
    0115 3D Airplane For Air Travel Image Graphics For Powerpoint

    Easy to customize. Provided instructions to make changes in the slide template. Replace the icons and images with your own. Edit the company logo in the background. Compatible with the Google Slides. Access to open on a wide screen preview. Enjoy opening and customizing with offline PowerPoint software’s. Useful for the professional presenters, marketing individuals and students.

  2. 0115_passenger_plane_for_global_travel_image_graphics_for_powerpoint_Slide01
    0115 Passenger Plane For Global Travel Image Graphics For Powerpoint

    Easy to download and save. Compatible with Google Slides and Microsoft office software. Flexible in editing and adding on the content information. Use your business mark. Customize the style and orientation of the slide icon. Open on a wide screen view. Use instructions to modify or make changes. Used by the business professionals and the managing department.

2 Item(s)