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The Simplest Way to Create Puzzle Pieces in PowerPoint

The Simplest Way to Create Puzzle Pieces in PowerPoint

Hanisha Kapoor

November 30, 2016

Puzzled enough to decide what new you should add to your presentation?


Why not add Puzzle Pieces!


Jigsaw puzzle has always been the favorite game of all and it is perfect for brain training.  Now, it is going to be perfect for your presentation as well. Give it a try, add them and see the results for yourself.



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But before that, we are going to tell you how you can create puzzle pieces yourself in PowerPoint, that too in just a minute!


What you are going to learn in this Tutorial:


Integrated Audit Process


Steps to create Puzzle Piece in PowerPoint:


  • Insert a Rectangle. Go to Insert> Shapes> Rectangles> Rectangle.

Insert a Rectangle


  • Place two Circles on the sides. Click Insert> Shapes> Basic Shapes> Oval. Press Shift while drawing the circle to have a perfectly symmetrical one.

Place two Circles on the sides


  • Next step is to align the shapes. To do so, select the shapes, go to Arrange> Align> Align Middle.

Align the shapes


  • Select shapes, go to Format> Merge Shapes> Union.

Choose Merge Shapes option


  • Right click the shape, choose Outline> No Outline.

Remove Outline


  • Add two more circles at the top and bottom. Go to Insert> Shapes> Basic Shapes> Oval.

Add two more Circles


  • Align the Rectangles and newly added circles. Select them, go to Arrange> Align> Align Center.

Align the shapes again


  • Select shapes, Go to Format> Merge Shapes> Subtract.

Choose option Subtract from Merge Shapes


Puzzle Piece is ready!


Puzzle Piece


  • Now duplicate it by pressing Control C and Control V. Fill the duplicated Puzzle Piece with color. Right click the shape, Fill> Color of your choice.



  • Rotate the shapes using the rotation handle on top of the shape and fit them into each other.

Rotate the shapes


See the final product.


Integrated Audit Process


What are you waiting for? Start creating one for yourself.


You can also download the creatively designed Puzzle Piece PowerPoint Templates, add your content, and give a top notch presentation.



Here are some additional Puzzle Pieces Designs you may like


Add these creative Puzzle Pieces in your presentation and make your presentation visually attractive.


Have fun creating awesome presentations.


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2 thoughts on “The Simplest Way to Create Puzzle Pieces in PowerPoint”
  1. Daniel
    Thank you so much! Learnt something new today.
    1. slideteam
      Thank You Daniel.
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