Being the owner of an organization, you might have set some goals and targets to be achieved. And, obviously, you will require a blueprint or something that describes the way to reach those goals.


This is what we call a business plan, that helps you reach the end goals and discover the weaknesses in your business idea; if any.


The success of the organization depends upon the planning and its vision. A strategic plan provides a roadmap for accomplishing specific goals.


Writing down a business plan can be a tedious task for you, especially if you are starting a business for the first time. Therefore, we bring for you these free business plan PowerPoint slide designs that enable you to measure your progress and plan for the future.


Start your business plan with these professionally designed free business plan ppt templates as it will not only provide a guideline but will also help you organize your thoughts.


Plans showcased using these slides ensure that all the departments in the organization are working towards the same vision. These PowerPoint slides will also provide you a guideline for each step of your business plan.


Include all the information about your goals, strategies, and finance and organize your thoughts in a structured way by clarifying your ideas.


Write down a business plan that will help you get the results you want, modify the colors, change the font type and font size and get started with a great plan to grow your business.


Agenda Free PowerPoint Template-1


Agenda Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Agenda Free PowerPoint Template 


Schedule your meetings and let your audience know the agenda of the meetings with this predesigned PowerPoint slide show. Present the key sections of your meeting and plan for the completion of your projects using this amazingly designed Agenda free PowerPoint template. The slide will also let you prepare a blueprint for the tasks that are yet to be completed.


Roadmap Free PowerPoint Template-2


Road map Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Roadmap Free Template


Prepare your workplans in a synchronized manner using this business plan roadmap free PowerPoint slide. The template will enable you to prepare an outline for reaching the end goals. Showcase the organizational planning and the path to success taking the assistance of the predeveloped PPT layout. It is a workplan timeline template for goal-oriented projects.


Features & Highlights Free PPT Template-3


Features & Highlights Free PPT Template

Click Here to Get this Features and Highlights Free PPT Template


Highlight the features of your products and services to attract investors and other stakeholders. This free features and highlight PPT slide will let you showcase the important points of your product and brand that make your product stand out. Showcase the points that one must include in a business plan and depict the overall outline of your business plan by incorporating this readily available free PPT template.


Targets Free PowerPoint Template-4


Targets Free PowerPoint Template

Grab this Readymade Target Free PowerPoint Slide


This predesigned target free PowerPoint slide show will let you set the target for the accomplishment of business goals. Formulate the entire plan for reaching the end goals using this creatively designed PowerPoint slide show. By setting the targets it becomes easy for the business organization to outline its business plan. Grab the attention of your viewers by giving them a big picture of the details required to flourish and expand your business.


Timeline Free PowerPoint Template-5


Timeline Free PowerPoint Template

Click Here to Get this Timeline Free PowerPoint Template


Execute your business plans by employing this readily available timeline free PowerPoint layout. Devise an event management timeline for its smooth execution. Plan your activities in a synchronized manner and showcase the same to your audience by taking advantage of this editable PowerPoint graphic. Display the milestones achieved by your organization and provide an overview of the activities set for the organization using this slide.


Zigzag Roadmap Free PowerPoint Template-6


Zigzag Roadmap Free PowerPoint Template

Get this Zigzag Roadmap Free PowerPoint Template


Manage and control your business plans with this zigzag roadmap free PPT template. This slide will let you keep track of all your activities and their progress. Mapping out the journey with this template will be beneficial and will provide a path for accomplishing the business goals. Give your audience an insight into the path that led you to success with this beautifully designed zigzag roadmap free PPT template.


Steps Free PowerPoint Template-7


Steps Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Amazing Steps Free PowerPoint Template


Outline the steps of your business plan and present it in front of your audience using this professionally curated steps free PowerPoint layout. Briefly tell your viewers what your company is and how you plan to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. Elucidate the main elements of a business plan with this slide. One can also highlight the major achievements in their career by incorporating this career path steps free PPT diagram.


Process Free PowerPoint Template-8


Process Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Creatively Designed Process Free PowerPoint Templates


Describe the process stages of your business plan by taking advantage of this customizable process free PowerPoint slide. This 4 steps process template is not just limited to showcasing 4 steps, you can modify the slide and add or remove as many steps as the process requires. Present the series of steps that one needs to follow in order to successfully implement the business plan.


Product Features PowerPoint Template-9


Product Features PowerPoint Template

Click Here to Get this Product Features PowerPoint Slide Design 


This slide can be perfectly used to highlight the features of the products and the brands you are offering. Formulate a business plan to showcase the stage describing the development of a business plan. Display the plan to diversify your product offerings and meet consumer demands using this creatively designed PowerPoint layout.


Mission Vision Goals Free PPT Template-10


Mission Vision Goals Free PPT Template

Get this Readymade Mission Vision Goals Free PPT Slide


Share your organization’s vision, mission, and goals and devise plans and strategies to reach the set goals and targets. Influence your clients and sponsors by emphasizing the company’s mission and vision. Provide a direction to your subordinates for the activities that are yet to be done with this mission PPT layout.


Project Management Free PowerPoint Template-11


Project Management Free PowerPoint Template

Grab this Amazing Project Management Free PowerPoint Slide Show


Manage the progress of your business projects by incorporating this project management free PPT slide. Prepare an effective business plan for your projects. Bring the management and the team on the same page and track the progress of the ongoing project by employing this readymade project management free PowerPoint slide design.


Strategy Free PowerPoint Template-12


Strategy Free PowerPoint Template

Get this Strategy Free PowerPoint Slide Show


This PPT slide can be used to depict the devised business strategy or your next move. Display how you develop your business brick by brick. Present the ways one can write the business plan to deliver an effective business strategy. The presenter can use this template to depict the elements of a strategic plan.


Challenges Free PowerPoint Template-13


Challenges Free PowerPoint Template

Click Here to Download this Challenges Free PowerPoint Template


Every business faces one or the other challenge. Overcome the challenges by formulating plans and present the made plans in front of your viewers using this readily available challenges free PPT slide show. Let your audience know how to deal with the major business hurdles. This PPT slide can be used by business professionals, managers, marketing professionals and other related professionals.


Idea Generation Free PowerPoint Template-14


Idea Generation Free PowerPoint Template

Get this Idea Generation PowerPoint Slide Show


Generate ideas for successful business operations using this ready-to-use idea generation PowerPoint slide show. Display the rules of brainstorming and encourage people to share their ideas. The bulb is a metaphor for intelligence and vision; so the slide can also be incorporated to present the company’s long term and short term vision.


Project Planning Free PowerPoint Template-15


Gantt Chart Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Professionally Designed Project Planning PowerPoint Template


Planning and managing the projects becomes so easy with this project planning PPT slide. Visualize all the activities and monthly status of the tasks. The template will let you keep a track of the projects. This editable PPT slide can also be employed by the project managers for the smooth execution of the projects.


SWOT Analysis Free PowerPoint Template-16


SWOT Analysis Free PowerPoint Template

Grab this Amazing SWOT Analysis Free PowerPoint Slide Show


Make the most important decision of your business organization using this SWOT analysis PowerPoint template. Analyze the organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Formulate plans to exploit the opportunities existing in the external environment and overcome the threats by making accurate strategies to deal with them using this predeveloped PowerPoint layout. Improve your organizational performance with this free SWOT analysis PPT slide.


Money / Finance Free PowerPoint Template-17


Money Finance Free PowerPoint Template

Click Here to Download this Money Finance PPT Layout


Raise money for your business from investors and other stakeholders by showcasing them with a great business plan. Obviously, your business plan needs to be quite impressive to attract them and for this, you need to present your big business idea and plan in a way that intrigues your audience’s attention. Use this customizable free money/finance free PPT slide to raise more funds.


Purchase Funnel Free PowerPoint Template-18


Purchase Funnel Free PPT Template

Get this Readymade Purchase Funnel Free PPT Slide Design 


Craft a perfect purchase funnel plan using this free purchase funnel slide. The template will assist you in understanding the steps your leads go through before becoming a customer. Learn more about your customer’s journey and guide your purchase team about the conversions taking place and provide an excellent experience to the customers with this PPT slide.


Team Achievements Free PowerPoint Template-19


Team Achievements Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Team Achievement PowerPoint Slide


Do not just talk about your team’s achievement rather show it in an interesting way by making use of this predesigned PowerPoint template. Present the milestones your team has achieved and appreciate them taking the assistance of this team achievement free PowerPoint slide show. Showcase the successful achievement of your organization’s business plan and celebrate the victory.


Business Team with Solutions Free PowerPoint Template-20


Business Team with Solutions Free PPT Template

Get this Business Team with Solutions Free PowerPoint Layout


Solve your business problem quickly by working together in a team using this free business team with a solution PPT template. Illustrate the benefits of teamwork, team building, and group activity. Display how teamwork helps in formulating a business plan and how it eases a process. Display that teams can perform better when they are better coordinated.


Brainstorming and Idea Generation Free PPT Template-21


Brainstorming Techniques Free PPT Template

Grab this Predesigned Brainstorming and Idea Generation Free PowerPoint Graphic


Invite ideas for business expansion by encouraging your employees and other staff members. Make them a part of the decision-making process and develop a great business plan. Execute and implement the plan by inviting ideas from different people in the brainstorming session using this free brainstorming and idea generation PPT layout. Jot down your startup business plans and plans for completing the upcoming projects on this customizable PowerPoint template.


Opportunities and Challenges Success Free PPT Template-22


Opportunities and Challenges Success Free PPT Template

Click Here to Get this Opportunities and Challenges Success PPT Template


Focus on the challenges and find out ways to overcome those with this readymade opportunities and challenges success free PPT slide. Encourage your audience to develop plans to deal with the major challenges and hurdles. Incorporate the template and present it in front of your viewers to make plans to transform the challenges to opportunities.        


Comparison Free PowerPoint Template-23


Comparison Free PowerPoint Template

Grab this Readily Available Comparison Free PowerPoint Layout


The template can be used to make a comparison between the past and the present performance of your business. One can also employ this slide to conduct a comparative analysis between two plans. Choose the best plans after evaluating the outcomes of both the plans and this slide lets you do so. This PPT slide can also be used to compare the features of different products, services, features.


Escalation Matrix 5 Levels Free Pyramid PPT Template-24


Escalation Matrix 5 Levels Free Pyramid PowerPoint Template

Download this Escalation Matrix 5 Level Pyramid PPT Slide


The template is perfect to showcase hierarchy, levels, and segments. One can present various levels of the business plan. Showcase the concept of authority and responsibility and let your audience know who is accountable to whom. It is a multi-purpose template that can be used for almost all the topics. A present sales funnel, customer acquisition funnel, conversion funnel with this pyramid structure.     


Opportunity and Challenges Roadmap Free PPT Template-25


Opportunities and Challenges Roadmap Free PPT Template

Get this Opportunities and Challenges Roadmap Free PowerPoint Slide Design


Encourage your teammates to exploit the opportunities by showcasing them using this PPT slide. Display the hurdles that you have crossed so far and present a strong strategic plan for business growth and development.  Depicting the major hurdles in the way of the success will help in faster problem solving and decision making.


Create a stellar presentation using these free business plan PowerPoint templates.