Marketing and sales go hand in hand; upgrading one leads to improvement in the other. 


Every business wants to grow and earn more revenue at a rapid rate. But the success of a business depends on the ship that sail it through the challenging waters. This ship is your marketing strategy and the destination is the sales targets. 


Hence, your aim has to be creating sound marketing strategies to bolster sales. There are various marketing strategies that you can integrate to attain better sales, such as through traditional advertising methods like pamphlets or modern techniques like promotion on social media or word-of-mouth promotion, etc. 


Nevertheless, you must not forget the results of your key performance indicators (KPIs), whose verdict depends upon the customers. Considering customers as the ship's compass, you need to work on gathering leads and converting them. 


Insight: Companies like Microsoft and Apple, which faced a major downfall during the covid crisis, have stood back with the help of the right template tools. Apple has now crossed a revenue of $64.7 billion last September.


The sales and marketing KPI templates help you track the performances of your sales and marketing teams. 


You need the right tools to achieve the pre-determined goals, which can help you measure the KPIs, deliver the products timely, create brand value, and analyze the sales report. Slideteam’s Sales and Marketing Templates enhance your business's productivity and effectiveness. You can remove the bottlenecks you might be facing in achieving sales targets. These templates guarantee you a sure shot at success in your business.




Here are some of the top strategies that upgrade the level of your business instantly:


  • Provide discounts and offers: Discounts are the best way to enhance your sales. Give them offers that are time-specific and give rewards to repetitive customers.
  • Optimize the sales process: Make buying your products easy for customers. Keep feasible payment options open for them. This will help in removing the friction in the process.
  • Retaining the customers:  You can earn your customers' loyalty by giving points on each purchase. As your loyal customer base increased, they will advertise your business through worth of mouth, and you can collect more leads. Customer retention is, therefore, the key.




Without sales, the company cannot survive or grow. And without marketing, sales are impossible. If you want to attain the best results from your marketing efforts and want to implement your sales strategies that drive revenue, here are the top 10 Sales and Marketing Strategy Templates for success:


Template 1: Sales and Marketing Strategy PowerPoint Presentation Template 

If you want to grow your sales promotion vertical and reach a wider range of people, then this PowerPoint Presentation Slide will work wonders for you. The sales promotion PPT Layout covers all the challenges you could face and has ready-made solutions to them. Now, you can create powerful sales promotion strategies and work on each aspect of sales promotion, such as the pricing of the product, its delivery and advertising strategies, project management, etc.






Template 2: Executing New Service Sales & Marketing Process PowerPoint Template 

If you are launching a new plan or service, it is important no to worry too much about how you will reach the target market and just work up on the process with the help of this PPT Template. You can now assign the appropriate roles and responsibilities to your team members for the launch process. Also, the slides will help you explore your target market through competitor analysis.  Create a user person and get an idea about the potential customers to serve them better. You can create strategies for the services' after-launch to reduce risks.


Executing New Service Sales and Marketing Process




Template 3:  Sales and Marketing Summary Annual Report PowerPoint Template 

Your marketing and sales summary report reflects how you work and can possibly expand further. This template will help you create an annual marketing and sales analytics framework. The slides in this template will enable you to discuss the objectives of the annual report with your team, and further, you can decide on which direction to take in the future. Activities and achievements of your company are also some of the major highlights of this template. Download it now.


Sales & Marketing Summary Annual Report




Template 4: Managing Strategic Accounts Through Sales and Marketing PowerPoint Presentation Template 

If you want to attain high returns on investment, then conducting account management is inevitable. This PPT Template will help you keep up the sales and marketing alignment.  You can make the account management process easier by creating a team, including marketers and sales executives. Make a customer profile for each one of them and note their data. These executives can then align the sales and marketing team on the basis of different parameters. Through this template, you can optimize account management and marketing endeavors.


Managing Strategic Accounts through Sales and Marketing




Template 5: Sales and Marketing Orchestration for Account Nurturing PowerPoint Presentation Template 

As stated earlier, marketing and sales team go together. This template has 22 slides where you create customized content for the best practices for your two teams. State the challenges you face in coordinating the sales and marketing teams. Work on marketing and sales proposals to improve the returns on investment, overall productivity, conversion rates, and more.


Sales and Marketing Orchestration for Account Nurturing




Template 6. Sales and Marketing Summary Annual Report Document Report Template

Present the summary of your sales and marketing annual report through this template. This report includes the strategies and the medium you took to generate the sales revenue from your products. You can also track the sales progress by evaluating the sales growth over time and working on improving revenues. Also, analyze the profits you acquired from various methods such as. influencer marketing and other channels.


Sales and Marketing Summary Annual Report




Template 7. Sales and Marketing Alignment PowerPoint Template 

In order to get a sure shot of success for your business, your sales and marketing team must work perfectly in coordination. Use this template to create and work on the best practices, tips, and tactics. Present the current scenario of your sales and marketing team, including the alignment percentage of different members. Consider the best practices and tips you can take for perfect alignments, such as collaborating on content and scheduling meets to discuss challenges.






Template 8. 30-60-90 Sales and Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template 

Now create different goals (development goals, employee goals, and functioning goals) for 30 days, 60, or 90 days. List your priorities and what you would be working on for a specific time period. For e.g., work on the training of the employees and assessment of the market for the first 30 days and the other 60 days for strategy implementation and creating sales & marketing brochures. Also, you can create and categorize the strategies such as consideration, evaluation, and improvement as per the time period you require to work on them. 


30 60 90 days sales and marketing plan optimization




Template 9. Channel Sales Marketing and Strategy Plan PowerPoint Template 

Create a power-packed channel sales marketing and strategy to achieve better service positioning. The template contains various slides covering topics such as creating icons and navigating steps (such as licensing, franchising, marketing partners, and agents). Further, you can work on other factors, such as audience and communication.


Five Steps for Channel Sales Marketing Strategy Plan




Template 10. Checklist For Sales and Marketing Alignment template

In order to achieve the goals for your organization, such as the subscription rate, delivery rates, and higher customer retention rates, you need to create a checklist to work progressively on each aspect of sales and marketing alignment.  This template helps you to create all the checklists, including setting business goals, identifying the actions you need to take to enhance sales, and implementing the software you need. Check what you have completed and what needs to be done yet.


Checklist for sales and marketing alignment






Just as plants cannot blossom with water, a brand cannot bloom without sales. In order to increase sales, you must strengthen the branches. i.e., streamlining the marketing activities and aligning them with the sales team. The above top 10 templates will enrich and nurture your brand and give you the perfect fragrance of success. Download them to get started!


FAQs on Sales and Marketing


What is in sales and marketing?


Sales and marketing are two different functions that lead to the growth of a brand. Marketing means creating awareness of your product to the audience, gathering leads, engaging them, and creating valuable relationships with them. Sales, on the other hand, is to sell the products via direct interaction that leads to revenue generation.


What is the role of sales and marketing?


The basic role of sales and marketing is to fulfill the needs and demands of the customers through selling the products. It is to meet their needs through your offered products. Both teams create different strategies, such as allocating a budget around a product, researching the target market, promoting the products, and creating a brand identity.


What are the 5 sales and marketing activities?


Here are five types of sales activities -


  • Customer relation management
  • Sales tracking
  • Cold calling
  • Capturing data
  • Cross-selling


Here are five types of marketing activities -


  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Word of Mouth Marketing
  • Referral Marketing