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[Updated 2023] Top 50 Cool Winter PowerPoint Templates to Bring on the Holiday Cheer

[Updated 2023] Top 50 Cool Winter PowerPoint Templates to Bring on the Holiday Cheer

Malvika Varma

Malvika Varma

February 19 2020

“Winter, is a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey, and enjoy every idle hour.” - John Boswell


Enjoying a cup of soothing hot coffee with friends and family, watching the snowflakes fall while eating your favorite yummy Christmas cookies... it's the time of year when you dig in comfy blankets, love to wear big boots, puffy jackets, mittens, and warm caps. Yes, it's the Winter Season we are talking about. 


Winter has a great gift to give. Nature takes on a whole new level of magnificence when snow surrounds it. You have to agree that a fresh coat of winter white is undoubtedly gorgeous. The festive enthusiasm, excitement for the holiday season, the environment filled with tinkles of Christmas bells and carols can never fail to instill a warm feeling at this cold time of the year.  Even the thought of cozy winters brings a smile to our faces. The oh so beautiful decorations, city full of holiday vibes, family hangouts, a shopping spree with friends, and being merry is exactly what we wait for all year long. Blooming through the most glorious time of the year – the striking landscapes and soft, pillowy snow are the perfect backdrops for epic outdoors adventures.  There is a lot to love about winter weather – yes, even the biting cold! 


Are you creating a presentation on your plans for the winter break? Is Christmas themed presentation on your mind? Do you wish to create a presentation or short video on the winter holidays? Then browse through these stellar PowerPoint templates designed by our SlideTeam professionals and weave in the festive vibes.


50 Winter Templates To Download


Winter Template 1: Cookies and Woolen Clothes Template


Cookies and woolen cloths for children during winter holiday

Download Cookies and woolen clothes Template


Let's embrace the winters with this breathtaking PowerPoint theme. With the cozy theme of woolens and cookies, this PPT Template is perfect for businesses targeted at young buyers. Advertising with such an amazing and fully customizable PowerPoint visual will definitely grab the attention of the kids and their parents. This winter PPT visual is also perfect to better brand your company during the winter. Advertisers can also use this universal winter holiday kids' template with not much effort to customize it to their business. 


 Winter Template 2: House In Mountain Valley As Winter Background


House In Mountain Valley As Winter Background

Download House In Mountain Valley As Winter Background


There’s something exquisite being in the nature that helps us relax and enjoy the gathering. This beautiful scenic view can be incorporated for the travel events and also for promoting winter and holiday season traveling. The picturesque sight can instantly compel the viewer to glance through the details mentioned. The house in mountain view PowerPoint template can be used for organizing meditation practice events as it depicts the calmness required for the soul to detox and get rid of the negative thoughts. One can utilize this winter PowerPoint slide for making a winter meeting presentation and also for the conferences and seminars. You can also deliver the warm winter greetings to your family and friends with this winter background postcard.  


Winter Template 3: Woman In City As Winter Background Image


Woman In City

Download Woman In City As Winter Background Image


The fresh snow of winters, slushy roads, icy mornings and of course there’s nothing more invigorating than crisp, winter air. Winter is celebrated around the globe and the excitement of the holiday season multiplies by travelling to exotic places. Travelling is an amazing experience. The travel and tourism companies can use our winter background PowerPoint template and explain the importance of globe trotting and also encourage the solo women travellers to explore new winter tourist spots. This winter PPT visual can be used for giving  safety measure guidelines to the tourists. Also, the details of a winter theme event can be easily mentioned in our customizable winter holiday season PowerPoint slide. 


Winter Template 4: Snowfall In Village As Winter Background


Snowfall In Village

Download Snowfall In Village As Winter Background


Here is a really stunning PowerPoint template of a village covered in snow as a winter background. The spectacular view of snow-capped mountains can attract more clients to have a winter stay and get away from the hustle-bustle of city life. A relaxing environment in nature's lap with hot cocoa and a fireplace can keep you warm inside all season long. Your audience will be impressed when you select this calm winter scenery PowerPoint background. If you want to present a topic on general awareness regarding the things to keep in mind during the winter season, or any specific subject on winters, this background undoubtedly serves your purpose.  


Winter Template 5: Colourful Tree As Winter Background Image


Colourful Tree

Download Colourful Tree As Winter Background Image


Adorn your presentation, postcards, greetings by our seasonally inspired winter PowerPoint template. This clean and fresh wintery background is all you need to kick off your winter season welcome party in style! Celebrate chilly times and snowfall with this winter PowerPoint background. You can use this as a background for creating presentations about winter and weather forecasts. You can also teach different seasons to children by employing our winter scenic beauty PPT slide. Irrespective of the nature of your presentation project, this snow-covered trees background is ready to help. The selection of colors used in this theme itself makes it very soothing and apt for ushering into the winter feels. 


Winter Template 6: Snow on trees with clear sky during winter seasons


Snow on trees with clear sky during winter seasons

Download Snow on trees with clear sky during winter seasons


As temperature dips, snow covers the magnificent trees and turn the landscape white. With the help of this winter image PowerPoint theme, you can discuss the ways in which you can improve business and increase foot traffic. Ski resorts can take assistance of winter birds PowerPoint slide to give guidelines to be followed in winters and enjoy the popular winter sport. Photographers can also utilize this PPT theme to focus on the details of the wildlife photography skill development workshop. Painting workshops can also be advertised with the help of this nature PowerPoint theme.


Winter Template 7: Couple As Winter Background Image


Couple As Winter Background

Download Couple As Winter Background Image


The amazing journey of a wedding starts from an exotic honeymoon. By using our couple background PowerPoint template, travel agents can explain the various details of packages they offer to escape from the hustles of marriage into tranquil peace. You can also include this winter background PPT visual to state the necessary prerequisite documents for traveling. Winter couple activities and recreation businesses can be promoted by using this attractive winter view theme. Therapists can also utilize this background to help patients address the family issues. Couple shoots can be promoted with our photography PowerPoint template.


Winter Template 8: Lamp As Winter Background Image


Lamp As Winter Background

Download Lamp As Winter Background Image


“Let light shine out of darkness.” Anonymous. The template design here is appropriate to signify the ray of light, the winter season brings along with all the festivals. The electrical devices used for decorating homes and workplace can be showcased by the shop owners to increase their sales. The interior decorators can use this light background PowerPoint slide to introduce the winter decor ideas to their clients keeping in mind the selection of colors and art pieces. Educationalists can utilize this lamp as a winter background PowerPoint theme for presenting seminars on the topic of light and electricity.


Winter Template 9: Sun Shine Image In Winter


Sun Shine Image In Winter

Download Sun Shine Image In Winter


Winter sunrise is a stunning background PowerPoint design. Sun in view can be useful for landscape presentations, raising ecological concerns to the masses, describing weather and also for the winter events. Designed by professionals, this PowerPoint slide is ready to be used, you just need to add relevant details and you are good to go! Teachers can educate students to get through the dark winter days with bright, winter PowerPoint templates for their lessons on weather. This multipurpose PPT slide can be of great use in greeting your loved ones with warm wishes. Enhance the overall aesthetic appeal to the dull boring PowerPoint and instil a warm feeling at this cold time of the year.


Winter Template 10: Donation Of Winter Clothes


Image For Donation

Download Image For Donation Of Winter Clothes


While we are busy upgrading our wardrobe for the winter season, there are people who do not have clothes to wear. This attractive PowerPoint theme having pullovers in the background can be employed in the donation event presentation. Old winter clothes and blankets which are no longer in use can be given to the less fortunate ones and awareness can be created in the audience by using this winter charity programme PowerPoint template. Patrons can be explained how their favor can help the poor in the nail-biting cold. NGOs can use this editable PPT theme to raise voice for the needy. 


Winter Template 11: Price Tag Image Of Winter Apparel


Price Tag Image Of Winter Apparel

Download Price Tag Image Of Winter Apparel


Taking care of winter wears can be a bit tricky. Merchandise industry can easily incorporate this price tag image of winter to highlight their winter clothing line. The washing conditions recommended for the clothes to prolong their lives can be communicated to consumers effectively with the help of this winter clothing PowerPoint visual. The fashion stylists can also use this completely editable winter apparel PowerPoint theme to discuss the winter styles they have proposed to engage more clients. The easy tips that ensure your favorite winter pieces are safe can also be elucidated with this PPT visual in the background.


Winter Template 12: Northern Lights As Winter Background Image


Northern Lights

Download Northern Lights As Winter Background Image


The majestic northern lights image as a winter theme is ideal for highlighting the polar light places as a great spot for tourists.  This vibrant PowerPoint theme can be utilized for advertising the winter sightseeing of the magnificent northern lights for the winter getaway. The polar light event is of great importance for the professional photographers as well those who can mention the workshop details related to this celestial event by incorporating this PPT.


Winter Template 13: Winter Collage Holidays PowerPoint Templates


Winter Collage

Download Winter Collage Holidays PowerPoint Templates


As the temperature declines, the events with cool winter themes are something we all look forward to. This clean and fresh winter PowerPoint template is superb to welcome winters in our day to day lives. The snow-capped trees PowerPoint visual can be used as a wallpaper, postcard or even a background for winter wonderland events advertising. You can simply drag and drop the event related information and mention the snow activities offered like snowman and snow sculpture making competition. The blue and white combination used in this template gives a cool vibe that you can employ in whichever way; whether it is a school project on winters of winter-related business. 


Winter Template 14: Winter Town Festival PowerPoint Templates


Winter Town Festival

Download Winter Town Festival PowerPoint Templates 


This captivating Winter Town PowerPoint theme is suitable for children's picnic places. The lively visual used here will instantly grab the attention of the readers. You can utilize this editable PowerPoint template to give a presentation on the winter season to school kids before their vacations. Winter related events and messages can be effectively conveyed by utilizing this winter scenery PowerPoint template. The cool demeanor of this PPT offers the tired eyes of the viewers a great deal of relief.


Winter Template 15: Winter Children PowerPoint Background


Winter Children

Download Winter Children PowerPoint Background


Happy faces of kids in winters! Building a snowman and snow fights—you name it, it’s always sure to be a fabulous time. It is that time of the year when kids are thrilled to have some snow fun. Kids in vacation mode can get enrolled in snow activities events which can be published with this colorful PowerPoint theme. Inculcating sportsmanship from an early age in children, the merits of playing games can be discussed in school by taking the assistance of this professionally designed PowerPoint slide. 


Winter Template 16: Skier In Mountain Holidays PowerPoint Template


Skier In Mountain

Download Skier In Mountain Holidays PowerPoint Template


With the snow comes different activities, and so we’ve got fun activities with our friends. Winter sports are synonyms to winter times as they are a lot of fun. Sports not only keep us warm but also keeps us active in the chilly weather. Skiing is one of the hot favorites among all the winter sports. Sports persons can utilize this skiing visual PowerPoint theme as a background for attracting customers for enrolling themselves in the super fun sports classes. The details of the learning course can be discussed by employing this winter sports PowerPoint template. 


Winter Template 17: Winter Collage Holidays PowerPoint Template


Winter Collage

Download Winter Collage Holidays PowerPoint Template


A plethora of winter activities can be enjoyed to live the winter's season to the fullest. As the holiday season falls upon, you can try different snow sports and learn something new. You can explain the different sports to students to have fun in the winter season with the help of this attention-grabbing PowerPoint theme. Winter camps can also incorporate this winter sports PowerPoint slide to illustrate the fun sports activities for the students. 


Winter Template 18: Enjoying Jumping High Sports PowerPoint Template


Enjoying Jumping High Sports

Download Enjoying Jumping High Sports PowerPoint Templates


Nature photographers can explain the various features which are essential for a perfect sports photography by taking help of this high spirited sports background PowerPoint theme. The significance of winter sports for body agility and overall health of the person can also be illustrated by taking the help of this winter sports PowerPoint visual. 


Winter Template 19: Small Bridge As Winter Background Image


Small Bridge As Winter Background

Download Small Bridge As Winter Background Image


Professional photographers can pitch in clients for photoshoots by using this bridge as a winter background PowerPoint theme. Photography tips can be explained by using the winter topography PPT slide. This mesmerising snowfall PowerPoint slide can be of great use for giving presentations on winter season and the tourist places where people can just enjoy the beauty of nature. Our splendid PowerPoint background resonates the winter environment and can be used as a greeting or a winter wallpaper. 


Winter Template 20: Children PowerPoint Background And Template


Winter Children

Download Children PowerPoint Background And Template


Playing sports is always encouraged to kids as it is important for the overall personality development of the kids. Employ this awe inspiring PowerPoint theme to allure kids to engage in winter sports activities. This can be a perfect theme for planning events for students involving outdoor activities like snowman making, skiing, ice sculpture making competition and what not. Winter has given us so many sports to play and learn new ones.  Vibrant colors used in this PowerPoint theme are perfect for winter greeting cards for kids. 


Winter Template 21: Happy Snowmen Winter Holidays PowerPoint Template


Happy Snowmen

Download Happy Snowmen Winter Holidays PowerPoint Template


Snowman! One of the major attractions for kids in the snowy season is making snowmen. Snowman competition can be advertised using this two snowman visual PowerPoint theme. Winter theme competitions can utilize this winter PowerPoint template and give details of conducting workshops. The PPT slide can also be used by teachers to give drawing lessons to kindergarten kids. The vivid selection of colors definitely attracts the viewers. The color palette used here gives a very pleasant appeal to any dull and boring presentation.


Winter Template 22: Winter View Of Snowman And Hut Image Graphics


Winter View Of Snowman And Hut

Download Winter View Of Snowman And Hut Image Graphics 


Winter time is the holiday season when kids are all pumped up to have the best times of the year. As friends and family all get in the holiday and shopping mood, children need fun too. Use this PPT for holiday party decks, Christmas announcements, winter workshops, drawing and painting competitions for children. This beautifully illustrated PowerPoint slide can also be incorporated in any winter presentation to explain fun activities in the holiday season.


Winter Template 23: Snowboarder Jumping Sports PowerPoint Template


Snowboarder Jumping Sports

Download Snowboarder Jumping Sports PowerPoint Template


This wintry snowscape PowerPoint theme can be used for the home or office use to build a winter sport PowerPoint presentation. There are so many sports activities to make the most out of the holiday season. Sports enthusiasts can use this strikingly attractive PPT visual to motivate themselves along with their fellow interested kins in getting indulged in snow sports. Our winter theme PowerPoint theme can also be used as a calendar picture, winter wallpaper or postal card. 


Winter Template 24: Snowman With Hat Standing Winter PowerPoint Template



Download Snowman With Hat Standing Winter PowerPoint Template


Seasonal events welcoming the cold weather winter can be impactfully introduced by this snowman with a muffler PowerPoint theme. Get yourself engaged in learning new skills like making snowman, visiting winter fests and exploring nature's beauty by employing this wintry PowerPoint theme. This amazingly designed winter PowerPoint slide can be utilized to spread the winter care tips for taking care of the health. 


Winter Template 25: Snowy Winter Holidays PowerPoint Background


Snowy Winter Holidays

 Download Snowy Winter Holidays PowerPoint Background


Don’t just sit in front of television sets and binge cookies. Step outside the house and make the most of the snowy season. Employ this kids playing in the snow PowerPoint slide and encourage kids to dive in the fun filled sports activities. The enchanting background is suitable for inviting little kids to learn new skills in the holiday season. 


Winter Template 26: Red Christmas Tree Abstract PowerPoint Background


Christmas Tree

Download Red Christmas Tree Abstract PowerPoint Background 


Christmas is the day that holds all time together- Alexander Smith. The time of the year when everyone is merry. This minimalist aesthetic PowerPoint template signifies the Christmas spirit. The warm red tone of the background makes it perfect for using this Christmas tree PowerPoint template best for using it as wallpaper, season greetings, postal cards and seasons greetings. You can utilize this layout as a message board for organising Christmas events along with necessary details. It can add to the aesthetic appeal to any monotonous winter season presentation. 


Winter Template 27: Christmas Picture PowerPoint Template


Christmas Picture

Download Christmas Picture PowerPoint Template


Adorn your business presentation with this merry Christmas PowerPoint theme and bring in the festive vibes. This vibrant and remarkably noticeable PPT theme will remind the viewers the good tidings the winter season brings in. Shopkeepers can also utilize the Christmas theme PPT to greet its customers and introduce the holiday season offers. You can use this professionally designed PowerPoint layout for many uses and cherish the most wonderful time of the year.


Winter Template 28: Winter Holidays Christmas Balls


Winter Holidays

Download Winter Holidays Christmas Balls


Christmas isn’t a season, it's a feeling. Rightly quoted by Edna Ferber, Christmas fills our heart with happiness and sweet memories. Suited for seasonal marketing brochures or promotional presentations, Christmas trimmings PowerPoint theme can influence your clients to opt for the services. The Christmas decorations products can be attractively elucidated by light store owners using this PPT as a background. 


Winter Template 29: Carol Singers Christmas PowerPoint Template


Carol Singers

Download Carol Singers Christmas PowerPoint Template


This marvelous ready made Christmas theme PowerPoint layout displays the snow laden hut with Christmas trees in the background using vivid colors. Schools can employ this Christmas festival PowerPoint slide for announcing the carol singing competition. This visually appealing PPT theme can also be useful for teachers to teach kids about the winter holiday season and different festivals like Christmas, thanksgiving and many more.


Winter Template 30: Winter Holidays Christmas Background


Winter Holidays

Download Winter Holidays Christmas Background


The snowman theme PowerPoint visual can be utilized in several ways like for giving guidelines for the winter healthcare. Snow sports camp and DIY activity workshops can employ this starry winter PowerPoint visual to convey the message effectively to the readers. The fresh and casual feel of the PPT slide is apt for winter season or Christmas festival presentation. 


Winter Template 31: Santa Claus Winter Background Image


Santa Claus

Download Santa Claus Winter Background Image


Making a list and checking is twice as Santa Claus is coming tonight. Ho Ho!! Who doesn't like receiving gifts and when it's Christmas we all get super excited to know what Santa has in store for us. Bring the child in you by employing this extravagant Santa PowerPoint theme for spreading greetings for the holiday season. The red and white background used in this PPT can highlight the Christmas greetings that can be used as a postcard, wallpaper or any Christmas relevant activity. 


Winter Template 32: Winter Holidays Christmas Clipart Cookies


Winter Holidays

Download Winter Holidays Christmas Clipart Cookies 


Buckle up in the snowy season and learn a new skill. Built with an elegant, artistic choice of colors, this cookie themed PowerPoint slide is absolutely a must for the cooking classes advertisement presentation. Persuade customers to get the most of the holiday season by presenting this colorful cooking course PPT layout. You can provide the details with the help of this pleasing PowerPoint template with a  tempting cookie in the background. Winter PowerPoint Templates are handy to spread the festive vibes.


Winter Template 33: Winter Holidays Christmas Carol Candy Stick PowerPoint Template


Christmas Carol Candy Stick

Download Winter Holidays Christmas Carol Candy Stick PowerPoint Template


The attractive Christmas stick PowerPoint has a wide variety of applications. Be it school presentation on Christmas, office year-end party invitation or Christmas decoration products advertisements, this PPT is perfect to fit your needs. Event planners can also offer their decoration services with the help of this graphical PowerPoint layout. 


Winter Template 34: Christmas Snowman Festival PowerPoint Template


Christmas Snowman Festival

Download Christmas Snowman Festival PowerPoint Template


The soothing color palette used in this professionally designed PowerPoint visual can be utilized in a Christmas wallpaper or sending the seasons greeting to the dear ones. This template instantly resonates with the cool environment of the winter season and the two snowman illustrations make it very eye-catchy.  Winter PowerPoint Templates are easy to edit and employ.


Winter Template 35: Christmas At Snow Hut Village Image Graphics


Christmas At Snow Hut Village Image Graphics

Download Christmas At Snow Hut Village Image Graphics


Introduction of the Christmas festival can be made to the kids by employing this appealing PowerPoint layout for imparting knowledge regarding the Christian festival. This winter season PowerPoint theme can be a useful tool for teaching the significance of Christmas and narrate the stories related to the reindeer, Christmas gifts, and Santa Claus. Suitable for kids winter camp notice board, this bright-colored PPT slide will surely grab attention. Winter PowerPoint Templates can be used for sending wishes to near and dear.


Winter Template 36: Holidays Winter Christmas Tree With Gifts Background


Holidays Winter Christmas Tree With Gifts

Download Holidays Winter Christmas Tree With Gifts Background


Office presentations can turn out to be interesting by including our Christmas tree PowerPoint slide. The Christmas PPT template can be utilized for organising Christmas activities in schools, colleges and even offices for games like secret Santa. Gift wrapping classes and DIY decoration ideas can be communicated with this fascinating PPT theme. 


Winter Template 37: Christmas Greeting Picture


Christmas Greeting Picture

Download Christmas Greeting Picture


Christmas greetings can be reciprocated by taking the help of this winter night scene PowerPoint theme. The starry sky with trees in the backdrop gives a calm effect to the tired eyes and hence can improve the overall look and feel of the PowerPoint presentation.


Winter Template 38: Christmas Image


Christmas Festival

Download Christmas Image


Jingle bells all the way and include this Christmas decoration PowerPoint slide to impress your clients and influence them to buy festive decorations from your company. Interior designers can utilize this festive season PowerPoint template to offer the services they provide to revamp the interiors of your premises to match the festive vibes. Winter PowerPoint Templates are easy to download and use.


Winter Template 39: Christmas Stocking Winter Snowman


Christmas Stocking Winter Snowman

Download Christmas Stocking Winter Snowman 


This high quality graphical PowerPoint template is a perfect fit for inviting students to join the extracurricular activities in their Christmas holidays. The different set of activities your winter break skill upgrade classes offer can be advertised in this fascinating winter PPT layout. Snowman and winter sports competition announcements can be made by using our PowerPoint theme. 


Winter Template 40: Set Of Santa Claus Hat


Santa Claus Hat Winter Holidays

Download Set Of Santa Claus Hat 


Our Christmas greetings PowerPoint template can be used in various contexts. Winter related businesses can utilize this template to introduce the facilities they provide to the customers to enjoy the snowy season. The office employees can incorporate this attractive PowerPoint slide to present the year end results of the company. The stunning colors used here captivate the attention of the audience and can be used by arts and crafts teachers to teach students in making Christmas decor items. Winter PowerPoint Templates are of versatile nature.


Winter Template 41: Winter Holidays Christmas Clipart


Winter Holidays Christmas Clipart

Download Winter Holidays Christmas Clipart 


This wonderful PowerPoint template with cartoon-style illustrations can be used by teachers to explain to the students about the different festivals celebrated in winters. The ways in which winter is celebrated across the world can be elucidated by this charming wintry PowerPoint slide. Camp details can also be highlighted by school authorities listing the relevant details by using this PowerPoint layout as a background. Winter PowerPoint Templates are a must for the holiday season.


Winter Template 42: Christmas Picture Winter Tree


Winter Tree With Heap Of Gifts

Download Christmas Picture Winter Tree 


Amazingly decorated Christmas tree with a starry background instils enthusiasm in the audience to indulge in the Christmas mood. This PPT slide can be used by budding graphic designers to showcase their skills in 3D designing. Christmas workshops can employ this attention grabbing PowerPoint theme and attract more participants. Winter PowerPoint Templates can lift the festive mood instantly. 


Winter Template 43: Christmas Stocking Winter Snowman


Christmas Stocking Winter Snowman

Download Christmas Stocking Winter Snowman


Invite people to attend DIY classes by taking the aid of our stunning Christmas PowerPoint theme. Gift wrapping and Christmas greeting tutorials can be advertised using this impactful Christmas PowerPoint template. Students building a holiday project or winter season inspired greetings can incorporate this cold weather PPT slide and provide festive feels to the viewers. 


Winter Template 44: Christmas Holiday


Christmas Holiday 3D Illustration Of Balls

Download Christmas Holiday


New year and Christmas festival is the time of the year when homes and offices are beautifully decorated at their best. Lights and wall hangings are widely used to beautify every nook and corner of our homes. Lighting and event planners can employ this awe inspiring PowerPoint slide to explain about their services to the prospects. Students can use this winter illustration PPT theme for their holiday projects.


Winter Template 45: Christmas Angels Clipart


Christmas Clip Art

Download Christmas Angels Clipart


Send the winter holiday season greeting to your audience by using this visually attractive PowerPoint theme and make a good impression on the viewer. The selection of vibrant colors makes it a perfect fit for using this PPT background for the message boards, winter weather guidelines, and promotional events.


Winter Template 46: Attractive Christmas Trees With Gifts


Attractive Christmas Trees With Gifts

Download Attractive Christmas Trees With Gifts 


Fun frolic winter activities that you are conducting can be communicated to the masses with the help of our Christmas tree with gifts PowerPoint layout. Christmas carols singing, Santa Claus goodies, tree decoration competition, Christmas plays etc are a few activities that can be elucidated with this beautifully designed PPT theme. The significance of Christmas practices can be explained in the church prayer meetings by using our professionally designed winter festival PowerPoint slide. Winter PowerPoint Templates are of versatile usage.


Winter Template 47: Christmas Concept Winter Background


Christmas Winter Background PowerPoint Template

Download Christmas Concept Winter Background


Start your first winter presentation on a festive note by using this holiday season PowerPoint template. Add the celebration element to any boring presentation by taking the help of our winter festival graphical PPT theme. This professional looking PowerPoint template can also be used as a postcard for sending warm wishes for the winter season.


Winter Template 48: Holidays Christmas Tree Sale Shopping


Holidays Christmas Tree Sale Shopping

Download Holidays Christmas Tree Sale Shopping


Influence your customers to go on the much awaited winter shopping spree. With such a catchy PowerPoint theme, it is irresistible for buyers to shop for products on sale. The year end sale of your products can be promoted efficiently by using our amazingly designed product sale PPT slide.  Shopkeepers can accelerate their sales by effective promotion of the sale using our PowerPoint layout. Winter PowerPoint Templates are can be used for spreading holiday vibes.


Winter Template 49: Christmas Sale


Christmas Sale

Download Christmas Sale


Sale! Sale! Winter sales are a hot attraction for shopaholics to splurge on family and friends. Employ this superbly designed winter sale PowerPoint template to influence customers to shop your products. The discounts you offer can be stated so that the client shows interest in the items offered by you.


Winter Template 50: Christmas Pics Tree Sale Baubles


Sale Baubles On Winter Background

Download Christmas Pics Tree Sale Baubles


As the holiday season falls upon us, we tend to look for ways to pamper ourselves. The striking color palette used in this PowerPoint layout is sure to grab the eyeballs of the audience. Leave no stone unturned and increase your clientele by taking the help of our pleasing winter sale PPT slide and publicize the new products coming up for the new year. Winter PowerPoint Templates are extremely useful.


So these were the Top 50 PowerPoint templates which can easily cater to all the possible needs for the dreamy winter season. Enjoy the holiday season with a little less work to be done from scratch. Just add details you want to, easily customise these PowerPoint templates if needed and there you go. Best wishes for the winter season and don’t forget to have fun!


FAQs on Business in Winter


What business will replace washing windows in the winter?


There are many businesses that could potentially replace washing windows in the winter, depending on your interests and skills. Here are a few ideas:


  1. Snow removal services: If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, you could start a business providing snow removal services for homes and businesses.
  2. Holiday light installation: Another seasonal business idea is holiday light installation. You could help people decorate their homes and businesses for the winter holidays.
  3. Indoor cleaning services: While many people may not want their windows cleaned in the winter, they may still want their indoor spaces cleaned. You could start a business offering cleaning services for homes and businesses.
  4. Winterization services: Help homeowners and businesses prepare for winter by offering services such as weatherizing windows and doors, insulating pipes, and sealing leaks.
  5. Delivery services: With the rise of e-commerce, there is a growing demand for delivery services. You could start a business delivering packages for online retailers.
  6. Virtual event planning: As more events move online, there is a growing need for virtual event planners who can help organize and manage online conferences, webinars, and other virtual events.


Is the landscape business good in winter?


The landscape business can be more challenging during the winter months, as the colder weather and potential snow and ice can make it difficult to work outdoors. However, there are still opportunities for a landscape business during the winter, depending on the type of services offered and the climate of the region.


Some landscape businesses may shift their focus to winter-related services, such as snow removal, ice management, and winter plant care. For example, they may offer services like salting and shoveling walkways, pruning trees and shrubs, and protecting plants from the cold.


Other landscape businesses may use the winter months as a time for planning and preparation for the spring and summer seasons. This could include tasks such as designing new landscapes, ordering supplies and equipment, and preparing marketing materials for the upcoming season.


Ultimately, the success of a landscape business during the winter will depend on factors such as the local climate, the demand for winter-related services, and the ability of the business to adapt and offer services that meet the needs of its customers.


How is the restaurant business in Canadian winter?


The restaurant business in Canadian winters can be challenging due to the colder weather, snow and ice, and shorter daylight hours. However, there are still opportunities for restaurants to succeed during the winter months, depending on their location, menu offerings, and marketing strategies.


Restaurants that are located in areas that are popular with winter sports enthusiasts, such as ski resorts, may see increased business during the winter months. These restaurants may want to consider offering menu items that are popular with skiers and snowboarders, such as hearty soups, stews, and hot drinks.


Restaurants that are located in urban areas may see a decrease in business during the winter months due to the cold weather and shorter days. However, they may be able to attract customers by offering winter-themed events or promotions, such as holiday parties, winter beer tastings, or prix-fixe menus featuring seasonal ingredients.


Restaurants can also take advantage of delivery and takeout services during the winter months, as many customers may prefer to dine at home rather than venture out in the cold weather. By offering online ordering, delivery, or curbside pickup, restaurants can still generate revenue during the winter months.

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