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Presenting this set of slides with name - New Mobile App Development Powerpoint Presentation Slides. We bring to you to the point topic specific slides with apt research and understanding. Putting forth our PPT deck comprises of sixty-three slides. Our tailor-made New Mobile App Development Powerpoint Presentation Slides editable presentation deck assists planners to segment and expounds the topic with brevity. We have created customizable templates keeping your convenience in mind. Edit the color, text, font style at your ease. Add or delete content if needed. Download PowerPoint templates in both widescreen and standard screen. The presentation is fully supported by Google Slides. It can be easily converted into JPG or PDF format.

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“The mobile revolution is not about technology. It’s about the way we live our lives.” —Gary Vaynerchuk.

This quote by marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk encapsulates the transformative power of mobile apps. They've become woven into the fabric of our daily lives, from ordering takeout to managing finances. But with millions of apps vying for attention, how do you make yours stand out?

Remember Flappy Bird? A viral sensation for a hot minute, then gone faster than you could blink. The mobile app market is littered with these one-hit wonders. But what separates fleeting fads from enduring titans like WeChat and Uber?  

The reality can be a bit shocking, especially for those involved in app development. Industry research shows that a staggering 25% of mobile apps are downloaded and used only once. This statistic makes any app developer want to crawl under the covers.

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But with proper management and regular interaction, you can craft a powerful mobile app that the audience will love. And that's where our New Mobile App Development PowerPoint Presentation Slides come into play. 

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Forget generic templates filled with clip art. This template covers everything from crafting a compelling elevator pitch to nailing down your marketing strategy. In short, this template can help you easily manage your mobile app development project. 

Template 1: Establish a Value Proposition 

This PPT Template dissects the core aspects that make a mobile app invaluable to users. It breaks down the user's 'Wants,' 'Needs,' and 'Fears' while considering the 'Substitutes' they might resort to. This helps the leadership and the team understand market position and consumer behavior. This template also focuses on 'Benefits,' 'Features,' and 'Experience,'. The aim is to offer a holistic view of what the app offers and its operational mechanics. Such a comprehensive analysis is pivotal in pinpointing what makes your app the preferred choice, enhancing its longevity in a saturated market.

Template 2: Understanding Competitive Landscape

This slide is a comparative analysis framework that maps out your mobile app's features against the competition. The multiple quadrant helps you identify and evaluate what your app does that competitors don't, where you have the edge, where you're on a par with them, and where competitors might outperform you. Such a detailed reality check can help you determine your market positioning, and highlight areas for improvement and potential innovation. Developers can gain insights into advantages and potential gaps. Overall, this template can offer a pathway for product development and refinement tailored to what truly matters to buyers.

Template 3: Mobile is a Touchpoint and Not a Platform

This template highlights the essential differences between Multi-Channel and OMNI-Channel interactions and how mobile is not a platform. The template clarifies that while multi-channel may involve platforms — from ATMs to mobile devices — these often operate in isolation. In contrast, the OMNI-Channel strategy is about creating a cohesive customer experience. 

Template 4: Mobile Strategy Roadmap

Use this PPT Template to provide a visual timeline for app development teams. The Gantt-chart-style roadmap categorizes tasks across teams—A through D—and aligns them with specific dates for a clear timeline of deliverables. The bars represent the progress and duration of each task, such as "Appliance Library Portal Updates" or "Android update." The best part? Key development areas are color-coded for reference and indicate focus like Product, Operations, Web Development, Infrastructure, and Finance. This enhances cross-functional visibility and coordination. In short, this slide enables viewers to grasp the project's scope, deadlines, and resource allocation at a glance.

Template 5: Budget Required for Implementing Strategy

Budget is a key factor in strategic planning for effective app development. This slide offers a breakdown of financial planning in app development. The slide consists of a tabular layout and details tasks, projected hours, costs per hour, and total estimates. Such a granular management of budget allocation across various stages of the development process ensures the project never shoots over budget. The 'Notes' section on the right offers space for custom annotations. Overall, this slide helps ensure transparency in cost management, which is critical for stakeholders as they monitor financials and adjust strategies.

Template 6: Product/Service Positioning

This slide can help define and communicate the place that your mobile app holds in the market. This slide provides a structured approach to outline key elements such as the app's description, market category, and primary differentiators. It focuses on the evaluation of the target segment and competitive alternatives. This ensures a deep understanding of where the product stands. On the top, this slide highlights the app's key benefits and underscores the main value proposition to the customer. This slide is crucial for strategizing how to position your product distinctively for your target customers.

Template 7: Determine The First Platform You Want to Build The App on – IOS or Android 

This template presents a comparative analysis of critical factors affecting the choice between the two leading platforms as this template features side-by-side bar graphs that compare aspects such as user base, development cost, ease of learning, development environment, documentation and support, app discovery, revenue potential, and lead platforms. Such a format helps developers weigh the pros and cons of each platform in context with their project's goals and target audience. In short, this template ensures an informed decision-making process to initiate app development to maximize reach and return on investment.

Template 8: Marketing Strategy

This PPT Template highlights the stages of customer interaction in the app development space. The slide is segmented into four key components: Awareness, Engagement, Consideration, and Loyalty. Each segment is paired with an icon that encapsulates its essence. 'Awareness' focuses on how the company's presence is established on mobile channels. 'Engagement' explains the strategies for capturing user attention. 'Consideration' addresses how mobile tools provide information about products and services and guide users through decision-making. Finally, 'Loyalty' looks at how the company fosters repeat engagement to build a loyal customer base.

Template 9: Launch Planning: Key Steps and Tools

This slide can act as a practical guide for organizing the go-to-market strategy for mobile apps. It details steps like Product Positioning Analysis, Volume Protection Analysis, Distribution Analysis, and Budget Analysis. For example, the product positioning analysis defines the app's niche, which is supported by tools like a product placement worksheet. This slide could be a great tool for app developers and marketers. It provides a structured approach to each phase of the launch and ensures that your strategic objectives align with operational execution.

Template 10: Lead Generation Funnel

This slide represents the journey from initial customer awareness to the acquisition of high-quality leads. The funnel shape shows the narrowing process as potential customers are guided through various stages: from 'Traffic' awareness, capturing interest at the 'Lead capture Page,' nurturing relationships through the 'Lead Nurturing Process', providing 'Value Adding Content,' and finally, securing 'High-Quality Leads.' This slide equips marketers with a clear structure for developing their lead generation strategy and emphasizes the progressive steps necessary to transform general interest into a solid customer base. The icons add a visual cue, making the funnel informative and intuitive.

Make Apps That Matter!

We live in a time when hundreds of mobile apps come and go every day. If you want to make an app that can stand out in such a saturated market, you need a deep understanding of consumer behavior, strategic differentiation, and a commitment to delivering value at every touchpoint. And that’s exactly what this template can achieve for you. It covers aspects of mobile app development and ensures your app turns out to be amazing.

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