Having an impressive pitch deck is a key component if you want to raise money for your business. A pitch deck should be such that intrigues your investors about your great ideas, plans, strategy and tactics.


Here in this blog we will provide you a formula that will assist you in creating a pitch deck of your own with no efforts and which will be as great as the pitch decks of famous companies like the AirBnb, Facebook, Uber, etc.


We have curated free predesigned investor PowerPoint templates that’ll help you create a professional presentation without any efforts.


Below shown are some of the free pitch deck PowerPoint templates that will enable you to communicate your business vision, mission, overview, its outline, etc. in an easy and clear format.


All the great companies like Buffer, AirBnb, Facebook used a clear and a simple pitch deck which is smooth and understandable. Remember, the clearer you are in communicating, the easier it is for the venture capitalists and investors to pay their full attention to your pitch.


So, get started with these free Pitch Deck  PowerPoint Templates that can be used for raising money from venture capitalists.


Company Background


Company Introduction PowerPoint Template

Download this Free Company Background PowerPoint Template


Make your investors understand what your business is all about with this free company background PowerPoint template. This PowerPoint slide will serve as a great tool for presenting your business information. Introduce yourself, your business niche, the reasons for starting the business, etc. You can also add your logo in this predesigned slide. Give a quick overview of your business to the potential investors using this readily available company background PowerPoint layout.


Company Mission & Vision


Vision Mission Goals PowerPoint Template

Get this Free Vision Mission PowerPoint Template


Present your business vision with this vivid colour PowerPoint slide. Depict your organizational vision, mission and goals to your investor. Give a brief description of your targets, plans and vision and attract the investors to invest in your organization. This slide intrigues the attention of the venture capitalists and helps you pitch your business plans, ideas, vision, targets and missions.


Problem Slide


Problem Statement Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Free Problem Statement PowerPoint Slide 


Address the problem that you are solving in the marketplace with this readymade problem statement PowerPoint slide show. Talk about the issues your customers face and how your product or brand is a solution for them. Explain how big the problem is and why it is necessary to solve that problem. Explain your problem in a storytelling manner taking advantage of this predesigned problem solution PowerPoint slide show.


Here is one more slide that can be used for addressing the problems faced by the customers.


Global Challenges And Solutions Free PPT Template

Download this Free Challenges PowerPoint Slide


This slide can be used to better illustrate and convey the problems of your customers. Add the challenges step by step on this amazingly designed PowerPoint template in the following way: the customers are trying something, the trouble they are facing, the existing solution, and how your product is a solution for them. Present the existing problem taking the assistance of this readily available PowerPoint slide show.


Solution Slide


Problem Solution Free PPT Template

Download this Free Solution PowerPoint Template 


The slide can be used to present the solution you provide for the existing problem. Compel them to fund your venture by showcasing the solutions for customers’ problems. This is a perfect match to present your unique solution. The slide will help you grab the audience’s attention towards your ideas. Your idea must be capable of solving the customers’ concern.


You can also use this slide for presenting the solutions:


Idea Generation Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Free Solution PowerPoint Slide Show


The other way to showcase the solution is to present it by using a bulb. The above template has a lot of space and text place holders to assist you in writing the solutions you offer to your customers. Let the investors know what’s unique about your product and how this will solve the issue that your customers are facing. If till now your investors have no clue what your product actually does this is the time for giving them a demo.


Product Features


Features & Highlights PowerPoint Slide

Download this Free Features PowerPoint Slide


Demonstrate the key features of your product with this creative PowerPoint slide. Let your viewers know how your product is a perfect solution for what customers want and how it stands out from the rest. This is the stage when you put your product under spotlight and this can be easily done using this slide.


Here is one more slide that you can use for showcasing the unique features of your product:


Product Features PowerPoint Template

Download this Product Features PowerPoint Template


Incorporate this template to showcase the product features and your unique selling proposition that makes your product different from that of your competitors. This slide will greatly assist you in displaying the products and services you offer to your customers. Highlight the benefits of your product or brand and the value that the product adds in the customer’s life.


Target Market


Targets Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Free Target PPT Template


Present your target market size with the help of this readymade PowerPoint template. Display the total market size and the targeted size of the market where you propose to offer your product. Showcase the ways to reach out to the target customers as your investors might be interested to know your strategy. Think strategically and impress your audience with this PowerPoint template.


Business Model


Strategy Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Free Business Model PowerPoint Slide


This slide can be used to present the business model of your organization. Take the assistance of this template to talk about the revenue model, pricing strategy, sales and distribution model. Let your investors know how your business works. Explain the structure of your business using this free business model PowerPoint slide design. In this slide, you can showcase how your product makes money.


Traction and Milestones


Road map Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Free Traction and Milestones PowerPoint Slide


Display your small achievements and the milestones you have achieved till now. Share the relevant traction you’ve had. This PPT slide will help you impress your investors with what you have accomplished. Present the contracts you have won till now and your big and small achievements with this readymade PowerPoint slide show. A roadmap that outlines the key milestones is very useful slide at this stage.


Milestones Achieved


Team Achievements Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Free Milestones PowerPoint Template


Investors might want to see some of your results that proves that your business model actually helps customers. These are actually the milestones that you need to show. This will work as a bonus template for you to impress your investors. Showcase the major goals you have achieved so far. More the milestones you achieved, more the metrics you have to show.


Marketing Strategy


Four Points Global Infographic Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Free Marketing Strategy PowerPoint Template


Here you can showcase your plan on getting customers’ attention. Detail the key tactics that you intend to use so that the customer gets attracted towards the product. This PPT slide can also be incorporated to highlight your marketing process if it is different from that of your competitors.


Sales Strategy


Purchase Funnel Free PPT Template

Download this Free Sales Strategy PowerPoint Template


Get this free sales strategy PowerPoint template to explain your investors how you reach your customers. Finding the customers and winning their trust can sometimes be a challenging task for start-ups, so it is important to show to your investors how you will reach your target market.


Our Team


Team Introduction Free PPT Template

Download this Team Introduction PowerPoint Template


Investors invest in people first then in the ideas. Share details about your company and team members. Present their names, designation, along with their experience on this slide and convince them that you are a perfect team to lead this company to success. Sometimes, knowing the team members become a reason for investors to invest.




Money Finance Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Fund Raising PowerPoint Template


This slide can be perfectly used to depict where all you will allocate your funds such as for business expansion, product development, organizational growth, etc. Let them know how you are planning to use their funds and how much amount do you need to reach to your goals. Present the clear picture of how much equity you are willing to raise using this free PowerPoint slide.


Follow this pitch deck format to convince your investors in the strength of your idea. Download our free start-up templates that we shared above to create a winning pitch that raises millions of dollars for your business. Best of luck!