Entrepreneurs have to put the best foot forward when it comes to venturing into the corporate environment. Arranging capital for the business to grow and sustain is a crucial and strenuous step for startups. Adequate financial funds allow the entrepreneurs to hire a skilled workforce, buy different types of equipment for product enhancements, effective marketing, and lots more.


Showcasing the company’s business idea to the venture capitalists as the best investment choice in the market requires a convincing pitch deck. An awe-inspiring pitch deck is an essential fundraising tool that gives an overview of the company and its vision.


 “The secret to selling great work is to sell the idea of the work before you sell the work.”

― Peter Coughter


Featuring the problem, proposing a business plan, and discussing future projections in a boring slideshow will certainly not serve the purpose. Instead, it will be lost and forgotten among the many pitch decks floating around. A flawless pitch requires a well-thought-out strategy and a sprinkle of creativity that highlights the business idea and convinces potential investors and clients. A company armed with a perfect pitch deck is all set to rule its niche.


SlideTeam professionals have designed Top 10 Pitch Deck Google Slides Templates to create a great impression over your audience. Download these completely customizable and visually appealing Google slides compatible, PowerPoint templates to outshine the competitors. 


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Top 10 Pitch Deck Google Slides Templates To Download


Template 1


Startup Pitch DeckDownload Startup Pitch Deck Google Slides Template


Get an assured affirmative from your investors by incorporating this content ready pitch deck Powerpoint template. Highlight the problem and marketing gap using this Google slides compatible template and impress your clients. Using this template, you can present the value proposition product benefits and the proposed solutions using infographics. Discuss the go-to-market strategy roadmap in a quickly digestible manner with our completely editable PowerPoint presentation. 


Template 2


Startup Pitch Deck Raising Money From InvestorsDownload Startup Pitch Deck Raising Money From Investors Google Slides Template


Introduce this contemporary pitch deck PowerPoint template to attract investors. With this compelling Google slides adaptable template, you can study the competitors and formularise the strategy accordingly. Entrepreneurs can download this amazingly designed pitch deck template for presenting all the information in an organized manner. Elaborate on the marketing roadmap strategy by utilizing this comprehensively researched template.


Template 3


Elevator PitchDownload Elevator Pitch Google Slides Template


Use this stunning pitch deck PowerPoint template to showcase your ambition effectively. Download this comprehensively researched Google slides compatible to explain the core information of your business plan. With the help of this content ready template, you can easily illustrate the business model simply and forthrightly. Download this customized pitch deck template to introduce your team.


Template 4


Business PitchDownload Business Pitch Google Slides Template


Showcase key highlights and business strategy by introducing this professionally designed pitch deck template. Convince your potential investors with this attention-grabbing Google slides compatible PowerPoint complete deck. Illustrate the financial projections and prove your worth by this editable pitch deck template. You can also demonstrate the goals of funding and shareholding patterns using data interpretation techniques such as pie charts and graphs. 


Template 5


Pitch Deck For Pre Seed FundingDownload Pitch Deck For Pre Seed Funding Google Slides Template


Explain to your investors about the company’s vision in an exciting manner by employing this content ready pitch deck template.  You can discuss the problems faced by customers in the current market with this awe-inspiring Google slides compatible template. By downloading this 41 slides complete deck, you can elaborate on the unique selling points of your enterprise engagingly. Compel an investor to take the next step of finalizing the deal by presenting this editable PowerPoint template.

Template 6


Private Placement Funds From Insurance CompaniesDownload Private Placement Funds From Insurance Companies Google Slides Template


Reflect your company’s mission and vision impressively by utilizing this visually appealing pitch deck PowerPoint template. Discuss the challenges and the solutions offered in an easy to understand manner using our ready-made Google slides compatible templates. You can illustrate the company timeline and feature the achievement accomplished by taking advantage of our contemporary PowerPoint template.


Template 7


Investor Pitch Deck For A Start UpDownload Investor Pitch Deck For A Start-Up Google Slides Template


Incorporate this sleek designed pitch deck template to woo your customers in the first meeting. Elaborate on your business idea by utilizing this editable Google slides adaptable template for introducing your talented workforce. As this pitch deck template is universal, any industry can easily employ this customizable template for impressively showcasing their company. 


Template 8


Pitch Deck To Raise FundingDownload Pitch Deck To Raise Funding Google Slides Template


Download this modern and creative pitch deck template to convince your investors in the first meeting itself. Create confidence in your business by stating the core values you provide to your customers. Highlight the revenue model and stream with the help of this pre-designed pitch deck template. You can also give a detailed comparative analysis and financial projection of the upcoming year with this striking template.


Template 9


Venture Capital PitchDownload Venture Capital Pitch Google Slides Template


Impactful pitch deck will leave a great impression over your potential investors, and this is the perfect PowerPoint template that can easily be edited as per business needs. Incorporate your brand’s personality into your pitch deck design with this Google slides compatible template. Elaborate on the issues and the proposed solutions in an easy to comprehend manner using our editable template. 


Template 10


Pitch Deck For Entrepreneurs Raising MoneyDownload Pitch Deck For Entrepreneurs Raising Money Google Slides Template


With the help of this polished and professional pitch deck template, entrepreneurs can effectively communicate their ideas. Download this 59 slides complete deck to illustrate the market size and business model to the potential investors. You can also discuss the marketing launch plan and give insights into the various factors to be considered by employing this aesthetically appealing pitch deck template.


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