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PowerPoint Presentation Design Services

Make your Presentations come Alive with our Custom Designs!

Whether it is one slide or a complete presentation, we create it from scratch or re-design it, crafting custom designed slides.


How it Works


Our PowerPoint Presentation Design Services team specializes in creating customized presentations. We make tailor made customized presentations from scratch that organize your data and present it as meaningful, valuable information to make sure your message is reinforced and retained by your audience.

Sample Customer Work


What Our Customers Say About Us

I am really impressed with Slideteam’s presentation design capabilities and professionalism. My team slapped together bits and pieces of information, charts and data onto a presentation, without anyone taking ownership of making the presentation look consistent. I gave the presentation to Slideteam for a quick makeover expecting that they will make it neat and crisp. Not only did they do what was expected, but they went beyond and exceeded our expectations. Along with ensuring consistency in fonts, colors and theme of each slide, they went ahead and redesigned each slide with amazing graphics, diagrams and illustrations to give a polished and professional look and feel. Each slide was designed according to the merit of the information. Now we have stopped designing our presentations on our own and give everything to Slideteam.
Name under NDA, Merchandise Manager The Coca-Cola Company
Slideteam’s Design Services is fantastic at transforming my ideas into exciting visual slides. They have always delivered within the committed turnaround time and have come to my rescue multiple times, sometimes even delivering on weekends for a Monday morning presentation. Faced with stiff deadlines and demanding schedules, I don’t always have time to make my presentations professional. I now give my presentations to them knowing that what I get back will be the best and way better than what I can do. I really like their customer service of being able to speak to the design team manager to convey the details of the customized design I require, rather than sending by email which can be tedious and difficult to describe in writing.
William McCarvell, Portfolio Manager Bank of America
Our sales team seriously needed a presentation design partner and we are glad we found Slideteam. Before, our presentations were lackluster with the same ideas and slides being repeated and we were losing clientele to other competitors. That’s when we decided on hiring Slideteam and their performance has been commendable. They completed revamped our existing presentations and our new presentations have been designed with eye-catching visuals, meaningful icons and images and accurate diagrams that support the content of each slide. I would highly recommend them to any company looking to partner with a professional presentation design team. An added unexpected bonus has been the boost in confidence of our sales team while presenting because they are backed by a solid presentation.
David Samuel, Regional Sales Manager IBM

What We Offer



  • The cost of our design services is on a per slide basis.
  • For customers that are not SlideTeam subscribers, cost of custom designed slides start at $14.99 per slide - you pay using an electronic invoice once you've approved the final custom slides designed by us.
  • For SlideTeam subscribers, cost of custom designed slides start at $9.99 per slide - you pay using an electronic invoice once you've approved the final custom slides designed by us.
  • Customers who have bought the "Annual + Design Services" subscription get 15 slide customizations included for free - this is a $150 dollar value included. Any additional slides is $9.99 per slide.
  • Custom Design Templates start at $149.99 per template.
  • In some instances, a customer may require very detailed design work that requires more time and effort than designing a regular presentation text slides, or, requires us to use 3rd party software packages such as 3D Maya or Photoshop. In such a case, we will give an estimate beforehand if your project cost increases or if additional hours of work is required.
  • We offer unlimited revisions to make sure you're fully satisfied before you pay.

Why us?

  • We have one of the world's largest and most qualified team of PowerPoint professionals at your service.
  • We've already designed and created the world's largest collection of predesigned PowerPoint content on the Planet. It's quite likely that we have something quite close to what you want and can do it quickly. We are experts in visually representing concepts and thoughts, and can help you make your presentation awesome.
  • We offer a quick 48 hour turnaround of the first draft.
  • We can call you to discuss your vision and your requirements in detail so that we can get a head start
  • We offer unlimited revisions so that you pay only if you're fully satisfied
  • We offer a risk free, no obligations, pay only if you approve service.
  • Our pricing is all inclusive with no hidden or extra charges. If your work requires us to put in more time, we will give an upfront estimate and stick to it.


  • We follow our privacy and confidentiality terms and conditions very seriously.
  • All content is handled by SlideTeam employees and no contractors or third party members are given access to any customer material.
  • Work with us once and you'll trust us to become your design support arm.