Have you ever thought what exactly does the start-up entrepreneurs include in their pitch deck that makes their fundraising round successful?


We know that it is quite difficult to convince the investors to invest in your business even though pitching is the most common phenomenon these days. Despite their great ideas and plans, start-ups somehow fail to create a successful pitch.


One must be aware of the perfect formula for compelling the investors and should know how to create an easy-to-digest pitch deck.


Therefore, to help you out we have brought here these amazingly designed free investors pitch deck slides that will give you the best approach for pitching your investors.


Free Investor Pitch PowerPoint Templates:


Company Introduction


Company Introduction PowerPoint Template

Get this Free Company Introduction PowerPoint Template


Set a good start to the meeting by introducing your company to the investors with this free company background. Describe the company’s history, your business niche, milestones achieved, the industry you belong to, etc. with the help of this amazing PPT layout. Create a professional reputation in front of the investors and attract them to invest in your organization. Get your viewers accustomed with the brand name taking the assistance of this PowerPoint slide.




Mission Vision Goals Free PPT Template

Download this Free Mission Vision Goals PowerPoint Template


Compel your viewers to invest in your early-stage business by stating your vision, mission and goals.  Sum up your vision, mission and goals in just one slide and attract the investors with the above shown eye-catching PowerPoint layout. Portray the organization’s vision, goals and targets and help your investors focus on the major aspects of the business. Persuade them to fund your new age venture by showcasing the business vision and mission.




Problem Statement Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Free Problem Statement PowerPoint Templates


Use this PowerPoint template to showcase the existing problems that your customers are facing.  One should incorporate an appropriate slide to highlight the problems that they are facing and this is a perfect template to present those issues. Address the problems in the marketplace and present how to face those challenges.


Here’s another template you can use:


Global Challenges And Solutions Free PPT Template

Download this Free Global Challenges and Solutions PowerPoint Templates


This is another PPT template that can assist you to showcase the challenges and how you have been solving those. Before jumping into the presentation, do some research about the investors and try framing the story as per the needs of your investors.




Problem Solution Free PPT Template

Download this Free Problem Solution PowerPoint Template


Your ideas must be capable of solving problems. Showcase the solutions that you offer to your customers. Put forward your innovative solutions to help the customers. This predesigned PowerPoint slide can be used for presenting your great ideas. Depict how your unique ideas help in solving the issues you discussed in previous slides.


Here’s another template you can use:


Idea Generation Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Free Idea Generation PowerPoint Template


This bulb PPT slide can be perfectly used for showcasing solutions for specific problems that customers are facing. This PPT template comprises of jigsaw puzzle pieces which metamorphically represent the solutions needed. Explain how you solve the customers’ problems and make the situation better for



Value Proposition / Product USP


Features & Highlights PowerPoint Template

Download this Free Features & Highlights PowerPoint Templates


Highlight the key features of your product that makes it stand out from the rest. Showcase the value that you are providing to your customers and how your product or service is different from that of your competitors. Display the benefits that your product adds to the customer’s life.


Here’s another template you can use


Product Features PowerPoint Templates

Download this Free Features PowerPoint Templates


Showcase the product’s features that are beneficial for your customers. This is a 6 stage PowerPoint slide design that will help you convince your investors that your product or service is better from the rest. Depict your unique selling proposition by deploying this readymade product features PowerPoint slide.


Target Market


Targets Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Free Targets PowerPoint Templates


Incorporate this slide to depict your ideal customers and the target market size. Showcase that you have a plan and that you are capable of actually capturing the customers. The slide can be used to talk about the target market and the ways you can generate income from them. Be realistic in showcasing for whom you are making your product. This, will help you think strategically and lay a strong impression on the investors.


Business Model


Strategy Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Free Business Model PowerPoint Template


Investors are most interested in knowing the business model of the company. Let your investors understand how does your company work and how it generates revenue. Alter this slide as per the needs of your business and illustrate the workings of your company. Prove them that your business model actually helps the customers and solves their problem.


Early Successes: Traction & Milestones


Road Map Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Free Roadmap PowerPoint Template


Use this slide to showcase the milestones achieved so far. It is always beneficial to share small milestones that hints at your success and this can be done taking advantage of this readily available PowerPoint slide design. Bring your investors attention to some of the major milestones you have achieved.


Here’s another template you can use:


Team Achievements Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Team Achievement PowerPoint Template


Incorporate the template to throw light on the company’s achievements and impress your investors with this predesigned team achievements PowerPoint slide. The slide will leave an everlasting impression on your investors and is best to impress your stakeholders. Let your investors know about the success rate of your already won contracts.


Marketing Strategy


Four Points Global Infographic Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Free Four Points Global Infographics PowerPoint Template


Tell the investors about your plan to attract customers by focusing on marketing strategies. Present the various ways to market your product that is entirely different from your competitors. Use this slide if your investors ask you to provide a marketing strategy. They might be curious to know how you inform, attract and persuade your customers to buy your product. Jot down a perfect marketing strategy on this slide and showcase the ways to reach out to the customers.


Sales strategy


Purchase Funnel Free PPT Template

Download this Free Purchase Funnel PowerPoint Template


Let your investors know your plan for increasing the sales. This is the most important section of your pitch deck that is usually skipped. Your investors might be interested in knowing the way you maximize your sales and your revenue. One should be clear with the sales and marketing strategy and inform your investors about your plans to turn prospects into repeat customers.




Team Introduction Free PPT Template

Download this Free Team Introduction PowerPoint Template


Introduce the team members of your company using this predesigned team introduction PPT slide. Present their names, designation, qualification and the experience they have in their respective fields. This slide will let you depict to the investors why you and your team members are right for launching this business. Give a personal touch by adding the pictures and showcase the skills that your team members possess with the help of this slide.


Funding Requirements


Money Finance Free PowerPoint TemplateO

Download this Free Fund Raising PowerPoint Template


An impressive pitch deck is an essential part of the fundraising toolkit. Raising money from investors requires a great business deal, plan and a pitch deck with impactful design. Investors would want to comprehend your company’s financial status. Raise money from investors using this professionally designed PPT template. Your investors might be curious to know how much money do you need and how exactly you plan to allocate the resources. With the assistance of this readymade PowerPoint slide design, you can give a clear picture of the finances required.


Don’t make your investors go to sleep with those long stories; get these free PPT templates and make your presentation worthy of investment.