Finance PowerPoint Templates, Presentation Slide Diagrams & PPT Graphics

Understanding the economics of it all is your passion. Analyzing the risks involved and balancing them against returns sought. Assessing the growth potential of a project. Creating a flow chart to ensure the graph keeps going up. Arriving at key decisions such as product pricing. Evolving strategies to ensure customer loyalty. Our Finance and Economics PowerPoint templates are perfect for displaying your proficiency in all these aspects. They let you delve into every element of wealth management. You will find them handy to explain the viability of your plans. The economics of your selected process will become clear to all. They will all realize how it ensures greater dividends. The inherent efficiency of your method will get highlighted. The brilliance of your financial planning will come to the fore. Your grasp of the economics involved will be in the spotlight. From macro to micro our Finance and Economics PowerPoint templates cover every angle. Having introduced them to the overall economy of the project you can get down to the details. Our Economy PPT presentation slides and graphics assist in enlightening them on every minute aspect. The day to day functioning becomes a cinch. Everyone will comprehend their contribution. They will feel enthusiastic about doing their bit. The layout of our finance and economics presentations also help you stress on the key factors. Familiarize them with the critical junctures. Elaborate on the financial trade-offs. Our finance PPT slides excel at achieving all this with minimum fuss. They are easy to use and simple to comprehend. In fact they also generate economy of effort.

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  • business_puzzle_list_diagarm_powerpoint_templates_ppt_presentation_slides_0812_Slide01

    Business Puzzle List Diagarm Powerpoint templates ppt presentation slides 0812

    This PowerPoint slide shows 5 puzzles list diagram. There is a lot of space available for writing your text. You can easily edit the size, position, text, color.

  • future_vision_for_business_communication_and_financial_matters_flat_powerpoint_design_Slide01

    Future Vision For Business Communication And Financial Matters Flat Powerpoint Design

    Well crafted and equipped with professional details. Stunning use of colors and visuals. Impressive picture quality with high resolution. Images do not pixelate when projected on wide screen. Can be easily downloaded and saved in any format. Compatible with number of online and offline software options. Ease of personalization with company name, logo and trademark. Easily editable slide designs.

  • four_staged_business_workflow_diagram_flat_powerpoint_design_Slide01

    Four Staged Business Workflow Diagram Flat Powerpoint Design

    All images are 100% editable in the presentation visual. Presentation slide supports changing the color, size and orientation of any icon to your liking. It’s easy for the PPT design to run smoothly on any software. Best feature being the conversion of presentation slide show to PDF or JPG format. Can be used by businesses of all sizes.

  • 5_stages_of_the_formal___business_process_powerpoint_templates_ppt_presentation_slides_812_Slide01

    5 Stages Of The Formal Business Process Powerpoint Templates ppt presentation slides 812

    Use these multicolored textboxes around a circle to explain a formal business process

  • business_powerpoint_templates_shiney_emoticon_thinking_face_sales_ppt_slides_Slide01

    Business PowerPoint Templates shiney emoticon thinking face Sales PPT Slides

    Use this Thinking Face to make your PowerPoint Presentation more informative and Expressive. It imitates the concept of gleam, glimmer, glisten, glitter, glow, envision, esteem, estimate, expect, fancy, feature, feel, foresee, gather, guess, hold, image, imagine, judge, plan for, presume, project, realize, vision, visualize.

  • 0115_3d_timeline_infographics_with_multiple_icons_powerpoint_template_Slide01

    0115 3D Timeline Infographics With Multiple Icons PowerPoint Template

    Easy access to convert the slide into JPEG and PDF document. Presentation design comes in standard and widescreen view. PowerPoint slide created with high quality resolution design. 100% editable Presentation design as can be edited with ease. Downloadable with different nodes and stages. Download is quick and can be easily inserted in the presentation. Suitable for event managers, project managers, business leaders.

  • 0514_skills_gap_analysis_example_powerpoint_presentation_Slide01

    0514 Skills Gap Analysis Example Powerpoint Presentation

    Download in short and simple straightforward steps. Add text to titles and subtitles without worrying about constraints on word length. Runs effortlessly with Google slides. High resolution PPT images with no pixelation when projected on wide screen. Easily convertible to PDF or JPG. Insert your logo, trademark, tagline etc. to personalize. Perfect for manpower planners, HR executives, corporate trainers etc.

  • slider_graphic_for_control_significance_powerpoint_template_Slide01

    Slider Graphic For Control Significance Powerpoint Template

    We are proud to present our slider graphic for control significance powerpoint template. Graphic of slider has been used to craft this power point template. This PPT diagram contains the concept of control. Use this PPT diagram for business and marketing related presentations.

  • workforce_at_a_glance_ppt_samples_Slide01

    Workforce At A Glance Ppt Samples

    Presenting workforce at a glance ppt samples. This is a workforce at a glance ppt samples. This is a two stage process. The stages in this process are women, men, executive, finance, human resource, marketing, operation, sales.

  • business_powerpoint_templates_design_of_confused_emoticon_sales_ppt_slides_Slide01

    Business PowerPoint Templates design of confused emoticon Sales PPT Slides

    This PowerPoint Diagram shows you the Designs of Confused emoticons expressing their Situation. This Diagram signifies the concept of frustration, fuddle, mess up, mislead, mortify, muddle, mystify, obscure, perplex, perturb, puzzle, shame, stir up, trouble, unhinge, unsettle, upset, and worry.

  • data_research_and_banking_option_pie_graph_flat_powerpoint_design_Slide01

    Data Research And Banking Option Pie Graph Flat Powerpoint Design

    Exclusive patterns and graphics which are inspired by the current trends to impress the audience. Versatile and multipurpose PPT presentation diagram. Creates transparency of business processes. Enables better understanding and memorising the information displayed. Runs smoothly with all software’s. Compatible with Google framework. 100% amendable icons and images.

  • 0514_strategy_map_2_powerpoint_presentation_Slide01

    0514 Strategy Map 2 Powerpoint Presentation

    Well-crafted and professionally equipped PowerPoint visual. Use of professional colors for maximum visual appeal. Ease of editing every component of the PPT template. Convenient to be used on a wide screen view. Guidance for executing the changes has been provided for assistance. Modify and personalize the presentation by including the company name and logo. Compatible with varied number of format options.

  • last_90_days_results_ppt_slides_Slide01

    Last 90 Days Results Ppt Slides

    100% editable outlines for down to earth showcasing to meet your introduction necessity. PowerPoint slides are perfect with Google slides. Standard and widescreen show choices. Simple to change over into JPEG or PDF design. Quick to download in your introduction. Valuable for each industry i.e. deals, showcasing, back and so on. Direction for executing the progressions has been accommodated help. Opportunity to redo it with organization name and logo. The stages in this process are finance, icons, business.

  • 0514_business_process_review_timeline_roadmap_powerpoint_presentation_Slide01

    0514 Business Process Review Timeline Roadmap Powerpoint Presentation

    Fast and hassle free download at your fingertips. Absolutely modifiable color scheme and contrast of PPT icons. Change orientation and sizes of presentation images according to requirement. Easily convertible into PDF and JPG. Add text without bothering about constraints on word length of titles and subtitles. Suitable for business planning, project management, technical consultants etc.

  • sales_funnel_diagram_with_currency_output_powerpoint_template_Slide01

    Sales Funnel Diagram With Currency Output Powerpoint Template

    Professionally designed PowerPoint template to use, Easy to insert company logo, trademark, animation and more, free from permanent water marks, Ready to use hence saves time, PPT graphics for better comprehension. Easy to replace dummy data, fully editable Presentation graphics, text, font, colors and layout. Easy to insert company logo, trademark, animation and more, Smooth and swift download.

  • colored_tags_on_pencil_and_business_icons_flat_powerpoint_design_Slide01

    Colored Tags On Pencil And Business Icons Flat Powerpoint Design

    Picture quality does not deter when opened on a big screen display. Trouble-free incorporation of customized content or graphics. Provided guidance to modify the graphical content. Save the presentation visual in JPG or PDF format. Compatible with the online as well as offline PowerPoint software’s. Vivacious background of the slide icons. Effectively useful for the Marketing professionals, interpreters and the strategy designers.

  • online_business_network_and_financial_deals_powerpoint_templates_Slide01

    Online Business Network And Financial Deals Powerpoint Templates

    Re write able Presentation designs, verse, themes, figures etc. Reasonable for business experts, marketing managers etc., Appropriate with all Google slides and applications, Scope to add title and subtitles also, Cognizant PowerPoint designs which saves time also, quick downloading process available, intensely created PPT slides with an immense quality resolutions, Exportable to PDF or JPG formats.

  • service_success_factors_ppt_slides_Slide01

    Service Success Factors Ppt Slides

    High resolution PPT images which do not pixelate even after customization. All the PPT icons, text, background and diagrams can be customized. It can further be saved into any format of your choice (JPG/JPEG/PDF). Harmonious with various software options available both online and offline. Guidance for editing of the PPT diagram is provided for assistance. Useful PowerPoint slide for business owners, operations mangers, marketing executive, professors and students. The stages in this process are finance, marketing, strategy, business.

  • key_financial_statistics_powerpoint_template_design_Slide01

    Key Financial Statistics Powerpoint Template Design

    Presenting key financial statistics powerpoint template design. Presenting key financial statistics powerpoint template design. Presenting key financial statistics powerpoint template design. Presenting key financial statistics powerpoint template design. Presenting key financial statistics powerpoint template design. This is a key financial statistics powerpoint template design. This is a three stage process. The stages in this process are key financial, statistics, business, strategy, management, marketing.

  • marketing_assessment_with_chart_ppt_slides_Slide01

    Marketing Assessment With Chart Ppt Slides

    The PowerPoint presentation ensures proofing and editing with ease. Presentation slide is of utmost use to sales, marketing and business entrepreneurs, for financing and accounting purpose. Text and graphic can be put on show in the same PPT slide. PPT diagram supports recasting the color, size and orientation according to the requirement. High resolution in color and art shape is offered by PPT slide.The stages in this process are finance, business, marketing, strategy.

  • internal_audit_managing_director_ppt_example_Slide01

    Internal Audit Managing Director Ppt Example

    Pixel friendly images and icons. Use the variety of icons available to download and replace. Edit the background with the company name or brand logo. Follow guidelines to make modifications in the template. Easy to download and save in various formats. Used by the business leaders, professional analysts and the student learning business.The stages in this process are marketing, finance, business.

  • 0514_customer_value_proposition_powerpoint_presentation_Slide01

    0514 Customer Value Proposition Powerpoint Presentation

    We are proud to present our 0514 customer value proposition powerpoint presentation. A business will typically use a customer value proposition as part of its marketing strategy to consumers, rather than using it internally among staff, suppliers or distributors. Transmit your thoughts via our slide and prod your team to action

  • 0514_swot_format_powerpoint_presentation_Slide01

    0514 Swot Format Powerpoint Presentation

    Fully editable. Customize your presentation with colors, text, fonts, photos, effects and backgrounds of your choice. Download it as PPT file, make modifications and export to PDF, JPG and other formats. Modifiable layout to get a more natural and logical flow. Infographic drag and drop elements with a set of icons, ideal for presentation of the company’s marketing strategies and other relevant statistics.

  • eb_bulb_with_puzzle_and_icons_financial_planning_flat_powerpoint_design_Slide01

    eb Bulb With Puzzle And Icons Financial Planning Flat Powerpoint Design

    Bulb with puzzle and icons PPT Slide. Modify and personalize the presentation by including the company name and logo. Pictures graphics do not pixelate when projected on wide screen. Compatible with multiple software options available both online and offline. Widely used by sales leaders, marketers, business professionals, analysts, strategists, etc. High resolution and fine quality PowerPoint slides.

  • growth_arrow_for_business_deal_and_financial_analysis_powerpoint_template_slide_Slide01

    Growth Arrow For Business Deal And Financial Analysis Powerpoint Template Slide

    They are very competent and immense quality Presentation graphics. These PowerPoint diagrams, matrix charts, designs, style, pattern, size and PowerPoint images can be amendable according to need. It is an exclusive tool convenient and useful for business professionals, students, management scholars, researchers etc from diverse sectors. They have a very gentle and easy downloading option.

  • kpi_dashboard_presentation_design_Slide01

    Kpi Dashboard Presentation Design

    Presenting kpi dashboard presentation design. This is a kpi dashboard presentation design. This is a five stage process. The stages in this process are outcasts, operations, successful adverts, earned revenue, sold products.

  • health_scorecard_chart_ppt_slides_Slide01

    Health Scorecard Chart Ppt Slides

    Simple and scholarly slide outline. Utilization of outwardly amazing hues. Shocking picture quality. High determination pictures don't pixelate when anticipated on wide screen. Perfect with various programming and arrangement alternatives. 100 percent editable slide outline parts. Change the introduction components according to the need of 60 minutes. Customize the PPT with your organization name and logo. Utilized by business people, advertisers, administrative office, partners and understudies.The stages in this process are finance, marketing, strategy, business.

  • sales_performance_dashboard_ppt_presentation_examples_Slide01

    Sales Performance Dashboard Ppt Presentation Examples

    Presenting sales performance dashboard ppt presentation examples. This is a sales performance dashboard ppt presentation examples. This is a five stage process. The stages in this process are total sale amount, total sales amount, sales count, total sales by month, record count.

  • view_organizational_improvement_ppt_slides_Slide01

    View Organizational Improvement Ppt Slides

    High quality of images and icons. Strikingly beautiful Presentation slide. Easily amendable PowerPoint design as can be edited smoothly. Access to demonstrate the PPT template in widescreen view. Adaptable designs as compatible with Google slides. Downloading is easy and can be altered into JPEG and PDF. Suitable for business presenters, management and the entrepreneurs.The stages in this process are organizational improvement, environmental assessment drives and much more.

  • financial_growth_bar_graph_flat_powerpoint_design_Slide01

    Financial Growth Bar Graph Flat Powerpoint Design

    Extremely flexible and adaptable PPT presentation backgrounds. Well recognized and appreciated by numerous profitable organisations. Allows easy conversion into formats such as JPG and PDF to provide extra convenience to the user. Can be completely tailored by any user without any training. Possess high quality patterns and graphics to impress the audience.

  • target_market_share_ppt_sample_presentations_Slide01

    Target Market Share Ppt Sample Presentations

    Presenting target market share ppt sample presentations. This is a target market share ppt sample presentations. This is a six stage process. The stages in this process are target market shares, best case, likely case, worst case, years.

  • various_interest_rate_for_banking_flat_powerpoint_design_Slide01

    Various Interest Rate For Banking Flat Powerpoint Design

    Adjustable presentation diagram as can be displayed in standard and widescreen view. PowerPoint templates are well-attuned with Google slides. Effortlessly editable PPT slides as editing possible with color, text and font. Alike presentation slides available with different nodes and stages. Download is fast and can be easily share with large audience. Flexible design as can be transformed into JPEG and PDF document.

  • ff_five_staged_colored_option_banner_infographics_flat_powerpoint_design_Slide01

    Ff Five Staged Colored Option Banner Infographics Flat Powerpoint Design

    Presenting ff five staged colored option banner infographics flat powerpoint design. Five colored option banner infographcis has been used to craft this power point template diagram. This PPT diagram contains the concept of business data analysis. This PPT diagram is a best choice for business and mar

  • business_circular_flow_5_stages_powerpoint_templates_graphics_slides_0712_Slide01

    business circular flow 5 stages powerpoint templates graphics slides 0712

    A wonderful graphics to display time-phased overview of a continuing sequence of stages, tasks, or events in a circular flow

  • 0514_customer_intelligence_powerpoint_presentation_Slide01

    0514 Customer Intelligence Powerpoint Presentation

    Adjust PowerPoint themes font, text, color and design as per your scheme. Simple to put in company logo, brand or name. Perfect for marketing professionals, business managers, entrepreneurs and big organizations. This presentation theme is totally in sync with Google slide. Effortless conversion to other software’s like JPG and PDF formats. Picture class remain the unchanged even when resize the image.

  • bar_graph_with_growth_and_dollar_symbol_for_financial_analysis_ppt_template_slide_Slide01

    Bar Graph With Growth And Dollar Symbol For Financial Analysis Ppt Template Slide

    Visually appealing PPT presentation slides. Possess the ability to easily grab the attention of the audience without putting much efforts. Creates a strong connection between the audience and the presentation. User-friendly PowerPoint backgrounds. Enables easy understanding and memorising of the contents displayed on these templates. Can be viewed on wide screens without the images and icons being pixelating.

  • 0514_total_productive_maintenance_powerpoint_presentation_Slide01

    0514 Total Productive Maintenance Powerpoint Presentation

    Font technique and size can be easily altered and included here. This PPT slide is cooperative with Google slide. PPT icon can easily be processed for proofing and editing. Following PowerPoint presentation is compatible with Microsoft 2010 and 2013 versions and compatible with most of the software and this presentation slide can be used in business slides, telecom, and research and media industry.

  • 0514_4_steps_in_pyramid_design_powerpoint_presentation_Slide01

    0514 4 Steps in Pyramid Design Powerpoint Presentation

    Deploy slides in all compatible software smoothly. Hassle-free download and use of slide. Company logo, trademark or name can be inserted for more customization. Presentation graphics never pixelate upon projection on widescreen. Slides compatible with google slides for more online reach. Editable layout including font, text, color and design. Affix titles and sub titles with zero space constraints. High resolution PPT slides for extra sharpness.

  • customer_business_product_innovation_process_powerpoint_slides_and_ppt_templates_db_Slide02

    Customer Business Product Innovation Process Powerpoint Slides And Ppt Templates DB

    These high quality, editable pre-designed powerpoint slides and powerpoint templates have been carefully created by our professional team to help you impress your audience. Each graphic in every powerpoint slide is vector based and is 100% editable in powerpoint.Each and every property of any slide - color, size, shading etc can be modified to build an effective powerpoint presentation. Use these slides to convey complex business concepts in a simplified manner. Any text can be entered at any point in the powerpoint slide. Simply DOWNLOAD, TYPE and PRESENT

  • 3_arrows_defining__steps_of_a_process_powerpoint_templates_ppt_presentation_slides_812_Slide01

    3 Arrows Defining Steps Of A Process Powerpoint Templates ppt presentation slides 812

    Arrows Indicates the way to growth. Use this diagram for improved controls to drive your business towards the right direction

  • 0514_pyramid_presentation_design_with_4_stages_powerpoint_presentation_Slide01

    0514 Pyramid Presentation Design With 4 Stages Powerpoint Presentation

    Comes with multiple display options such as standard and widescreen view. 100% compatible PPT slides with Google slides. Similar designs accessible with different stages and colors. PowerPoint template can be easily converted into JPEG or PDF document. Amendable designs to let you make changes i.e. with color and text. Presentation graphic provide correct and fault free information. Hassle free customization possible.

  • 0414_harvey_balls_powerpoint_presentation_Slide01

    0414 Harvey Balls Powerpoint Presentation

    Easy proofing and editing is added on feature of presentation visual. Presentation slide is useful in business marketing, management and recourse disbursement. Basic theme yet it can modified with respect to font, color and layout. Attractive color scheme gives a professional look to PPT layout. Conversion into PDF or JPG formats is very easy and handy. PPT graphic offers font size which can be read from a distance. Shapes are in vector format and can be edited.

  • 0115_bar_graphs_on_world_map_for_global_business_powerpoint_template_Slide01

    0115 Bar Graphs On World Map For Global Business Powerpoint Template

    Professionally oriented PowerPoint graphic. Amend and engrave the presentation by adding company information which can be logo, icon and image. Easy and convenient downloading by following simple steps. No concession with the quality, once opened on wide screen. Editable visuals, colors and text. Steps to modify the PPT template has been provided in the slide.

  • oy_seed_to_plant_growth_indication_chart_flat_powerpoint_design_Slide01

    oy Seed To Plant Growth Indication Chart Flat Powerpoint Design

    Successfully passed the authenticity examination. Aims to provide an outstanding and extraordinary presentation experience to the audience as well as the organisation. Visually appealing PPT presentation diagrams. Can be updated at any point of time by any user without even having any specialised knowledge. Supports widescreen view for more clarity and vision.

  • team_performance_dashboard_powerpoint_slide_design_ideas_Slide01

    Team Performance Dashboard Powerpoint Slide Design Ideas

    Presenting team performance dashboard powerpoint slide design ideas. This is a team performance dashboard powerpoint slide design ideas. This is a four stage process. The stages in this process are reward, completion, overdue plans, problems, summary, completion, overdue, progress, plan and problems, reward.

  • project_status_report_powerpoint_show_Slide01

    Project Status Report Powerpoint Show

    Impressive picture quality. Very good visual representation on wide screen without any blurriness. Ease of download. Can be saved in any number of formats. Also compatible with multiple software options available both online and offline. Thoroughly editable content. Ease of inclusion and exclusion of content at ones sole requirement. Personalize the presentation with company name and logo. Widely used by professionals and student of every industry and educational field.The stages in this process are failures, lesson learned, evaluation, achievements.

  • porter_value_chart_for_business_flat_powerpoint_design_Slide01

    Porter Value Chart For Business Flat Powerpoint Design

    High resolution images. Access to instantly download. Save in the variety of formats. Work well with Google slides. Provided instructions to make changes. Instant customization allowed. Add your textual business information. Available icons to change or replace. Insert your company logo in the background. Useful for the business leads, owners, managers and the trade learners.

  • streamlined_process_5_stages_powerpoint_diagrams_presentation_slides_graphics_0912_Slide01

    streamlined process 5 stages powerpoint diagrams presentation slides graphics 0912

    Use this design to explain your plan of action to bring out likely opposing obstacles and how you intend to convert them into opportunities to achieve results.

  • product_roadmap_analysis_chart_ppt_slides_Slide01

    Product Roadmap Analysis Chart Ppt Slides

    100% editable presentation slide. Compatible with Microsoft 2010 and 2013 versions. PPT visual offers high color resolution. Technology friendly diagram with amendable font size. 100% compatible with Google slide. Useful for product managers, company owners, sales and marketing support team. Freely edit the color, theme, size and orientation according to requirements. PPT diagram can be viewed in 4: 3 standard screen size or 16:9 wide screen size.

  • gh_clock_with_dollar_symbol_and_arrows_flat_powerpoint_design_Slide01

    Gh Clock With Dollar Symbol And Arrows Flat Powerpoint Design

    Modifiable PPT Slide with clock with dollar symbol and arrows. Provides a professional outlook to your PowerPoint presentation. Icons are also added. Convertible into numerous format options like JPEG, JPG or PDF. Multiple display option such as standard and widescreen view. Customization of each PowerPoint graphic and text according to your desire and want. Freedom to customize it with company name and logo. Beneficial for business professionals, students, teachers, business analysts and strategists. Compatible with google slides as well.

  • competitive_analysis_report_powerpoint_presentation_Slide01

    Competitive Analysis Report Powerpoint Presentation

    Presenting competitive analysis report powerpoint presentation. This is a competitive analysis report powerpoint presentation. This is a eight stage process. The stages in this process are business, marketing, finance, strategy, analysis.

  • determine_market_size_in_marketing_plan_powerpoint_slide_background_picture_Slide01

    Determine Market Size In Marketing Plan Powerpoint Slide Background Picture

    Presenting determine market size in marketing plan powerpoint slide background picture. This is a determine market size in marketing plan powerpoint slide background picture. This is a four stage process. The stages in this process are penetrated market, target market, served market, total available market.

  • cost_advantages_powerpoint_presentation_templates_Slide01

    Cost Advantages Powerpoint Presentation Templates

    The PowerPoint images as used are all vector based. No hassle of blurred image when projected on wide screen. High resolution. Compatibility with multiple software options both online and offline. Compatibility with numerous format options like JPEG, PDF, PNG, etc. Compatible with Google slides. Ease of personalization and customization. Add or delete the content as per one’s own need and situation. Used by the managers, company head, account managers, students and teachers.The stages in this process are economies of scale, cost advantages, capital requirements, product differentiation, access to distribution channels.

  • 0314_business_ppt_diagram_5_business_gears_steps_powerpoint_template_Slide01

    0314 Business Ppt Diagram 5 Business Gears Steps Powerpoint Template

    Presentation background image accessible in standard and widescreen. Adaptable to wide screen view without the problem of pixilation. Convenience of addition of logo and trademarks for personalization. PowerPoint infographic fully compliant with Google slides. Modifiable color, text and font as per the trade requirement. Corresponding designs accessible with different nodes and stages. Hasty to download and can be transmuted into JPG and PDF format. Benefitted for business entrepreneurs, marketing leaders, sales team etc.

  • cost_benefit_analysis_examples_powerpoint_layout_Slide01

    Cost Benefit Analysis Examples Powerpoint Layout

    Presenting cost benefit analysis examples powerpoint layout. This is a cost benefit analysis examples powerpoint layout. This is a two stage process. The stages in this process are balance, benefit, cost.

  • 0514_business_icons_on_arrows_powerpoint_presentation_Slide01

    0514 Business Icons On Arrows Powerpoint Presentation

    Ideal for marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and big organizations. This presentation icon is totally attuned with Google slide. Image quality remain the unchanged after resizing and maintains a clear delineation and vivid colour. Change PowerPoint image font, text, color and design as you want. Easy alteration to other software’s like JPG and PDF formats. Trouble-free to key in company logo, brand or name.

  • 0115_team_devision_for_segmentation_powerpoint_template_Slide01

    0115 Team Devision For Segmentation Powerpoint Template

    Simply exportable to PDF or JPG file configurations, Enough scope impulsion to add the captions and headings accordingly, Quite relevant for the business experts ,management students and researchers etc. from diverse trades or fields, Versant with all Google slides and other applications, Expeditious downloading option which saves time also, Tremendous quality PPT templates for providing an excellent visuals.

  • bn_pie_chart_with_segmentation_and_network_powerpoint_template_Slide01

    Bn Pie Chart With Segmentation And Network Powerpoint Template

    We are proud to present our bn pie chart with segmentation and network powerpoint template. Graphic of pie chart with segmentation and network has been used to design this power point template diagram. This PPT diagram contains the concept of result analysis and networking .Use this PPT diagram for business and marketing related presentations.

  • 4_pointing_arrows_towards__steps_in_a_business_process_templates_ppt_presentation_slides_812_Slide01

    4 Pointing Arrows Towards Steps In A Business Process Templates ppt presentation slides 812

    Use this layout to define the outcome and the multiple possibilities in a way that is used in calculation of probabilities, genetics and strategic reasoning.

  • financial_target_indication_for_success_flat_powerpoint_design_Slide01

    Financial Target Indication For Success Flat Powerpoint Design

    We are proud to present our financial target indication for success flat powerpoint design. Concept of financial target indication and success has been displayed in this PPT diagram. This PPT diagram contains the graphic of target board and arrows. Use this PPT diagram for finance related topics in any presentation.

Item 1 to 60 of 2428 total items