Do you need free PowerPoint templates for your next presentation? Look no further. We are providing 50 awesome free PPT templates that are used commonly in presentations. Combining creative PowerPoint layouts with icons, professional colors, images, and business diagrams, each template design is sure to take your PPT presentation to the next level.


Is it free to download, really? Yes, all PPT slides are free. There is no catch. None whatsoever. We want to help you create stellar PowerPoint presentations and put an end to Death by PowerPoint. Research has proved that visual slides are remembered more than text slides. Visual PowerPoint presentations are more engaging and help you put your message across with success. For these reasons, a professional PPT template is necessary if you wish to be a successful presenter. Go ahead, download these free PowerPoint templates for business by simply clicking on the link.


P.S. All PPT templates are fully editable in PowerPoint! Add your content in the placeholders and create a solid business presentation in seconds!


Editable, Free PPT Template Designs for Business:


Agenda Free PowerPoint Template

List out the key sections you’ll cover in your presentation with our free Agenda PowerPoint template. Agenda slide is the first slide in your PowerPoint presentation after the title slide. If you put a boring, bullet point agenda slide, the audience will expect the rest of your presentation to be dull and boring too. Instead, use a professional agenda PPT template that helps you highlight the key takeaways of your presentation and looks visually appealing at the same time. Download this free agenda slide and list out your agenda points impressively:


Agenda Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Agenda Free PPT Template


CV Free PowerPoint Template

Create an impressive visual resume with this free Curriculum Vitae PowerPoint Template. Send out a professional CV to prospective employers highlighting your education, work experience, skills, hobbies, languages, and contact details. The hiring staff of a company will create a first impression based on the design of your visual resume. It must be properly aligned, formatted, and there must be enough white space for quick scanning. Get a break through in your career with this uber professional free CV PowerPoint template. Best part is that it is fully editable in PowerPoint. Just replace the dummy content with your educational qualifications and professional background.


CV Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Free Resume PowerPoint Template


Roadmap Free PowerPoint Template

Lay out the path to success and your roadmap to future with this free Roadmap PowerPoint Template. A roadmap slide serves many useful purposes. You can showcase company history and milestones achieved from the beginning with a roadmap slide. You can plot the timeline of a project or product launch using the roadmap. And you can throw light on your company’s roadmap to future with future goals using this PPT template. The beauty of this free roadmap design is that it is marked with map pins on a winding road to show the key stages of a business plan and milestones along the path. Show progression over time and development of products, services, software, etc. with this fully editable, free roadmap PPT template:


Roadmap Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Free Roadmap PowerPoint Template


Self Introduction Free PowerPoint Template

Introduce yourself with impact using this free About Me PowerPoint Template. Whether you wish to create a creative visual resume design or give a summary of your personal profile to any company, use this presentation slide to neatly arrange your profile description under headings and sub-points. The design also has a placeholder to add your image. The template is fully editable. Formatting and arrangement of sections is impeccable. Go ahead and download this free self introduction PPT template:


Self Introduction Free PowerPoint Template

Download About Me Free PowerPoint Template


Features & Highlights Free PPT Template

One of the most used slides in any presentation is description of a product, process, company, etc. Use this free features and highlights PowerPoint template to list out all features in a visually impactful layout rather than lifeless bullet points. The semi-circular PowerPoint design lends easy eye movement and reading of all steps in the process. A visual design has high retention value than plain text. The PPT design also has icons to add visual appeal to descriptive text slide. Go ahead and download this professional features template for free:


Features & Highlights Free PPT Template

Download Free Highlights PPT Template


Targets Free PowerPoint Template

Nothing showcases business targets and sales targets better than a dartboard diagram with arrows. That is why, we are providing free target board PowerPoint template to list out your goals, objectives and targets impactfully. Showcase quarterly business goals and targets using this free dartboard PPT slide. Sales professionals will benefit a lot with target board design to lay out their sales targets. A goals and objectives slide is also a prerequisite of many business PowerPoint presentations. This free goals PPT template will come in handy on many occasions:


Targets Free PowerPoint Template

Download this free Targets PowerPoint Template


Timeline Free PowerPoint Template

A timeline is a must have template for any business presentation. You couldn’t get a better timeline slide than this free timeline PPT template. Showcase your company timeline with key achievements and milestones using this PPT timeline. Project managers can use this to chart out project timeline. Professionals in the education sector can use this editable diagram to describe the timeline of any event in history. You can also leverage this PPT design to describe steps of a process or stages of an event. Download this free timeline PPT template; it will come handy many times:


Timeline Free PowerPoint Template

Download this free Timeline PowerPoint Template


Harvey Balls Free PowerPoint Template

Download our free Harvey Balls PowerPoint Template to compare multiple items on certain parameters. Harvey Balls are round ideograms used in comparison tables to visualize qualitative information such as safety and quality. Harvey Balls templates are used a lot in consumer reports and consultancy industry. Creating a Harvey ball slide can be a challenging task for many. Not anymore with our free harvey balls PowerPoint template:


Harvey Balls Free PowerPoint Template

Download Free Harvey Balls Presentation Template


Zigzag Roadmap Free PowerPoint Template

A zigzag roadmap is another roadmap layout that is widely employed in corporate presentations. Here is a free zigzag PowerPoint template to lay out the path to project completion, learning roadmap, sales roadmap, home selling stages, etc. The zigzag roadmap layout basically comprises three stages- a starting point, middle stages and the end point. Since all processes follow this path, you can depict the same via this zigzag timeline. It helps in easy eye movement and looks creative at the same time.


Zigzag Roadmap Free PowerPoint Template

Download Free Zigzag Roadmap PowerPoint Template

Steps Free PowerPoint Template

Climb the ladder of success with this free Steps PowerPoint Template. Show career path to employees with this steps diagram. Motivate workers by highlighting the stages of career growth. You can also use this PPT design to show development stages of any product or service. Describe a process as it develops stage by stage. For instance, you can show 5 stages of business growth with this free steps PPT template.


Steps Free PowerPoint Template

Download Free Steps PowerPoint Template


Process Free PowerPoint Template

Here is a 4-step process free PowerPoint template to describe process stages with ease. Dump those bullet points! Instead use this process infographic free template to engage audience. Explain 4 steps of brand building, for instance, using this editable slide. Or 4 steps of strategic planning presentation slide. Why just 4 steps? Add or delete a design element to write as many steps as the process requires. The colors, creative layout and equal distribution of space makes any process so easy to understand. Go ahead and download this free process PPT template:


Process Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Free Process PowerPoint Template


Product Features PowerPoint Template

Highlight the features of your product or service using this free Features PowerPoint Template. If you have a mobile app, then the slide having a vector image of mobile device will be the perfect visual design for your presentation. Stages describing development of mobile app can also be illustrated vis this PPT slide. The rise of digital banking and phone banking services is another useful use case for this presentation template. Or simply describe the impact of cellular technology in lives or digital transformation using this free features PPT template:


Product Features PowerPoint Template

Download this Free Features PowerPoint Template


Dashboard Free PowerPoint Template

Showcase your business performance in one presentation slide with our free Dashboard PowerPoint Template. The most important data is visualized on one screen helping shareholders and other interested parties clearly analyse the performance on key performance indicators (KPIs). Whether you want a free marketing dashboard, free sales dashboard template or HR dashboard, this dashboard can be utilized. The PPT slide comprises column charts, bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, and other data visualization. Show metrics like total website visitors, most profitable markets or products, sessions per browser and so on with ease.


Dashboard Free PowerPoint Template

Download Free Dashboard PowerPoint Template


Mission Vision Goals Free PPT Template

Do you need to share with the audience your business mission, vision, and goals? Put down your mission statement. The difference between a mission slide and a vision slide is that while mission focuses on the present, vision focuses on the future. With a striking image and icons, our free mission vision goals template is a visually stunning slide that you will need to use in multiple corporate presentations.


Mission Vision Goals Free PPT Template

Download Free Mission Vision PowerPoint Template


Project Management Free PowerPoint Template

Manage the progress of your projects with our free Project Management PowerPoint Template. Track the health of your projects to see which needs attention on priority and which are running smoothly. Is the project schedule on track? Are resources adequate to bring a project successfully to conclusion? Is the project running within the budget allocated for it? Are all project risks in control? Bring the management and the team on same page with this professional and free Project Report PowerPoint Template.


Project Management Free PowerPoint Template

Download Free Project Management PPT Template


Company Introduction Free PowerPoint Template

Introduce your company impressively before the audience with this free company introduction PowerPoint template. Describe what you do, the industry you belong to, your company history, milestones and achievements, and products and services offered. An impressive company profile template is a must to create a professional reputation before the audience. With an impressive visual, color scheme and text layout, this free PowerPoint template for company profile is the best deal you could have asked for.


Company Introduction Free PowerPoint Template

Download Free Company Introduction PPT Template


Strategy Free PowerPoint Template

What is your business strategy? Showcase strategic planning using this free Strategy PowerPoint Template. Throw light on your strategy to capture the maximum market share? How are you going to develop product portfolio? Are you going to expand geographically by entering new markets? Show how you will develop your business brick by brick, stage by stage with this free Strategy PowerPoint Template.


Strategy Free PPT Template


Download Free Strategy PPT Slide


Challenges Free PowerPoint Template

Overcome business challenges with this free Challenges PowerPoint Template. Every business faces challenges be it financial challenges, service challenges, distribution challenges, and so on. Knowing the challenges and problems is the first step in overcoming them. Jot down all business obstacles in your path with this template. A professional PowerPoint layout and readymade icons makes this challenges slide a must have.


Challenges Free PowerPoint Template


Download Free Challenges PowerPoint Template


Dos and Don’ts Free PowerPoint Template

Show the two sides of any business process or event with this free Dos and Don’ts PowerPoint Template. You can also explain product features and product benefits side by side using this creative PowerPoint template. Pros and cons of any topic can be illustrated through this slide design. Opportunities and challenges is another option. Basically, you can show the two sides of any concept with this infographic design.


Dos and Don’ts Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Free Dos and Don’ts PPT Template


Idea Generation Free PowerPoint Template

Show the various stages of brainstorming and idea generation with this free Bulb PowerPoint Template. The bulb has been uniquely designed with jigsaw puzzle pieces joining together to form a bulb. You can show the interrelationship between different stages or steps with this presentation design. Encourage new ideas and creativity by using the most common metaphor for the same i.e. the bulb. Describe the steps of any new process, new activity with this free bulb diagram.


Idea Generation Free PowerPoint Template

Download Free Innovation Bulb PowerPoint Template


Gantt Chart Free PowerPoint Template

Project Management becomes so much easier when you use this free Gantt Chart PowerPoint Template. A Gantt Chart template helps you easily visualize all the tasks and activities of a project and their respective deadlines. It also helps you allocate the responsibility of each task to the right person. Since there a number of tasks involved in a project, Gantt Chart helps you organize everything by charting it out on an easy-to-follow design.


Gantt Chart Free PowerPoint Template

Download this free Gantt Chart PPT Template


Operations Free PowerPoint Template

Show interrelated parts of a whole with free Gears PowerPoint Template. Connected gears are the perfect visual representation for teamwork and operations. Presentations on operational planning and team management can benefit hugely by applying this easy to understand PPT design. Strategies can also be drawn out using this template design since even if one part of it fails, the entire strategy fails.


Operations Free PowerPoint Template

Download Free Gears PPT Template


SWOT Analysis Free PowerPoint Template

Analyse your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with this free SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template. Also analyse your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses so that you can create a powerful market strategy. Top management in every organization uses SWOT analysis to make crucial decisions. Your company’s strengths are your competitive advantages, you need to maintain them. You need to work on your weaknesses, leverage the opportunities and minimize the threats to your business. Use this impressive design to show your strength as a presenter. Also get free SWOT icons along with this design.


SWOT Analysis PPT Slide Design


Download Free SWOT Analysis Template


Money / Finance Free PowerPoint Template

Raise money for your startup or creative product idea with this free money PowerPoint template. Angel investors and venture capitalists are looking for the next big idea that will be a huge success in the market. Raising money from investors requires a great business idea, plan and a pitch deck with impressive design and delivery. Use this finance template to tell how much money you need for a startup. Crowdfunding PPT presentation will also be a great use case for this brilliant template design.


Money Finance Free PowerPoint Template

Download Free Finance PowerPoint Template


Customer Feedback Free PowerPoint Template

Use Customer Feedback Free PowerPoint template to get customers’ review of a product or service. Let your customers know that they are valuable and thus their feedback is important for your business. Analyse customers review to make changes in your products or services. Customers make a business grow faster than sales and marketing. Get your hands on the professionally designed customer feedback free PowerPoint template to understand your customers better.


Customer Feedback Free PPT Template

Download Free Customer PPT Template


Purchase Funnel Free PowerPoint Template

Download Purchase Funnel or Sales Funnel free PowerPoint Template to find customers and lead them all the way towards a purchase of product or service. Make people aware of your product going through step by step process involving advertising, social media, blogging, email campaigns and more. This AIDA model will help you craft a perfect sales funnel strategy. Use conversion funnel free PowerPoint template to guide your sales team about the promotional campaigns targeting various stages of the customer journey.


Purchase Funnel Free PPT Template

Download Free Customer PPT Template


Global Challenges And Solutions Free PowerPoint Template

Showcase global business challenges and solutions using Global Challenges And Solutions PowerPoint Template. List down the challenges your company is facing using this template. Present the problems and complications due to which the project is delayed. Entrepreneurs can mention their most common challenges they face when starting a new venture. Talk about various world economic challenges. This problems and solutions free PPT template is not just restricted to the business people, students can incorporate this slide too for their project or paper. Download this creatively designed global challenges and solutions free PowerPoint template to discuss and find the solutions to the problems.


Global Challenges And Solutions Free PPT Template

Download Free Global Challenges And Solutions Free PPT Template


Team Achievements Free PowerPoint Template

Flaunt your success using Team Achievements Free PowerPoint Template. Do not just talk about your team’s achievements, rather show it. Use this professional yet stunning visual to present the milestones your team has achieved. Incorporate this team celebration free PowerPoint template to celebrate the success and inspire others to reach their goals. Impress your stakeholders, clients, and customers by showcasing the achievements. Put a right visual in your PPT and leave a lasting impression on your clients. Download this perfect team achievement free PowerPoint template with just one click.


Team Achievements Free PowerPoint Template

Download Free Team Achievements PowerPoint Template


Problem Statement Free PPT Template

Draft a set of business problems using this free Problem Statement PowerPoint Template. Let your boss know the challenges your project team is facing. Why your business is losing the customers? Why the project has been delayed? Why the process has not been executed yet? Showcase the complications with the help of professional yet creative problem statement visual. Discuss the challenges with teammates. Jot down all your concerns and questions by incorporating the problem statement PPT template.


Problem Statement Free PowerPoint Template

Download Free Problem Statement PowerPoint Template



Risk Matrix Free PowerPoint Heatmap

Diagnose the risks at early stage using this free Risk Matrix Heatmap PowerPoint Template. Evaluate the risk level and figure out the ways to curb its impact. Once you analyze the risk level, you can work on the ways to curb the risk effect. This risk matrix heatmap can be used to identify risks in projects, processes, business plans and more. Incorporate Risk Matrix Heatmap Free PowerPoint to identify the risks that can harm your business.


Risk Matrix Heatmap Free PPT Template

Download Free Risk Matrix Heatmap PowerPoint Template


Four Points Global Infographic Free PowerPoint Template

Download this creatively designed Four Points Global Infographic Free PowerPoint Template to showcase business plan, goals, targets, objectives, strategy and more. This professional four-point global infographic can be used to showcase various business processes and stages. It is a stunning visual comprising professional business colours and icons. Add your content in this graphic and present it to your audience with confidence. Get your hands on this professionally designed four points global infographic free PowerPoint template and engage your audience with this amazing visual.


Four Points Global Infographic Free PowerPoint Template

Download Four Points Global Infographic PPT Template


Mind Map PPT Infographics Free PPT Template

Brainstorm and visualize ideas using Mind Map PowerPoint Template. Incorporate mind map graphics to generate and give structure to the ideas. They are widely used in solving problems and making decisions. Get access to this professionally designed mind map PPT template to put down your ideas, plans, suggestions, goals, objectives and more. Incorporate this professional visual which comprises business icons. Download this mind map free PowerPoint template to jot down your next business ideas.


Mind Map Free PowerPoint Template

Download Mind Map PPT Template


Clock For Time Management Free PowerPoint Template

Use Clock For Time Management PowerPoint Template to take care of the deadlines, meetings, events and more. This professionally designed template includes clock with notes and tick marks to help you list and prioritize your tasks. Incorporate this clock for time management PPT template to jot down the project deliverable time, activities, events and more. Take control of time and reach to your goals using time management PPT template.


Clock For Time Management Free PowerPoint Template

Download Clock for Time Management PPT Template


Problem Solutions Free Presentation Template

Present solutions to problems using Problem Solutions PowerPoint Template. Whether it’s a startup or an old business, problems occur at regular intervals. Discuss various challenges and difficulties and find solutions to them with the help of challenge and solution PPT template. Showcase customer related problems, financial problems, business challenges, risk related problems and more by incorporating this professionally designed problem solution free PowerPoint template. Download this PPT template, add your content and brainstorm ideas to find solutions.


Problem Solution Free PPT Template

Download Problem Solutions PPT Template


Comparison Free PPT Template

Download this professionally designed Comparison PowerPoint Template to showcase workforce comparison, demographic comparison, customer behaviour comparison, and more. HR managers can utilize this template to present total male female personnel in the company. This graphic can be used to illustrate total population growth, gender preferences, target audience, etc. Incorporate this comparison PowerPoint template in your PPT and display male female comparison with percentage.


Comparision Free PPT Template

Download comparison PowerPoint template


Geographical World Map Free PPT Template

Showcase global sales, international business, customer and geographical segmentation, locations and more using Geographical World Map Free PowerPoint Template. This is a world map highlighting various continents. You can always choose to edit the part you want to showcase to the clients and team leaders. Download geographical world map to show business locations. Other than business usage, students and teachers can also use this slide to talk about places, lands, features, environment and more. Click the download button below to grab this professional geographical world map.


Geographical World Map Free PPT Template

Download Geographical World Map PPT Template


Team Introduction Free PPT Template

Use Team Introduction PowerPoint Template to showcase the pillars of your company. Introduce your team members to potential clients and stakeholders. You can also show their social media handles along with their names and designations. A strong team is always an asset to an organization. You can talk about your team members, their job descriptions, experience and more using team introduction PPT template.


Team Introduction Free PPT Template

Download Team Introduction PowerPoint Template


Business Team with Solutions Free PowerPoint Template

Use Business Team with Solutions PowerPoint Template to quick fix problems. Incorporate this professionally designed puzzle piece diagrams with business men silhouettes to present how efficiently your team works towards finding solutions to the problems. You can also use this PPT template to illustrate team work, team building activity, group activity, and more. This PPT slide has been crafted by our PowerPoint designers. It has an amazing combination of colours and comprises business icons. Download business team with solutions free PowerPoint template, add your content and engage your audience.


Business Team with Solutions Free PPT Template

Download Business Team with Solutions PPT Template


Brainstorming and Idea Generation Free PPT Template

Download this professionally designed Brainstorming Ideas PowerPoint template to jot down ideas, plans, strategies and more. You can use this PPT slide for idea generation activities as well. Business men, entrepreneurs, students, teachers, anyone can utilize this slide for their own use. Enhance knowledge of students by showing various techniques and processes related to the brainstorming using this PPT template. Entrepreneurs can use this to write down their start up ideas. Create, develop or communicate ideas with the help of creatively designed brainstorming PowerPoint template.


Brainstorming Techniques Free PPT Template

Download brainstorming ideas PowerPoint Template


Education Learning Free PPT Template

Incorporate Education Learning Journey PowerPoint Template to tell an inspiring story, visualize your points, and deliver an educational message. Discuss success and inspiring stories using this professionally designed education PPT template. Educate your audience with not just the discussion, present a great visual to motivate them. List down creative ideas, learning techniques, steps to success, inspiring quotes, and more with help of this education learning PPT slide. Click the download button now and encourage your audience to achieve their goal.


Education Learning Journey Free PPT Template

Download Education Learning PPT Template


Opportunities and Challenges Success Free PPT Template

Convert your challenges into the opportunities using Opportunities and Challenges PowerPoint Template. Showcase challenges and ways to convert those into an opportunity with the help of this PPT template. Include this slide to present it to your teammates about the various challenges that you face and transform those into an opportunity for a better business.


Opportunities and Challenges Success Free PPT Template

Download Opportunities and Challenges PPT Template


Opportunity and Challenges Roadmap Free PPT Template

Take a path to success using Opportunity and Challenges Roadmap PowerPoint Template. Transform those business challenges into an opportunity for a better business transformation. Showcase to your teammates that how step by step you can convert those challenges into opportunities. Use this professionally designed opportunity and challenges PPT template for a better vision for your company.


Opportunities and Challenges Roadmap Free PPT Template

Download Opportunity and Challenges PPT Template


Change Management Process Free PPT Template

Use Change Management Free PowerPoint Template to run a change management process for business to progress. Incorporate this professional yet creative visual to showcase the steps involved in a change management. Click the download button below to add this change management PPT template in your presentation. Add your content and be ready to go through the change to avoid obstacles in business.


Change Management Process Free PowerPoint Template

Download change management PPT template


Comparison Free PowerPoint Template

Compare two businesses, evaluate competitors, analyse workforce personnel and more using this professionally designed Comparison Free PowerPoint Template. You can also compare and assess products and features of the products. Make a comparison among target audience, employees, demographic comparison, etc. This slide can be used for various purposes. Download now and get access to this comparison PPT template.


Comparison Free PowerPoint Template

Download Comparison PPT Template


Path To Career Free PPT Template

Add your career roadmap and impress your interviewer. Use this professionally designed Path To Career PowerPoint Template and talk about your work experience. Incorporate this professional career roadmap visual to flaunt your achievements. Grab path to career roadmap PPT template and leave a lasting impression on your interviewer.


Path to Career Free PowerPoint Template

Download Path To Career PPT Template


World Religion PPT Template

Grab this simple yet impressive World Religion PowerPoint Template. You can use this slide to talk about various religious groups in the world. This slide is an apt choice for those who want to talk about world peace, culture, symbolism and more. This template is completely editable. You can add or remove the icon as per your requirement. Download this template on world religion to promote history of the religions.


World Religion Free PowerPoint Template

Download World Religion PPT Template


Christmas Free PowerPoint Theme

Aware your audience about the history of Christmas using this stunning Christmas PowerPoint Theme. Bid a goodbye to your colleagues, students, teammates and encourage them to celebrate the holiday season by showcasing the happy and vibrant visual. Grab this Christmas PPT template and celebrate the birth of Jesus with your dear one’s.


Merry Christmas Background PowerPoint Template


Download Christmas PPT Template


New Year Free PowerPoint Theme

Welcome new year using a perfect visual. Celebrate the upcoming year using New Year PowerPoint Theme. Greet your students, colleagues, clients, and team mates and start a fresh with the help of this vibrant graphic. Download new year PPT template and embark your journey with confidence.


New Year Free PowerPoint Theme

Download New Year PPT Template

Calendar 2019 Free PPT Template

Incorporate this Calendar 2019 PowerPoint Template and take a note of the important dates. HR managers, project managers, team leaders, teachers, students, entrepreneurs, anyone can use this simple calendar PPT template. This yearly calendar template will help you remember events, meetings, deadlines and more. Download this simple yet professional calendar template and save yourself some time in remembering the dates.


Calendar For 2019 Free PowerPoint Template

Download Calendar 2019 PPT Template


Escalation Matrix 5 Levels Free Pyramid PPT Template

Showcase hierarchy, levels, segments, stages and a lot more using Pyramid PowerPoint Template. Also, present business management positions with the help of this professionally designed pyramid PPT template. This template can be used for various purposes. Showcase sales funnel, conversion funnel, acquisition funnel by incorporating this pyramid structure. Download now and use it to your advantage.


Escalation Matrix 5 Levels Free Pyramid PowerPoint Template

Download Pyramid PPT template


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