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Top 25 Free Sales and Marketing PowerPoint Templates to Close More Deals

Top 25 Free Sales and Marketing PowerPoint Templates to Close More Deals

Deepali Khatri

Deepali Khatri

March 24 2020

Having a great product is not the only requirement for running a business successfully. Obviously, you need to have those efficient sales and marketing personnel that will convince the customers to understand the superiority of your product.


This responsibility of communicating the product information rests on the shoulders of the marketing and sales team. For example, after the product launch, it is the marketing team only that helps in spreading awareness about the product launch. A sales team also coordinates by directly dealing with the leads.


This is why to assist the marketing and sales managers, our designers at SlideTeam have curated these amazing free sales and marketing PowerPoint templates. These templates can be customized as per the presenter’s requirements and are absolutely free.


These predesigned templates will help you keep a track on the company’s cash inflows and will make the entire process less time-consuming. Showcase the direction your business and products are heading towards by making the use of these top 25 free sales and marketing PowerPoint slide designs.


SWOT Analysis Free PowerPoint Template-1


SWOT Analysis Free PowerPoint Template

Get this Professionally Designed SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Slide Design


The above shown predesigned SWOT analysis template is the best tool for auditing the organization and its environment. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your organization and devise the sales and marketing strategies accordingly. This PPT template will assist you to assess where your business stands in the marketplace. Incorporate this template to gain insights into your organization as well as of your competitors. This template will help you efficiently position your product to the right audience and in gaining a larger market share.


Agenda Free PowerPoint Template-2


Agenda Free PowerPoint Template

Click Here to Download this Amazingly Curated Agenda Free PowerPoint Template


Jot down the points to be discussed in the sales meeting with the assistance of this readymade PPT template. Your meeting will be more effective if you plan and motivate your employees using this free sales and marketing agenda PPT slide. Discuss about the business strategy and goals, the mission and vision of your organization and the value proposition through this professionally designed agenda PPT slide. Incorporate the template to share the master tips for closing more deals.


Roadmap Free PowerPoint Template-3


Road map Free PowerPoint Template

Get this Roadmap with Multiple Icons Success Achievement PPT Slide


Highlight the key projects and priorities for your sales and marketing team taking advantage of this predesigned free roadmap PPT slide show. Clearly communicate your strategic marketing plan to your teammates and to sales and marketing personnel using this creative roadmap PPT slide. Marketing managers can employ this PPT layout to prioritize their ideas, tasks, goals and other details, etc. You can also showcase before your prospects which direction your business and products are heading towards.


Operations Free PowerPoint Template-4


Operations Free PowerPoint Template

Get this Operations Free PowerPoint Slide


This template can be used to showcase how the sales and the marketing departments are dependent on the other departments of the organization for completing their tasks. Present the interrelated parts or units of the organization including the sales unit, purchase unit, production unit, marketing unit, etc. This connected gears PPT template is the perfect example for showcasing teamwork and collaboration.


Features & Highlights Free PPT Template-5


Features & Highlights Free PPT Template

Download this Features and Highlights Free PPT Layout


Present the features and the key highlights of your brand in front of the viewers with the use of this readily available free features and highlights PPT slide. Use this template to list out the features in a visually appealing way rather than in those boring bullet points. The template can also be used to represent the sales and marketing process. It is made up of high-grade icons that have higher retention value than plain text.


Targets Free PowerPoint Template-6


Targets Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Targets Free PowerPoint Template


Create better sales and marketing plans and showcase the steps to reach those targets by incorporating this amazingly designed free Target board PPT slide. The target set will empower the sales and marketing personnel by encouraging them to develop the skills required to reach the end goals. This template will assist you and your sales personnel remain focused on achieving the goals.


Gantt Chart Free PowerPoint Template-7


Gantt Chart Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Amazingly Designed Gantt Chart PPT Template


Keep a track of your marketing and sales tasks using this sale and marketing Gantt chart PPT slide. This template will help the marketing manager and the team members to manage the marketing projects in the most effective way. This professionally designed slide will provide the audience with a unified view of the project’s progress. Allocate your time effectively to the activities that are important and still need to be done.


Timeline Free PowerPoint Template-8


Timeline Free PowerPoint Template

Click here to Get this Vertical Timeline PowerPoint Slide Show


Create a marketing timeline taking the assistance of this above shown free vertical timeline PPT template. Visualize which projects are coming up in the pipeline. The slide allows your sales and marketing team to see projects, sales, campaigns and events that will happen throughout the year. Use this slide to map out the deadlines for completing the projects.


Zigzag Roadmap Free PowerPoint Template-9



Zigzag Roadmap Free PowerPoint Template

Grab this Readymade Zigzag Roadmap Free PPT Template


Present the learning journey of your sales and marketing team with this zigzag roadmap PPT template. One can also represent the phases that a person goes through in the learning journey. Capture and communicate your marketing plans visually. This slide can be of great assistance to the marketing managers for sharing their strategic vision with their team and other stakeholders.


Customer Feedback Free PowerPoint Template-10


Customer Feedback Free PPT Template

Click here to Download this Professionally Designed Customers Feedback PPT Template


“ Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”-Bill Gates

Gather your customer’s feedback about your product or service with this visually appealing free customer feedback PPT template. This PPT template can also be used to formulate plans to implement the customers’ feedback. These feedbacks will help you in reaching your marketing goals.


Clock For Time Management Free PowerPoint Template-11


Clock For Time Management Free PowerPoint Template

Incorporate this Creative Clock Management PowerPoint Layout


Showcase the importance of sales management and time management in increasing organizational productivity. Take care of the deadlines, meetings and events. This slide consists of a clock and notes to help you list and prioritize the tasks. Incorporate the slide to jot down the project deliverable time, events and activities.


Idea Generation Free PowerPoint Template-12


Idea Generation Free PowerPoint Template

Grab this Customizable Idea Generation PowerPoint Slide Show


Generate new ideas for sales and increase the sales of your organization using this readymade PPT template. Mention the marketing and sales ideas that will help you grow your business and generate more leads. This bulb has been designed with a jigsaw puzzle that can be used to showcase the interrelationship between different stages and steps. New ideas to launch your product in the market can also be showcased using this PPT slide.


Process Free PowerPoint Template-13


Business Process PPT Template

Download this Business Process PowerPoint Template


Showcase the steps involved in the sales and marketing process using this readymade PPT slide. Include all those steps in the template that a sales personnel takes to shift the prospective buyers from the early stage of awareness to close a deal. A sales process presented using such a template will assist you in boosting conversions, close more deals and will ensure that all the representatives are providing a positive experience to the customers.


Product Features PowerPoint Template-14


Product Features PPT Template

Click Here to Grab this Product Features PowerPoint Template


Elucidate the features of your product with this visually appealing free product features PowerPoint slide design. Presenting the features of your product with plain bullet points can be boring; therefore, we bring for you this professionally designed PowerPoint layout. This template can also be used for depicting the rise of digital banking and phone banking service. Describe the impact of technology in digital transformation using this template.


Opportunity and Challenges Roadmap Free PPT Template-15


Opportunities and Challenges Roadmap Free PPT Template

Get this Professionally Designed Opportunities and Challenges PowerPoint Layout


Display the challenges that the salespeople in your organization might encounter. Almost every sales team faces obstacles in building a relationship with the customers. One can also present the ways to solve the sales challenges which are finding qualified leads, getting a response from the prospects, staying motivated, maintaining customer relationships after sales, etc. Discuss about the techniques and methods to be adopted to overcome the hurdles.


Team Introduction Free PPT Template-16


Team Introduction Free PPT Template

Click here to Get this Team Introduction PowerPoint Graphic


Introduce your sales team to your viewers by taking the advantage of this free team introduction PowerPoint slide design. Depict the names and the qualification of each employee in the sales and marketing department and introduce them to the audience. Let your viewers know the number of years of experience these sales personnel possess. This slide can be incorporated to provide an overview of the employees of the organization. Display the names and the designation of the key performers of the organization with the assistance of this creatively designed PowerPoint slide design.



Brainstorming and Idea Generation Free PPT Template-17


Brainstorming Techniques Free PPT Template

Incorporate this Brainstorming and Idea Generation PowerPoint Slide Show


Jot down the ideas, plans and strategies for maximizing the sales of the organization by encouraging people to throw more ideas. This template has been designed with high-grade icons that can be used to discuss the techniques and methods of brainstorming. Display the rules for brainstorming that every individual must follow in the brainstorming session.



Dashboard Free PowerPoint Template-18


Dashboard Free PowerPoint Template

Get this Dashboard Free PowerPoint Slide Show


This customizable template can be used to review the sales activities and present the results in front of the viewers. Check the sales progress in reaching your targets by employing this readily available PowerPoint template. You can also assess how frequently sales goals are achieved. Taking the assistance of this slide, you can effectively control and monitor the sales KPI. Help your team members reach the sales goals by analyzing the sales performance.



Problem Solutions Free Presentation Template-19


Problem Solution Free PPT Template

Incorporate this Problem and Solution PPT Slide


Showcase the challenges faced by the sales personnel while selling the products and devise strategies and plans to overcome those challenges. Solve the sales problem by inviting solutions from the employees, teammates and the other staff members. Presenters can also depict the challenges faced while marketing a product or service and how to overcome these challenges.


Mission Vision Goals Free PPT Template-20


Mission Vision Goals Free PPT Template

Download this Professionally Curated Mission Vision PPT Template


The above-shown PowerPoint template depicts the mission, vision and goals of the organization. Incorporate this template to define your business objectives and the approach to reach those objectives. A vision statement presented using this eye-catching template can be helpful in inspiring and transforming your business. Explain the organization’s reason for existence with this readily available free mission and vision PPT template.


Strategy Free PowerPoint Template-21


Business Strategy PowerPoint Template

Click here to Get this Readymade Business Strategy PowerPoint Layout


Display the sales and the marketing strategies of your business organization with this professionally designed free business strategy PowerPoint graphic. The strategy made using this slide will provide the organization an edge over its competitors. Mention the ways to develop an effective sales and marketing strategy using this content ready PPT slide. After creating the sales strategy, define the marketing strategy using this free business strategy PPT template.



Comparison Free PPT Template-22


Comparison Free PowerPoint Template

Get this Free Comparison PowerPoint Slide


Compare the sales and marketing strategy of your organization with that of your competitors. Evaluate the company’s performance and reach to a conclusion with the assistance of this predesigned PowerPoint template. You can also use this slide to make a comparison in the sales across different periods of your organization. Assess the company’s performance and recognize the growth patterns and trends. Sales analysis made using this template will help the company in understanding where they are performing better and where they need to improve.


Geographical World Map Free PPT Template-23


Geographical World Map Free PPT Template

Grab this Customizable Geographical World PowerPoint Layout


Use this slide to showcase the location of your company and its headquarters and branches. This template is a perfect tool to display where your organization markets its product. Keep a tab on the company’s progress across the globe. Present the company’s growth, sales and revenue in different parts using this slide.


Challenges Free PowerPoint Template-24



Challenges Free PowerPoint Template

Grab this Business Challenges PowerPoint Template


Every business faces challenges, may it be challenges related to finance, production, purchase, sales or marketing. You need to formulate plans in order to overcome those hurdles and deliver a quality rich product to your customers. Jot down the challenges that your organization may face and invite ideas from the staff members regarding the ways to resolve these challenges in order to maximize sales and revenue.



Dos and Don’ts Free PowerPoint Template-25


Dos and Don’ts Free PowerPoint Template

Get this Free Dos and Donts PowerPoint Slide Design


Describe the do’s and don’ts that marketing personnel must follow before selling the product. Display the points that the marketing and sales personnel should avoid while making sales and closing the deals. People can also be made aware of the dos and don’ts related to a particular product using this PPT slide.


So, these were our collection of free sales and marketing PPT templates that can help you create stunning presentations. Pick the ones you need among the available templates and help your business grow at soaring heights.


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