What if a new restaurant opens up in a nearby locality that offers multi-cuisine dishes topped with amazing hospitality but is stuck with a handful of customers? What if there is a business firm that addresses the problems faced by customers in the finance sector but target clients are unaware of it? The excellence and hard work put in the firm goes in vain due to poor or no sales. One of the significant factors why businesses with brilliant concepts fail to thrive is an incompetent marketing plan.


In today’s world, the importance of marketing for sustenance and to boost sales in the dynamic business environment cannot be stressed enough. Marketing involves the set of activities an enterprise takes on for increasing clientele, and retain strong relationships with them to prosper in business. It fosters a bond with the customers where their needs are addressed, and they feel valued.


Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” – Joe Chernov


Establishing a brand is the first step; marketing simply takes the business to the next level. The marketing team is the heart of any company which fuels oxygen to perform well even in the rough patches of the course. Attracting clients to opt for your products and services in the most convincing manner is possible only by a successful strategic marketing plan. 


Enhance your marketing campaign and take it a step further by downloading our Top 10 Free Marketing Google Slides Templates. Download these intuitively designed PowerPoint templates to have a great impression on your client.


Grab the most suited free marketing Google slides adaptable templates and prove your expertise like never before!


Top 10 Free Marketing Google Slides Templates To Download


Template 1


AgendaDownload Marketing Agenda Free Google Slides Template


Marketing is the backbone of getting clients. Download this stunning Google slides adaptable marketing PowerPoint template to elucidate your marketing plan. Using this theme, you can easily discuss the different agendas which need to be addressed in order to get a good response from the target audience. With the help of this completely editable template, you can elaborate on the insights of the market. Highly recommended for marketing professionals, with our pre-designed marketing PPT theme, you can win the client in no time.


Template 2


Features-HighlightsDownload Marketing Highlights Free Google Slides Template


The marketing highlights for launching a product determines its success to a large extent. Emphasize the need for an effective marketing insight by utilizing our comprehensively researched Google slides compatible marketing PowerPoint template. You can give a detailed overview of the product competitors with this content ready template and present your ideas across the table convincingly. Illustrate the various strategies that can be beneficial in attracting clients by incorporating this template.  


Template 3


TargetsDownload Marketing Target Free Google Slides Template


Having a robust marketing strategy plan significantly helps an organization to flourish, and this can be effectively communicated by utilizing this ready-made free marketing PowerPoint template. As this is Google slides compatible, you can easily share with your colleagues and have a productive brainstorming session by stating the marketing targets. Impress your clients with this comprehensively researched PowerPoint theme.


Template 4


Product-FeaturesDownload Product Marketing Features Free Google Slides Template


Digital marketing and its dominance can not be undervalued. The vast expanse it covers and all the opportunities it opens up for increasing sales can be illustrated by using our Google slides compatible free marketing PPT template. Showcase the product features with the help of our professionally designed template. You can also give the performance overview and ponder upon the new plans with this attention-grabbing marketing template.


Template 5


DashboardDownload Marketing Business Dashboard Free Google Slides Template


Showcase the various aspects of brand marketing how they add value to the firm with this content ready marketing PowerPoint template. You can also present the data and stats to show the concrete findings and research using our stunning marketing dashboard template, which can be tailored according to the needs of your business.


Template 6


Business Strategy Deployment For Sales Growth

Download Marketing Strategy Free Google Slides Template


Marketing strategy is required for every platform. The influence of marketing and the various effective strategies can be discussed by employing this comprehensively researched Google slides compatible free template. Elucidate the fundamentals of marketing strategies and how it helps in generating revenue by utilizing our editable template. Leave no stone unturned by presenting your marketing strategies in the most influential way using this template. 


Template 7


Dos-and-Don’ts-Free-PowerPoint-TemplateDownload Marketing Dos and Dont’s Free Google Slides Template


Do’s and Don'ts of marketing can be explained to your teammates and clients with this attention-grabbing free marketing PowerPoint template. Engagingly present the key points using this stunning Google slides compatible template. You can elaborate on marketing techniques and the factors on which it is determined to be successful using this template. 


Template 8


SWOT Analysis PPT Slide Design

Download Marketing SWOT Analysis Free Google Slides Template


Get assured of a successful product launch with the help of the marketing SWOT analysis pre-built Google slides adaptable template. Utilize our ready-made PowerPoint presentation to discuss the strengths and opportunities of the marketing plan. As this Google slides adaptable template is fully customizable, you can edit the details as per the business requirements. 


Template 9


Geographical-World-MapDownload Marketing World Map Free Google Slides Template


Download our content ready marketing PowerPoint template to showcase the marketing regions of your products. You can elucidate the market opportunity analysis using the marketing world map with the help of our Google slides compatible template. The target customer needs can be adequately discussed using our striking PPT template.


Template 10


Zigzag-RoadmapDownload Strategic Marketing Roadmap Free Google Slides Template


A strategic marketing plan is a roadmap that helps in achieving business targets.  With the help of a free strategic marketing roadmap PowerPoint template, you can elaborate on the different milestones that need to be achieved for developing a perfect marketing plan. Download this Google slides adaptable PowerPoint template to showcase your expertise in market analysis. 


Download these Top 10 Free Marketing Google slides adaptable templates to present your promotion campaigns impactfully.