Sales and marketing are two sides of the same coin as both create value for customers and businesses. The two, however, carry varied roles and responsibilities, require vastly different skills and strategies, and adopt tools and tactics that have no resemblance to each other. 


The two departments work in alignment to fulfil a business’s innate potential in terms of profits and creating a sustainable ecosystem of operations. 


These two domains help corporations connect with their target audience, generate interest in their product, close deals and increase revenue streams. 


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When you employ the right marketing strategies, you can build a potent bond with your target market. Having a fine product alone can only take you so far in today’s competitive environment. Developing appropriate sales and marketing systems is an indispensable factor for success in business. 


In this blog, we’re going to be looking at 25 free sales and marketing templates that you can use to leverage the power of good promotion and drive better sales. These templates come with the advantage of being 100% customizable, editable and easy to use, giving you minimal hassle when you deploy them.


We provide you a starting point with our templates and their content-ready nature. This will help you build your own presentations tailored to unique audience preferences. 


Let’s begin. 


Template 1 - Managing Strategic Accounts Through Sales and Marketing PPT Presentation

This 60-slide complete PPT deck is for you if you’re seeking to harness the potential of sales and marketing. Some essential parts covered in the presentation are an Accounts Based Management (ABM) accounts insights checklist, a slide dedicated to technographic data, a guideline for creating an ideal customer profile worksheet, methods for aligning sales and marketing teams, tools for handling communication, and much more.


Managing Strategic Accounts through Sales and Marketing


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Template 2 - Sales and Marketing Orchestration for Account Nurturing PPT Presentation

Get this richly designed PPT Deck and apply its content to create a more sophisticated business architecture. Stacked within this presentation are slides to help you implement account-based scoring models, create selection criteria for your accounts, nurture lead accounts, map influencer decision makers, track performance improvement and more. Also present is an email marketing worksheet plan for account nurturing, a content-planning worksheet for account nurturing and a managing account dashboard to assist you in honing your business proficiencies in this area.


Sales and Marketing Orchestration for Account Nurturing


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Template 3 - Sales and Marketing Summary Annual Report Template

This information packed PPT can be a crucial ally in increasing your sales and marketing capacities. The slides include tools and tactics to optimize performance. A slide displaying the CEO’s message to shareholders is part of the package, followed by a slide documenting the organization’s employee details with designation. Also present are slides dedicated to strategy adaption, region-wise revenue generation, organization’s key performance indicators to measure progress, quarterly sales performance with revenue analysis’ and more.


Sales and Marketing Summary Annual Report


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Template 4 – 30-60-90 Day Sales and Marketing Plan PPT

This PPT deck blends its bold aesthetic with resource-rich content that can make a difference in the marketing front. It begins with a slide that lays out the sales and marketing plan with key priorities and organizational goals, and a sales and marketing plan GANTT chart. A monthly sales and marketing optimization plan helps to add structure and cohesion to your marketing efforts, while a sales and marketing plan with performance analysis builds on data-centric models to improve the outcome. 




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Template 5 - Pain Points in Sales and Marketing Alignment

Incorporate this presentation template into your marketing apparatus for a better chance at success. The slide makes use of survey data to isolate pain points in a marketing scheme. A table drawing out the key aspects of the survey takes centre-stage and present in the right is a ‘key insights’ segment for added clarity on the issue. Poor communication, complicated processes, consistent metrics, inaccurate data, reporting issues, lack of common prospect and lack of accountability are key components. Download this presentation template now. 


Pain points in sales and marketing alignment


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Template 6 - KPIs For Service Delivery Sales and Marketing Reimagining IT Service Post Pandemic World

Deploy this PPT theme to reinvigorate your marketing efforts with the advantage of informative KPIs to guide your efforts. Some of the subheadings are elasticity by category hierarchy, average of elasticity by channel name, average of elasticity by customer segment, average of elasticity by site name and more. Use this slide to generate meaningful and productive marketing insights.


KPIs for Service Delivery – Sales and Marketing


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Template 7 - Managing Account Dashboard Executive Managing Strategic Accounts Through Sales and Marketing

Use this PPT Pre-set to track internal variables in your sales and marketing channels. Some metrics included in the presentation template are sales this month, recently closed, top account executive, sales cycle length, average deal size, sales-qualified lead and more. Download this slide and use it to build stronger internal analytics for better performance.


Managing Account Dashboard


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Template 8 - Managing Strategic Accounts Through Sales and Marketing Managing Account Dashboard

This PPT theme is for you if you’re unable to track the many moving parts within your marketing operation. Monitor new leads this month, reasons for unqualified leads, lead status by owner, top campaign and expected revenue by marketing channel using this presentation dashboard. Sharpen your sales efforts by deploying this template and gathering business value through data.


Managing Account Dashboard.


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Template 9 - New Service Launch Challenges with Mitigation Executing New Service Sales and Marketing Process

If you’re in the process of launching a new service, then we’ve got something that can help. This vibrantly made slide presents the right tools and strategies for regulating risk during such a stage of business. The slide showcases your expertise in addressing potential challenges faced during this process, which include inefficient marketing, service positioning challenge, retaining customers post launch, and more. It also includes a table with mitigation strategies and KPIs, allowing you to curate internal content.


New service launch challenges with mitigation strategies


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Template 10 - Meet Our Team Executing New Service Sales and Marketing Process

Use this slide to project competence and authority in a meeting with customers, stakeholders or key clients. The slide allows you to aesthetically lay out members of your internal team amidst pleasant colors and bold text. You can incorporate names and designations, add a photo, and describe each team member in brief pockets of text at the bottom for an impactful look.


Meet our team


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Template 11 - Evaluating Pricing Strategies for New Service Executing New Service Sales and Marketing Process

Setting the right price is always necessary in business. This slide can serve to assist you in this using some crucial metrics and dynamic market-driven strategies for better pricing. The table lists the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy, along with its expected result and its ideal circumstance. Use this slide to manage the complexities behind pricing, comparing and contrast your methodologies for the ideal outcome.


Evaluating pricing strategies for new service


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Template 12 - Sales and Marketing Operational Planning Process

This template can be a valuable asset in your broader sales and marketing toolkit. It consists of a five-stage process that takes the form of a guided sales plan to push your revenue forward. Data gathering, making demand forecast, checking supply capacity, conducting meetings to reconcile plans and approval of plan for implementation are the core components of the slide. Get this slide now, put the process in place and secure better returns.


Sales and marketing operational planning process


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Template 13 - Customer Sales and Marketing Services Journey Map

This PPT illustrates a roadmap that underpins the process for marketing success. Cover awareness, prospective buyer, onboarding, support, marketing, sales, product and advocacy to get a complete hold on results. Get this slide now and tailor your approach to marketing to elicit a more substantiated response, while also taking a critical look at your revenue streams.

Customer sales and marketing services journey map


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Template 14 - Sales and Marketing Training Plan for Employees Improving Customer Outreach During New Service Launch

Use this template to underscore the crucial elements of your sales and marketing training plan and cultivate better performance. The subheadings accommodated within the slide are participants, trainer, department, training agenda, training method, training frequency and remarks. Apply this template to your training methodology to streamline the process and attain superior results.


Sales and marketing training plan for employees


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Template 15 - Customer Pain Points and Solutions in Sales and Marketing

This PPT theme can help you understanding essential issues within your marketing scheme and devise the right response for a productive outcome. The tabular format maps pain points to solutions, with the benefit of added room for descriptions. Use this slide to critically evaluate your internal mechanisms and develop sound strategies that, in the long run, improve your business functioning.


Customer pain points and solutions in sales and marketing


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Template 16 - B2B Sales and Marketing Promotion Techniques

This template can be the tool that you need for revitalizing your promotion and marketing capabilities. Devise sound marketing strategies in alignment with the content of this slide and make a difference within your business profile. The slide highlight key areas of marketing and sales that include sample products, SEO, online promotions, promotional merchandising and trade shows.


B2B sales and marketing promotion techniques


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Template 17 - Monthly Sales and Marketing Cost Comparison Chart

This PPT is for you if you’re seeking a flawless method of scrutinizing the costs of your marketing and sales channels, with the goal of developing better processes. It presents a chart with the primary variables, sales cost, marketing cost, total and addition of new customers, against a list of months. Integrate this slide into your marketing arsenal for a more precision-driven approach to the business.


Monthly Sales and marketing cost comparison chart


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Template 18 - Steps to Successfully Align Sales and Marketing

This template comes with a roadmap designed to help you re-structure your sales and marketing avenues. The slide documents the stages as create customer journey, agree on customer persona, use marketing-first approach, use customer feedback, track joint KPIs, keep marketing message consistent, create marketing assets and ‘post sales growth’. Download this template and apply this methodology to your business for improved results.


Various steps to successfully align sales and marketing


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Template 19 Monthly Roadmap of Sales and Marketing Alignment

This PPT layout is an asset with its step-by-step monthly roadmap that sets the tone for building a sound strategy. Use this template to break down your marketing tactics on a month-by-month basis and then showcase them to the rest of your team or to stakeholders. Add highly descriptive and precise points to add value to the presentation template.


Monthly roadmap of sales and marketing alignment


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Template 20 – Five-Step Process of Sales and Marketing Alignment

Employ this template to craft a depiction of the structure that govern sales and marketing cohesion. The five stages are identifying common terms, define goals together, replace, structure teams, and move forward. Accelerate your efforts to unify your sales and marketing domains for the optimal impact, all with the helpful nudge of this slide. 


Five step process of sales and marketing alignment


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Template 21 - Findings of Sales and Marketing Alignment Audit Complete Guide to Conduct Digital Marketing Audit

Present the main highlights of your sales and marketing audit with this aesthetically designed slide. The template enables you to draw out the primary talking points in a creative and enticing manner that is sure to get your audience engaged. Download this slide and add value to the conversation while maintaining the core concepts at play.


Findings of Sales and Marketing Alignment Audit


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Template 22 - Complete Guide to Conduct Digital Marketing Audit Sales and Marketing Alignment Audit

Presenting a template that can aid you in keeping a firm track of your sales and marketing audits. The contents of this slide can aid managers in regulating their sales and marketing ventures. The table featured in the slide includes the subheadings audit includes description, problem and suggestions.


Sales and Marketing Alignment Audit


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Template 23 - B2B Sales Best Practices Playbook Co Partnered Campaign to Drive Sales and Marketing Goals

Create a more effective marketing drive with this PPT slide. Craft a sound illustration of your sales and marketing objectives and the wider efforts that you undertake with the table presented. Map associated costs, duration, firm-initiated marketing activities, role of partner, and result achieved to get a clear map of business realities in your head.


Co – Partnered Campaign to Drive Sales and Marketing Goals


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Template 24 - Introduce Team Infographic for Sales and Marketing Department Template

Present a useful and appealing strategy in this PPT Theme that comes with three major subheadings and pockets of information below for added descriptions. Energize the conversation during meetings by deploying this PPT slide and creating powerful visualizations for your sales and marketing department. 


Introduce Team Infographic for Sales and Marketing Department


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Template 25 – One-Page Sales and Marketing Plan Presentation Report Infographic

Use this template to lay the groundwork for a cogent and successful marketing drive. Study the importance of and highlight your expertise in objectives, target personas, value prepositions, marketing campaigns to increase revenue through sales, and weekly marketing plan. Use this template to help you orient your promotional efforts around the right methods and derive optimal value from marketing campaigns.


One Page Sales And


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Template 26 – One-Pager Retail Sales and Marketing Action Plan Summary Presentation Infographic

This template builds a detailed data-driven visualization for your sales and marketing activity with the inclusion of right keywords and features. Goals, target audience, top competitors, strategic action plan, channel-wise sales projection, market analysis, cross-channel marketing budget allocation and sales team responsibility chart are the primary subheadings integrated into this information-rich PPT.


One pager retail sales and marketing action plan summary


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Market well, sales will zoom.

Sales and marketing form two of the cornerstones of business. Without them, businesses would find themselves unable to reach their full potential and deliver their products to the market. Understanding and mastering these two areas is crucial to making it in the marketplace of today. Use our pre-designed PPT templates that are rich with information and easy-to-customize to assist you in this journey as you carve your way to the top.



FAQs on Sales and Marketing



What is the meaning of sales and marketing?


Sales refers to the process of attracting and retaining potential customers, while marketing is the process of cultivating interest among potential customers for a product. Sales and marketing generate awareness for a product or service, and to indirectly create revenue for the business. Marketing is responsible for building strategies that communicate with potential customers, while sales is responsible for transforming leads into customers. The two departments work together to create an unblemished experience for business and for customers. 


What is the difference between marketing and sales?


Marketing emphasis on producing leads and raising awareness for the product, while the sales department works to close deals and bring income. Marketing is customer-driven, as it strives to comprehend and satiate the needs of the customer pool. Meanwhile, sales is product-driven, as it rests its attention on pushing a product onto the market. Marketing, as an exercise, utilizes a ‘pull’ strategy, as it elicits customers and raises engagement among target audiences. Meanwhile, sales operate through a ‘push’ strategy, as it aims to compel the target customer into purchasing the product through a multitude of methods. Marketing views the business through a long-term perspective, as it strives to cultivate relationships and build connection with customers. Sales has the short-term perspective, as it works to achieve targets by selling as many of the product as possible.