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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence is for the mid level managers giving information about what is AI, AI levels, types of AI, where AI is used. You can also know the difference between AI vs Machine learning vs Deep learning to understand expert system in a better way for business growth.

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Heineken, one of the world’s top beer producers with a global footprint in over 190 countries, embraces AI-driven opportunities to harness data for insightful and predictive analytics. Japanese railway operators are employing AI to help address possible snow-related issues with their Shinkansen bullet trains.

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Artificial Intelligence has become a crucial tool for businesses worldwide. Companies such as Tesla, Johnson & Johnson, Amazon, and Netflix, use AI to mine big data and produce high-quality leads.

If you are considering using AI for your company’s workflow and weighing the benefits and the drawbacks of integrating new technologies, look through SlideTeam’s list of AI Templates to maximize the prospects that the latest technology presents. Use these templates to examine, in detail, the advantages artificial Intelligence offers companies.

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To make the most of this technology and increase the worth of your company, keep reading.

Template 1: Artificial Intelligence

AI continues to impact how we live and work globally in a significant manner. It has tremendous cutting-edge power. This PPT Slide discusses the emergence of AI in the IT business. It allows you to deepen your understanding of AI through machine learning and deep learning. Quickly identify and act upon possibilities to provide your company with the competitive edge in the AI-enabled environment.

Template 2: Artificial Intelligence: Uses

The use of AI in daily life is growing. This defining future technology has opened up new economic prospects for many businesses. Use this PowerPoint Layout to demonstrate its implementation across industries. Explain the multiple applications of "smart" tools and devices, such as data analysis and prediction, robotics and industrial automation, virtual assistants, medicine, and health. This framework contains a graph that depicts the current level of AI adoption.

Template 3: AI Vs. Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning

This PPT Framework aims to help you understand the essential differences between artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. Deep learning and machine learning are both sub-categories of AI that automate a range of data-driven decision-making processes. Employ this template to comprehend their revolutionary impact on business landscape.

Template 4: Where is AI Used?

This PowerPoint Presentation presents an overview of AI’s adoption in many companies. It focuses on the widespread use of AI in customer experience, supply chain, HR, banking, research and development, predictive analytics, customer services, risk management, pricing, and promotion. Use this presentation to demonstrate how AI is being used across fields to increase production and efficiency.

Template 5: AI Use Cases in Human Resource

AI adoption in HR has transformed how we manage, develop, and attract people. This PowerPoint Design explains how integrating artificial Intelligence in human resources can improve learning, engagement, recruiting, onboarding, dynamic training, skill development, transition, recruitment, selection, performance, succession, and growth. Use this presentation layout to optimize your HR process.

Template 6: AI in Banking for Fraud Detection

AI technologies provide an additional degree of protection for financial organizations. This PPT Template describes procedures for analyzing big data to spot suspicious transactions and trends. It improves the processes around fraud detection across transactions and banking channels, endowing these major financial intermediaries with greater credibility. This can be used to comprehend the process better, detect abnormalities, eliminate false positives, and provide high levels of security.

Template 7: AI in Supply Chain

According to McKinsey research, integrating AI into the supply chain has directly reduced costs for 61% of manufacturing executives and raised revenues by 53%. Use this PowerPoint Slide to manage and organize supply chains better. This template demonstrates the use of AI for demand forecasting, inventory management, supply, risk management, and performance measurement. Use it to increase your company's bottom line and provide a competitive advantage.

Template 8: AI Chatbots in Healthcare

AI-driven chatbots have enhanced patient satisfaction in the healthcare industry. Use this PowerPoint Template to demonstrate the interaction between patients and healthcare providers via search engines, social platforms, smartphones, chatbots, artificial Intelligence, messenger apps, app ecosystems, and other technologies to provide a convenient, 24-hour help station. They interpret user input and reply to complicated human requests. This supports patients in real-time, reduces expenses, and automates tedious jobs.

Template 9: Why is AI booming now?

This PPT Template presents an overview of the rise in AI use across industries. It categorizes the data by revenue, country, and functional area deployment. Technological advancements, more significant data accessibility, and heightened awareness of AI's value have contributed to this rise. Use this presentation to understand AI's transformative effects.

Template 10: AI Trends in 2020

Use this PPT Layout to present new AI developments. This template depicts AI trends 2020 in retail, aerospace, and flight operations controlled by AI, AI-mediated media and entertainment, healthcare, and robotic process automation. Use this presentation to understand how significant advancements in artificial Intelligence (AI) have enhanced human knowledge and capacities, enabling us to perform our tasks more quickly, effectively, and safely.


AI: The future of Intelligence

AI is now the most effective instrument for streamlining corporate procedures, speeding up work, eliminating human errors, and many other benefits. This PowerPoint Deck will help you grasp the trends and uses of AI. This will make it easier to determine where your company stands in the AI process right now and help you make plans. Download it now!

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The process of Machine Learning involves the following steps: - Data Gathering - Data Cleaning - Selecting the Right Algorithms - Building the Model & Finalizing - Data Transformation into predictions

The limitations of Deep Learning are interpretability, statistical reasoning, and the amount of data. Deep learning algorithms require large amounts of data and computational power, making them expensive and time-consuming. These models can be difficult to interpret, making it hard to understand how they arrived at their conclusions.

AI is booming due to the availability of large amounts of data, advancements in computing power, and the development of more sophisticated algorithms. Additionally, AI has the potential to revolutionize industries and improve efficiency, leading to increased interest and investment in the field.

The different types of Machine Learning are: Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Semi-Supervised Learning, Reinforcement Learning

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has the potential to automate certain tasks and replace some jobs that can be done more efficiently and accurately by machines. However, AI also has the potential to create new jobs and improve productivity, which can lead to economic growth and job creation. It is important to note that the impact of AI on jobs will vary by industry and job type, and it is up to individuals and businesses to adapt to these changes and ensure that the benefits of AI are shared equitably.

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