Education opens doors to new experiences and opportunities. To accomplish something in any field,  we have to learn and research the topic. But this is easier said than done! What makes the process complex is knowing where to start. For example, if you wish to learn web designing, you will need to understand the terms, skills and technical know-how of the subject. That is what a learning journey is all about. 


The term “learning journey” represents the stages, milestones, and challenges you may encounter as you progress through your career paths or personal undertakings. It is not limited to formal education or training. Rather, it encapsulates hands-on practice, experiences, mentorships, etc. which contribute to growth. 


Creating a learning plan can be daunting, especially if you are unsure of where to begin. Explore these TOP 7 LEARNING PLAN TEMPLATES to get a headstart on your learning journey. 


But, drafting a learning journey can be intimidating, especially if you are unaware of where to begin. 


SlideTeam has curated these top 10 PPT Templates on a learning journey that incorporates interactive elements that facilitate active participation. It includes interactive timelines and roadmaps that illustrate the progress of skills and knowledge, enabling the learner to track their growth over time.


 Our pre-designed PowerPoint slides are 100% editable and customizable, providing you with a much-needed jump-start. These slides cover multiple topics, such as the stages of the learning journey, a roadmap for customer satisfaction, the customer acquisition learning journey, mapping through AI, and more. 

Let’s explore!


Template 1: Learning Journey

Undertake a transformative learning journey by employing this PowerPoint Template bundle in 29 slides. Whether you are a trainer, teacher or an educational enthusiast, it provides you with a template to showcase the evolution of skills. This PPT deck includes slides on key phases in the strategic learning journey, benefits of the learning journey, steps to plan the strategic learning journey, key considerations, progress summary, best practices, and more. Track all the activities, checkpoints, assessments, and timeline of the learning process.


Learning Journey




Template 2: 3-Stage Learning Journey for Innovation

This PowerPoint Template showcases relevant phases which are important in the journey of innovation. It includes spreading skills, making it happen, and raising awareness. Spreading skills highlight the transfer of information and skills throughout the company, promoting a culture of innovation. Likewise, making it happen stresses the execution phase, where ideas are turned into real results with the help of planning and execution. Lastly, by raising awareness, it showcases the importance of understanding new concepts. The catchy icons and the layout of the slide aid to better comprehension through these stages.


3 Stage learning journey for innovation




Template 3: Monthly Learning and Development Roadmap for Customer Satisfaction

This PowerPoint Slide illustrates a plan to strengthen employees' skills and refine customer service. It includes a roadmap of four months showcasing key attributes like business strategies, strategic initiatives, and training activities with engaging icons. It also includes metrics that show the value of training. This template aims to promote clear understanding and coordination, ensuring that organizations deliver top-notch services consistently to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Monthly learning and development roadmap for customer satisfaction




Template 4: Customer Acquisition Learning Journey Map

This PowerPoint Template showcases the methods for establishing and maintaining a loyal client base over a period of time. With the help of an engaging visual, it highlights important stages like awareness, consideration, purchase, retention and advocacy. This PowerPoint Slide offers you a design to strategize and maximize your efforts to acquire, convert and retain in today’s market environment. Grab it today!


Customer acquisition learning journey map




Template 5:  Improve Customer Journey Mapping through AI

This PowerPoint Slide showcases the use of artificial intelligence techniques to boost the customer experience. It illustrates a customer experience built with AI-driven solutions, indicating how these technologies simplify processes and organize systems based on user interactions. The template includes engaging visuals to show the importance of AI in understanding customer behaviour, customizing experiences and improving overall processes.


Improve customer journey mapping through AI




Template 6: Learning Process in GIBBs Reflective Cycle

This PPT Slide highlights GIBBs’ reflective cycle as a learning framework. It includes six major stages: description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion, and action plan. Each of these stages is represented with unique icons, helping in visual comprehension. This systematic process guides employees through a full reflection process, allowing them to gain knowledge and grow. Grab it today!


Learning Process in GIBBs reflective cycle




Template 7: Learning Journey Finding Purpose Information Gathering and Sharing

This PowerPoint Slide illustrates the progressive path towards gaining knowledge and then sharing the same. It begins with finding purpose, generating learning power, planning to gather information, analyzing what is learnt and ultimately sharing it with others. Each of these stages in the process is depicted with the help of engaging graphics, boosting engagement and understanding of the viewer. It serves as a roadmap for the personal and collective growth of an employee or employees. Grab it now!


Learning Journey Finding Purpose Information Gathering & Sharing




Template 8: Online Learning Roadmap

This PowerPoint Template offers a structured approach to online learning journeys. It includes a structured timeline for online learning initiatives such as creating a plan, commitment from the administration, understanding technical needs, preparing the faculty, and many more. The roadmap presented in this slide displays milestones and progress indicators that assist in tracking an assessment. It acts as a guide for employees through their online learning journey, promoting growth and enhancing skills within the organization’s digital world.


Online Learning Roadmap PPT Slide




Template 9: Learning Journey Roadmap

This PowerPoint Slide showcases an engaging visual overview of the learning process. It includes stages such as an introduction to the procedure, attending seminars, obtaining certificates, and progressing to become a certified professional. This template, with the help of attractive visuals, offers a clear path for individuals starting out on their learning journey and achieving professional growth.


Learning Journey Roadmap




Template 10: Data Science Quarterly Learning Roadmap

This PPT Template highlights a year-long skill development plan in data science, divided into four quarters which are color-coded for clarity and engagement. It includes a clear process of the learning objectives and activities planned for each quarter, helping the individual with strategic planning and progress tracking. This slide aims to offer optimal skill development and growth in data science over the year by promoting a structured approach to learning.


Data Science Quarterly Learning Roadmap




Wrapping Up


The concept of a learning journey is mostly used in educational or professional settings to encourage individuals to embrace learning and improvement. By employing these PowerPoint templates, businesses can create exceptional learning experiences that resonate with viewers. These visually appealing slides facilitate information retention and instantly grab attention. 


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