What do you think about when you hear the word ‘Lego’? The first image which immediately pops up in our head is of colorful bricks that we used to play with when we were kids. We still have some memory of the happiness and satisfaction of seeing our own creative vision being built by our hands, brick by brick and block by block. 


Little did we know as children that these building blocks game can not only be useful for playing purpose but also to shape ideas and visions in our everyday lives. Despite the difference in the design and the shape of individual pieces, each piece is compatible with the existing pieces. 


I have some fond memories of playing with LEGO during my childhood days and it still remains an indispensable part of my toy box.


According to me, Lego is like an engine fueled by your imagination. It’s like a language and a technique without content. 


In fact, several companies have adopted a path-breaking methodology called LEGO SERIOUS PLAY (LSP) to sharpen the business strategy by spending time with strangers — and a pile of bricks. Looking for alternative ways of visualizing, understanding, and tackling complex strategic problems is encouraged in employees to take their companies to greater heights. 


Adopt this process-oriented method that supports and facilitates group communication to solve complex problems. Brainstorming methods to transform your current business model can be made simpler by using the PowerPoint templates from our collection designed by SlideTeam professionals. Unlock the hidden talent of your employees by explaining the concept of Lego for building teams or showing team effort with the help of our attractive PowerPoint Templates.


40 Best Lego Blocks Templates

Template 1

3D Man Holding Block

 Download 3D Man Holding Block Business PowerPoint Template


Would you believe that by using a couple of pieces one can develop problem-solving ability like no other? The world-famous toy LEGO can be used to study cases to understand a broader role of imagination and creativity in projects of an enterprise. Employ this Lego PowerPoint template to inculcate the teamwork attitude and better communication in the company. This team-building PowerPoint template can be useful in explaining the methodology developed using Lego for overall organizational improvement. HR and teachers’ can incorporate this lego block PowerPoint theme to explain the significance of working as a team to achieve desired goals.

Template 2

Lego Construction Growth Business

Download Abc Building Blocks Lego Construction for Growth in Business


The growth of a business is dependent on several factors. This lego block PPT slide can be used to showcase the establishment of the company as well as to discuss its fundamental growth principles. Along with this, it can also be employed for the project sponsorship meetings, wherein, you can discuss the growth and the vision of your organization.

Template 3

Business Lego Blocks Company Formation

Download Business Lego Blocks Company Formation PowerPoint Template


Elucidate the history, the founders, and co-founders who laid the foundation of your company by including this colorful lego block PowerPoint theme. You can introduce the corporate hierarchy and your business partners with the help of this company formation PPT template. The essential elements of running a company in this cut-throat competitive market can be discussed with colleagues by taking the help of visually appealing lego PPT visual. Induction meetings can include this presentation to the new joiners for giving a company overview.

Template 4 

Core Functions Strategy

Download Core Functions Strategy And Innovation By Lego Blocks


This lego block for the core function strategy PowerPoint theme is a perfect fit for elaborating on the major components of customer innovation. The lego building blocks are very attractive and add a different element to your regular, dull, and monotonous presentation. With the help of our lego blocks PPT visual, you can discuss important aspects like strategy and innovation, customer decision journey, process automation, organization, technology, data & analytics. 

Template 5

Lego Blocks For 5 Step Process Flow

Download Lego Blocks For 5 Step Process Flow PPT


You can present your idea or vision of the project in an attractive manner with our lego blocks PowerPoint layout. Automobile engineers can utilize this lego blocks process flow diagram PPT theme to explain the manufacturing process of the products. Similarly, chemical engineers can also employ this colorful building block PowerPoint visual to explain the process flow of product assembly. Teachers can utilize this PowerPoint theme to explain the stepwise procedure of any concept. 

Template 6

Business Management Strategy

Download Business Management Strategy PowerPoint Presentation


Incorporate this business management lego PowerPoint theme to analyze the essential elements of corporate success. The brainstorming session in a conference room can be made interesting by illustrating the stats with the help of our lego blocks for management strategy PPT layout. The significance of developing innovative new strategies and solutions for business growth can be explained efficiently by utilizing this corporate management PPT template.

Template 7

Lego For Strategic Management

Download Lego For Strategic Management


Excel in your next conference with our striking strategic management lego PowerPoint theme. The dependency of every factor on the company’s performance can be discussed with the lego blocks PPT theme. The color palette used here instantly grabs the viewers' attention. The management students can utilize this PowerPoint template for their projects. Management faculty can easily incorporate this professionally designed PPT visual for making the student understand the concepts of administration.  

Template 8

Lego Project Management

Download Lego Project Management


The conceptualization of the lego blocks can convincingly describe the building elements of a project. The varied factors like market analysis, funding for the project, work allocation to employees, and other major activities can be explained impactfully with the help of the project management PPT template. The icons in the lego blocks are completely editable which enhances the visual appeal of the overall PowerPoint theme. 

Template 9

Lego Block For Strategic Development

Download Lego Blocks For Strategic Development PowerPoint


Strategic development is the key to any successful project. The stepwise building components can make or break the idea. Employ our lego blocks PPT theme for explaining the strategic development of the project to your clients. Have a great impression by visually describing the key points for building the project from scratch with the help of our lego blocks PowerPoint visual. Employ this building blocks PPT template in your conferences to present development proposals to your clients. 

Template 10

Action Plan to Improve Sales By Lego

Download Action Plan To Improve Sales Performance Lego Example


The sales performance of the product is directly linked with the quality it possesses. Incorporate the lego blocks PPT theme to showcase your action plan to the clients persuasively. The color palette used in our lego blocks action plan PowerPoint template instantly compels the audience to focus on the sales progression track methodologies adopted by your company. The stepping stones of increasing the success rate of your enterprise can be illustrated with our building blocks PowerPoint layout.

Template 11

Lego Marketing PPT

Download Lego Marketing PPT


The gravity of working as a team to achieve remarkable results can be explained to students by utilizing the lego block PowerPoint template. Working as a team in the office involves brainstorming sessions to meet the given deadline. Human Resource professionals can incorporate attractive men holding lego blocks PowerPoint layout for introducing team-building exercises to the employees. You can list the positive outcomes of working towards accomplishing a common goal with the help of this lego blocks PowerPoint theme. Marketing components can be well described with our lego for marketing PPT template. 

Template 12

Employee Engagement

Download Employee Engagement PowerPoint Presentation using Lego


Employee engagement activities are useful in encouraging communication within your organization. The human resource department can utilize this lego building block PowerPoint template to introduce employee engagement activities. The merits of indulging in employee participation activities such as increased employee retention, motivation, and many others can be explained by incorporating our eye-catchy PPT visual. 

Template 13

Technology Enabled Insights

Download Technology Enabled Insights PowerPoint using Lego


Lego symbolizes the building blocks which can be useful in defining the steps involved in any procedure. Employ this lego block PowerPoint template for highlighting the stepping stones of an invention in the field of science and technology. IT professionals can include this PowerPoint layout to discuss numerous constituents like evaluation, varieties, architecture, packaging, and claims. Students can also utilize this stunning lego concept PowerPoint template for their projects. 

Template 14

Lego Big Data Analysis

Download Lego Big Data Analysis PPT


The result of laying proper groundwork in an analytic engine can be described with this stunning lego block PowerPoint theme. Draw conclusions and give an understanding of your business proposal to fellow teammates using our lego for concept analysis PPT template. IT professionals can discuss big data analysis efficiently with the help of this big data using Lego PowerPoint visual. The improvisation required at each step can also be highlighted by employing a building block PowerPoint layout.

Template 15

Consumer Goods Marketing Solutions

Download Consumer Goods Marketing Solutions using Lego


Marketing techniques can be accurately presented using goods marketing lego PowerPoint templates. The solutions suggested by the coworkers can be effectively analyzed with this vibrant lego problem-solving PowerPoint theme. The effects of sales strategies can be reviewed by incorporating our marketing solutions using the lego PPT slide.           

Template 16

Marketing Project Plan

Download Marketing Project Plan Template Using Lego


Market analysts can utilize our sales plan using the lego PowerPoint template to discuss the impact of different methodologies on the overall marketing of a product. You can incorporate this attention-grabbing marketing action plan PPT theme to showcase the factors which can boost the business. Brand equity, customer engagement, etc. can be highlighted with the help of a lego marketing action plan PowerPoint layout. 

Template 17

Lego Finance Marketing

Download Lego Finance Marketing PPT


Finance analysts of your enterprise can present the annual budget report by incorporating this lego PowerPoint template. The importance of each factor for building a successful marketing strategy can be described using our professionally designed PPT layout. The steps for laying a strong monetary foundation can be emphasized with the help of this finance marketing using lego PowerPoint visual.

Template 18

Inventory Control Solutions

Download Inventory Control Solutions PowerPoint using Lego


Solutions for inventory control can be effectively illustrated using the lego PowerPoint template. The results of the tools which enable your business to track inventory levels and movements in the company warehouse can be showcased with this PowerPoint template. The icons over the lego blocks amplify the aesthetic appeal of the PPT layout.

Template 19

Lego Blocks Stair Diagram

Download Lego Blocks Stair Diagram for Product Development 


The lego blocks can be extremely helpful in product and portfolio management which can be described with the aid of this lego blocks stair diagram PPT theme. The sequence in which the steps of development are performed can be showcased by incorporating the lego PowerPoint template. You can make an effective business PPT presentation in front of your clients by defining your product strategy execution plan in an interesting manner. 

Template 20

Lego PowerPoint Template For Team Building

Download Lego PowerPoint Template For Team Building Exercise


Employees can be encouraged to take part in team-building exercises by utilizing the LEGO bricks PowerPoint template. The HR of your organization can explain the merits of teamwork and friendly communication across the company with the help of our team building lego PPT layout. Lego methodology can be elucidated to the audience to achieve targets on time. Students can learn the lesson of team building and execution strategies early in life by utilizing this lego group building exercises PowerPoint theme. 

Template 21

Large Building Blocks

Download Lego Graph 


Perfect for business collaboration meetings you can include this awe-inspiring lego graph PowerPoint template to list the merits of the business alliance. The upward graph using lego building blocks PPT theme clearly presents the constructive outcomes of the business association. This lego block PowerPoint visual can be introduced either at the beginning or end of a successful presentation to leave a good impression on the client. 

Template 22

Large Building Blocks

Download Lego Profit Graph Business Marketing


Finance analysts can incorporate this lego profit graph PowerPoint template for presenting the business marketing results of the company. Entrepreneurs or business representatives can have an edge over the other competitors by utilizing this captivating lego blocks showing profit PPT layout. Stock market analysts can also incorporate this lego building blocks PowerPoint slide to showcase the profit-making stocks. This versatile lego PPT template can be utilized for office purposes as well. 

Template 23

Lego PPT Model

Download Lego PPT Model


Architects and builders can introduce this lego model PowerPoint template to convince the clients for taking their services. The idea of building block by block is effectively communicated with this striking lego block PowerPoint theme. Housing loan companies can also employ this lego PPT presentation to introduce their home loan services. 

Template 24

Lego Bricks Showing Kid Playing

Download Lego Bricks Showing Kid Playing Building


Lego is still among the favorite toys of young people as well as adults. Encourage people to visualize their idea effectively by incorporating the lego bricks PowerPoint theme. Children camps can use this stunning kid playing with lego PowerPoint template to build a creative mindset. Lego methodology can also be showcased using this lego blocks PPT theme which helps in achieving great results in the corporate environment. Team building activities can also be emphasized with the aid of our captivating lego blocks PowerPoint visual.

Template 25

Risk Mitigation Scenario Planning

Download Risk Mitigation Scenario Planning PPT using Lego


Risk mitigation plays a great role in any business. The planning required for reducing the threat to the proper functioning of the enterprise can be elucidated with the assistance of our risk mitigation using the lego PowerPoint template. The 3D graphics used in this lego PPT visual can make any dull presentation interesting and informative.

Template 26

Impact E Commerce Marketing

Download Impact E-Commerce Marketing using Lego


E-commerce marketing depends on many factors. Market researchers can employ this lego blocks PowerPoint template to talk about the impact of different strategies on the trade. Business analysts can showcase the company’s social media marketing performance using this visually appealing PPT theme as a background. This professionally designed lego PPT layout effectively conveys that online marketing consists of many elements. The social media platform’s response rate can be illustrated with this business PPT slide.

Template 27

Marketing Benchmarking

Download Marketing Benchmarking using Lego


Marketing benchmarks result in building the brand image which can be explained using this lego building block PowerPoint template. The examples of marketing benchmarks can be highlighted for a better understanding of the business by incorporating our professionally designed building blocks PowerPoint layout. The enterprise’s success can be compared methodically with the assistance of this lego marketing PPT presentation. 

Template 28

Building Blocks Math

Download Building Blocks Lego PowerPoint Template


The versatility of this lego building PowerPoint template makes it very useful. Coaching institutes can employ this lego blocks PPT layout to showcase the problem-solving activities practiced for overall development. Corporate offices can utilize this lego blocks forming a question mark PPT theme to answer the frequently asked questions. The color palette used in this lego blocks PowerPoint visual makes it attention-grabbing. Teachers can employ this lego building bricks PowerPoint template for kid’s activity sessions.

Template 29

E Commerce Sales

Download E-Commerce Sales using Lego PowerPoint Presentation


The components of e-commerce advertising and sales can be conveyed by the foundation building blocks PowerPoint template. The dependency of the lego blocks depicts the relation of sales on various factors such as the target audience. The boost in the e-commerce sales of your business can be highlighted using this engaging lego block PowerPoint theme.

Template 30

Lego Business Marketing

Download Lego Business Marketing PowerPoint Presentation


Our Lego building blocks PPT template portrays the concept of building an idea brick by brick in an interesting manner. The lego blocks in this PowerPoint theme are presented as a tower that can be incorporated for illustrating team building activities in the corporate environment. The lego methodology can also be elucidated for its application in day to day activities using this colorful building blocks PowerPoint theme. 

Template 31

Lego Blocks for Media Agency Recruitment

Download Lego Blocks for Media Agency Recruitment PPT


The media agency recruitment process can be efficiently deciphered with the help of this professionally designed lego blocks PowerPoint theme. The recruitment agencies can employ the PPT template to highlight the hiring process practiced in their enterprise. Corporate offices can utilize the lego blocks for recruiting process PowerPoint layout to showcase the transparent process adopted in the enterprise.

Template 32

Education Theme With Lego Blocks

Download Education Theme With Lego Blocks Game


"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" is a well-known proverb. What if one can learn while playing? The lego blocks help in inculcating the creative ability from a young age which can be highlighted using this lego block for the education PowerPoint template. Kids activity classes can utilize our striking lego building block PPT theme to introduce the merits of playing with lego for the mental development of a child. 

Template 33

Lego Blocks for Stages Of Business Growth

Download Lego Blocks for Stages Of Business Growth PPT


The business growth of an enterprise can be convincingly showcased in the conferences with the assistance of this lego blocks for stages PowerPoint template. The factual description of the company’s progress including statistics can be illustrated using the building block PPT theme. The steps involved in the organization’s progression can be discussed with fellow employees by introducing these lego blocks for growth PowerPoint visual.

Template 34

Lego Arrow Metaphor Strategy

Download Lego Arrow Metaphor Strategy PPT Layout


Lego building blocks can interpret many ideas. The upward arrow using the lego PowerPoint template can be utilized to portray the idea of progress in different fields. The results of examinations or year-end sales of a firm can be highlighted using this lego PowerPoint visual. Students can include the striking lego arrow PPT layout to show the key findings of the research for the projects and assignments. 

Template 35

Optimize Marketing

Download Optimize Marketing PowerPoint Presentation


Internet marketers who wish to compete successfully can employ this marketing optimization lego PowerPoint template. Present the strategies for reducing costs and increasing sales here. Optimization at each phase can be discussed effectively by using the lego building blocks PowerPoint theme. The process of improving the marketing efforts of an organization can be illustrated using this lego for market optimization PPT layout. 

Template 36

Block Timeline With Lego Blocks

Download Block Timeline With Lego Blocks


Achievements of the organization over the year can be elucidated using the building blocks PowerPoint layout. You can utilize the lego blocks PPT theme to showcase the hierarchy of a system. The meetings and conferences showcasing the procedure of building a concept can also use this lego block PowerPoint theme. 

Template 37

Lego Bricks Colourful Blocks

Download Lego Bricks Colourful Blocks


Kids activity classes can introduce this lego building block PowerPoint theme for promoting analytical thinking among children. The lego competitions organized for leisure purposes can incorporate our building block PPT template for displaying the necessary information. 

Template 38

Lego PowerPoint

Download Lego PowerPoint Presentation


Showcase the timeline of your company and its gradual progress using this lego block PowerPoint template. The different phases of the project can also be highlighted with the assistance of our vibrant lego PPT theme.

Template 39

Lego PPT

Download Lego PPT


Lego blocks PowerPoint template can be of great use for showing the building components of any process. The versatility of this vibrant building block PPT theme makes it ideal for IT professionals, students, and scholars for showcasing the dependency of one factor on the other. Team building activities can be encouraged with the help of lego blocks PowerPoint visual.

Template 40

Giant Building Blocks

Download Lego Teamwork


The pyramid shape by lego blocks is the perfect PowerPoint theme for showing the corporate hierarchy. The names along with the designations of employees can be stated clearly for company induction to the new joiners. The concept of laying a strong foundation can also be effectively communicated using the colorful lego building blocks PowerPoint template. 


The lego learning PowerPoint theme is a perfect tool for productive business meetings. So, tap this brick by brick concept to ace your next presentation and extend it to your corporate meetings as well!