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[Updated 2023]: Top 25 Business Plan Free PowerPoint Templates to Help your Business Grow!
Deepali Khatri

Deepali Khatri

March 9 2020
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“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father of the US. A well-defined plan is the key to success in the fast-paced business world. A business plan is a crucial framework that outlines the roadmap for achieving goals and objectives of an organization.


According to a recent survey, companies with well-defined business plans are 30% more likely to achieve their goals than those without plans. It is a blueprint for success that not only helps in identifying the challenges but also provides solutions to overcome them. According to a recent study by Barclays, 23% of small businesses in the UK operate without any business plan, indicating a lack of strategic planning and direction. Research also reveals that only 47% of small businesses have formal, written business plans, while the remaining 25% rely on informal, verbal plans. These findings highlight the vitality of having a well-crafted business plan. 


If you are searching for a business plan template to create a route that delivers, look no further. 


SlideTeam has curated top 25 business plan PowerPoint templates to help you craft a well-defined strategy and achieve your business goals. By leveraging these pre-designed presentation templates, organizations can convey their ideas with the utmost impact and efficiency. 


These templates are 100% customizable and editable. Their content-ready nature provides you the much-needed structure; the editability feature ensures you can customize it to audience preferences. 


They are also compatible with Google Slides.


If you are looking for bank strategy plan templates, click here to access these templates. Banking professionals, managers, department heads, and management team get the tools they require to empower teams and drive performance. 


Check out the list of our 25 Business Plan Templates


Template 1: Business Planning Actionable Steps PowerPoint Presentation Slides

This professional template design is the best tool to illustrate a business plan, market goods and services, organize business operations, financial planning and control, revenue generation, KPIs, and dashboard. It showcases an organization chart, team structure, marketing strategies, promoting and distribution strategies with business plans, operational layout, inventory, quality control measures, budgeting and controlling operations, risk management, and insurance effectively. Overall billing/invoicing, bad debt, job costing, payment schedule, and accounting are also highlighted. Capital budgeting, sales forecasts, reports and graphs, and HR planning are other essentials that business managers will find valuable. It includes additional slides with company mission, timeline, contact details, ideas, bar graphs, etc.


Business Planning Actionable Steps


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Template 2: Marketing Agency Business Plan PPT Presentation Slides

Use this PPT toolkit to enthrall your target audience and enhance brand recognition. The templates in this package offer a thorough examination of your business, sector, clients, and rivals. A thorough SWOT analysis of your marketing business, a marketing plan, an operational plan, a financial plan, a management summary, and potential exit plans for the marketing agency are there. The business plan for a marketing agency is also included.




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Template 3: Digital Marketing Agency Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Capture buyer personas and amplify brand recognition by presenting yourself using this ready-made toolkit. The PPT Preset pinpoints company analysis & overview, industry analysis, customer analysis, competitor analysis, comprehensive SWOT analysis of the marketing agency, marketing plan, operational plan, financial plan, management summary, possible exit strategies for the marketing agency, etc. Create an impact and achieve your desired outcome by using this personalized presentation deck, which will enhance the delivery of your message to new heights.


Digital Marketing Agency Business Plan


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Template 4: Business Planning Software PowerPoint Presentation Slides

The premium pack of slides provides a standardized framework for planning, executing, and measuring efforts, ensuring consistency, efficiency, and alignment with organizational objectives. It draws attention to discussing key features, functions, benefits, and categorization of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and implementing them across departments. It helps comprehend the current state of the organization, the growth of the organization after implementing the ERP system, problems faced by the company, the gaps in the organization, architecture, and working of the ERP details, its implementation stages. Also, showcase your expertise with the integration approaches of ERP, benefits, customer relationship management ERP module.  A checklist for successful ERP implementation, challenges and solutions of ERP system, etc. is included. 

Product - Services Offered and Major Sales Goals


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Template 5: Fast Food Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Slides

This collection of bundles can be easily tailored to fit specific corporate needs, allowing for efficient monitoring and organization of business plan data. The slides are crafted to represent company analysis & overview, industry analysis, customer analysis, competitor analysis, growth potential analysis, Go-to marketing strategy, financial plan, management summary, exit strategy for a fast food start-up, etc. Downloading this presentation template to convey your ideas with maximum impact and efficacy.

Fast Food Business Plan


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Template 6: Laundry Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Enhance your brand recognition and captivate potential buyers with a comprehensive toolkit that offers ready-made templates tailored to your needs. This curated PPT Template includes a detailed SWOT analysis for laundry or dry cleaning services, marketing plan, operational plan, financial plan, management summary, and potential exit strategies for your marketing agency. These templates are thoughtfully designed to help you create a personalized presentation that will elevate your message and ensure a remarkable impact. Use this presentation template to maximize your chances of success and achieve your desired outcomes in the laundry and dry cleaning startup industry.

Laundry Business Plan


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Template 7: E Commerce Business Plan PPT PowerPoint Presentation Slides

This all-inclusive kit provides a range of slides that offer in-depth analyses of your company, industry, customers, and competitors. It also includes a comprehensive SWOT analysis tailored to your marketing agency, along with templates for a marketing plan, operational plan, financial plan, management summary, and potential exit strategies. Moreover, the kit features an overview designed explicitly for e-commerce platform start-ups. Get it now!

E-COMMERCE Business Plan PPT


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Template 8: Restaurant Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Slides

This collective deck addresses the US Burger market, global market trends, key growth drivers for the restaurant business plan, and the global presence and growth prospects. In-depth assessments of your company overview, company profile, competition overview, target market, human resource, financial plan, business model, marketing strategy, and execution for restaurant business plan are included in this complete deck.


Restaurant Business Plan


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Template 9: Startup Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Slides            

Delivering a credible and compelling presentation by deploying this PPT presentation is a great starting point to convey your messages. It presents an executive summary in a prominent way specifying the mission, problem, solution, market insights, projected key financials, company's key to success, strategic positioning, company's introduction, management team, start-up summary, start-up expenses, assets and liabilities, financial predictions, products, and services. It gives a clear picture of the marketplace and customer needs, customer value, proposition ladder, market analysis summary, industry snapshot, target market, market size, ideal customer profile and criteria, market segmentation, pricing strategy and plans, competition analysis, SWOT analysis, organizational structure, etc. Showcase unwavering commitment to surpassing audience expectations. 


Startup Business Plan


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Template 10: Burger Restaurant Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Get access to thoughtful premium set of slides designed with the US Burger industry in mind. These templates concentrate on an examination of global market trends, major drivers of business plan growth in the burger industry, and the global burger market environment. You'll find a variety of templates for your burger sector business plan in this complete kit. Target market analysis, human resources, financial plan, business model, marketing strategy, and execution are covered, in addition to the basic elements like company overview etc. 


Burger Restaurant Business Plan


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Template 11: Real Estate Business Plan Including Industry Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Competitive Analysis with attributes and Market Forecasts


This layout displays a key consideration/assumptions, executive summary that includes the company's mission, problem, proposed solution, market insights, offers that the real estate company makes, projected key financial figures, the company's secret to success, it’s strategic positioning. An introduction to the real estate company's management is also provided, as well as a start-up summary. Assets and liabilities, financial projections, products, services, and marketing plans complete this complete product for your presentation needs.




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Template 12: Small Restaurant Business Plan Including Market Size, Product Segmentation, Distribution Channel (Physical Stores and online delivery) Major Players with Attributes Comparison 

This exclusive deck promotes a small restaurant setup's business plan. The domains covered are company overview, company profile, competitive landscape, target market analysis, human resources, financial plan, business model, marketing strategy, and execution. Save your energy and deliver an outstanding presentation by downloading it to meet your purpose.




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Template 13: Strategic Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Slides

This business system planning PPT visual contains an agenda slide showcasing the company portfolio and team details.  Outline the executive summary with the vision, mission, goals, operational highlights, milestones achieved and key performance indicators. A financial summary, business operating plan and challenges, risks and mitigation plan, product roadmap, sources of revenue, etc.


Strategic Business Plan


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Template 14: Business Planning Proposal PPT Slides

Explore and use thoughtfully researched proposals for effective communication. This preset details about who submitted the business proposal to whom, a cover letter, proposal context, action plan, budget allocation, investment details, project timeline, gap analysis, case study, terms, and conditions, etc. Professionals, managers, individuals, involved in any company organization will find this a worthy addition to their presentation library. Get it now!

Business Planning Proposal


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Template 15: Coffee Business Plan PowerPoint PPT Template Bundles

This template is suitable for expert discussions on coffee shop business financial plans, steps to execute it, strategic plan process, dashboard showcasing financial metrics, checklist, timeline, projected profit and loss, marketing plan, financial aid, company details, etc. Seize the opportunity to get it now and deliver exceptional presentations every time.


Coffee Business Plan


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Template 16: Three-Year-Plan Business Planning Opportunities Growth Strategies Marketing

Portray your ideas and vision using a variety of slides highlighting three-year business plan defining objectives, controlling and planning deviations. 


Also, cover development, construction project completion, generating revenues, marketing with feedback, technology advancement, performance measurement, strategic planning, identification of opportunities, and company details with this comprehensive presentation template.  


3 Year Plan


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Template 17: Agile Portfolio Management Planning Strategic Business Plan

Deliver a lucid presentation using these PowerPoint slides that amplify steps to manage an agile portfolio, displaying strategic assessment and planning, framework illustrating behavior and delivery, showing scrum team, project bifurcation, checklist, and contact details. Don't miss out on the chance to grab it now and deliver a distinct presentation every single time.


Agile Portfolio


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Template 18: Nine-Part Circle for Business Planning Process

It is an innovatively designed PowerPoint layout that outlines information on Mission and Vision, Goals, Resourcing, Estimation, objectives, scheduling, Strategies, etc. Make it your choice right away.

9 Part Circle for Business Planning Process


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Template 19: One-Pager IT Start-Up Business Plan Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

Grab our professional one-page IT business plan infographic comprising an executive summary, company overview, mission statement, objectives and market analysis. Document success factors, critical requirements, target market, essentials to success, marketing strategy etc.


One Pager IT Start Up Business Plan


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Template 20: Ecommerce Start-Up Business Plan with Team Structure

The deck of templates features the company name, domain name, target market, funds needed, cost structure, team, and key roles. The cost structure also provides a way to calculate the break-even point  for your businesses in an easily understandable format. Seize the opportunity to gain instant access now.

Ecommerce Start Up Business Plan with Team Structure

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Template 21: Income and Expense Distribution In Real Estate Construction Industry Business Plan Investment PPT Tips

This pack empowers business experts in real estate to present income, expense distribution, and mortgage interests through charts and figures. . Download the slides immediately for an impressive presentation.


Income & Expense Distribution in Real Estate


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Template 22: One Page Business Plan for Buying Residential Real Estate Document PPT PDF Doc Printable

One can emphasize the company details, services offered, projected cash flow, competitive advantage, yearly gross margin, SWOT analysis, market segmentation, and marketing plans using this real estate one-pager PowerPoint slide. Ensure your market segmentation works well and even get a tool to list your competitive advantages  like solid grip of the market, and projected cashflow as well.




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Template 23: One-Page Business Plan for Buying Real Estate Document PPT PDF Doc Printable

Here we assist you with this one-pager business plan featuring the company name, and key objectives for selling a property such as knowing customers, clear data, framing content, and building the brand. It also expresses key channels to grow- acquisition, onboarding, and retention.


One Pager Business Plan for Buying Real Estate


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Template 24: One-Page Business Plan Including Values Vision Mission And Goals Template Infographic PPT Pdf Document

Our tailored One-Page Business Plan accentuates the business overview, vision, mission, values, and segmentation information.  It gives a clear insight into your business plans to your viewers, grab it. The core values that the business stands for is also highlighted.


Company’s Business Overview with Vision and Mission


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Template 25: One-Page Lean Canvas Business Plan of Coffee Shop Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

The business planning layout is encompasses essential aspects such as identity, problem identification, proposed solutions, value proposition, customer segments, cost structure, revenue streams, channels, and key metrics of a coffee shop. This set is designed to present a concise and clear overview of your company’s affairs, serving as a prerequisite for effectively addressing significant business challenges.


One Page Lean Canvas Business Plan of Coffee Shop


Download Now!


The Bottom Line

A well-defined business plan is crucial for the success of any organization. It provides a roadmap for achieving the business goals and objectives within the defined time frame. The above-mentioned business plan PowerPoint templates are free to download and provide a comprehensive framework for creating a winning plan for your organization. 


FAQs on Business Plans



What are the seven steps of a business plan?


The seven steps of a business plan typically include the following:


  • Executive summary
  • Company description
  • Market analysis
  • Products or services
  • Marketing and sales strategies
  • Management and organization
  • Financial projections, funding and budget


What are the four  types of business plans?


The four types of business plans are:


  • Mini business plan: a shorter version of a business plan
  • Working business plan: a detailed plan that outlines the business strategy
  • Startup business plan: a plan that focuses on the details of starting a new business
  • Strategic business plan: a long-term plan that outlines the overall strategy for the business


What is a business plan?


A business plan is a written document, a framework, that outlines a company's goals, strategies, and projections for the future. It serves as a roadmap for  organizations to follow. It includes details on the company description, market analysis, products or services, marketing and sales strategies, management and organization, financial projections, funding and budget. 


What are the 10 steps of a business plan?


The ten steps of a business plan may include the following:


  • Executive summary
  • Mission and vision statement
  • Company description
  • Products or services
  • Market analysis
  • Marketing and sales strategies
  • Competitive analysis
  • Management and organization
  • Financial projections, funding and budget.
  • Appendix (optional)

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