Do you know what Uber, Airbnb, Buffer, and other big companies had in common? They had simple but powerful pitch decks that instantly won over the VCs.


You know that pitching is the cornerstone of building a business, especially a start-up. It is an art form: consolidating your organizational details and story into something that is easily comprehensible. 


It is a quintessential fundraising tool, whether you’re interested in raising $50,000, $500,000 or say $50 billion. 


Despite the fact that pitching is a common cultural phenomenon in the startup land, many fail to create a winning one for themselves. This is especially true when you are a first-time entrepreneur, who has never pitched before. 


To help you with this nerve-wracking, traumatic task, we’ve compiled 25 investor pitch deck PowerPoint template samples that every entrepreneur needs in his arsenal. 


Find the perfect formula for a compelling, enticing and ultimately easy to digest pitch deck with these samples. 


Let us dive in!


Investor Pitch Deck PowerPoint Templates To Download 


Investor Deck Outline Template 1)


Guide your investors into understanding what your business is all about with this Investor Pitch Deck Outline PowerPoint Template. Explain in detail the nitty-gritty of your product and share your business model with this resourceful PPT of ours. This template will serve as a useful tool to present your business information neatly and clearly. Backed by learning from the most successful pitches, this PPT includes all the essential slides laid out in a beautiful format so that you can put your best foot forward.  


Investor Deck Outline

Download Investor Deck Outline Pitch Deck Outline PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Investor Business Proposal Template 2)


Help your team determine and communicate every major facet of a successful pitch- from explaining your USP to conveying your market validation with this Investor Business Proposal PowerPoint Presentation. Make a first good impression on the investors by incorporating this slideshow into your business operations. This template can be used to present significant details of your business in front of your investors to get funded. Also, the frisky design and the right choice of colors, make the communication of the company’s purpose quite easy and convenient, thus making it a powerful tool. 


Investor Business Proposal Pitch PowerPoint Presentation

Download Investor Business Proposal Pitch PowerPoint Presentation With Slides


Investor Vc Pitch Template 3)


Raise venture capital by pitching your potential investors with this professionally designed template. Outline everything from the reason of your business existence, business model, milestones, progress, team as well as final conclusion to initiate an immediate call to action by utilizing this PPT. Give a ‘trip down your company lane’ to the investors by downloading this fully customizable Venture Capital Pitch PowerPoint Template. 


Investor VC Pitch

Download 0914 Investor Vc Pitch Venture Capital Pitching PowerPoint Presentation


Private Equity Investment Template 4)


If you are looking for ways to pitch impactfully, our Private Equity Investment Deck is an ideal set for you. Including all the major constituents to present your business like income statements, financial benefits, competitive landscape, organizational structure, etc. this template is useful for all entrepreneurs irrespective of their niche. Present any important data using this PPT to grab the immediate attention of your investors. 


Private Equity Investment Deck

Download Private Equity Investment Deck PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Investor Pitch Deck Template 5)


This is an ideal toolkit for every entrepreneur to pitch investors and present vital statistics. You can easily communicate your vital business metrics with this content-ready PPT of ours. Also, introduce the new opportunities and challenges using this Investor Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template comprising of a set of 80 fully customizable slides. This overall design of this template is quite engaging and enticing thus helping you convey your message efficiently. 


Investor Pitch Deck

Download Investor Pitch Deck Pe PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Pitch Deck For Investors Template 6)


Investors are always looking for the value they can derive from a company so that they can invest in them. This template will prove as an ideal set for you to showcase your company’s worth. Let your investors focus on what benefits you can bring to them by showing your unique traits using this professionally designed PPT of ours. Stand out of the crowd by presenting your pitch such that it yields positive results by incorporating this full functional PowerPoint presentation into your business structure. 


Pitch Deck For Investors

Download Pitch Deck For Investors PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Venture Capital Financing Template 7)


Catch the investor’s immediate attention by providing a solution to their problems. Articulate the problem with this Venture Capital Financing PowerPoint Templates, designed keeping in mind the needs of the user. Present the pain points of your investors with a no-nonsense clarification by downloading this PPT. Not only this, the fully customizable layout of this template makes it apt for any industry. 


Venture Capital Financing

Download Venture Capital Financing PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Investor Pitch Deck For A Start Up Template 8)


Provide a brief overview of your business with this Investor Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template. Get your investors excited about your business idea, hopefully leading to an investment by using our fully editable PowerPoint presentation. Embodied with some of the major constituents of a winning pitch like revenue model, business model, growth strategy, SWOT analysis, exit strategy of the investors, etc, this template is sure to get you funded. So, download this template and start customizing the slides to tell your own unique story. 


Investor Pitch Deck For A Start Up

Download Investor Pitch Deck For A Start Up PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Angel Investor Template 9)


Sell your vision and secure sufficient amount of angel investment using this customizable PPT of ours. Avoid the pitch pot-holes and give yourself a good start by incorporating this template into your business structure. The creative design elements of this template are apt for even a veteran entrepreneur to pitch with full confidence and agility. 


Angel Investor

Download Angel Investor PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Startup Investor Presentation Template 10)


Pitch your ideas to the investors, partners, customers, etc, with this content ready Startup Investor Presentation PPT. Whether you are looking to raise your capital or expand your market, this PPT is an ideal set for you. Attract new investments and gain approval for your new business venture by incorporating this tailor-made PowerPoint template into your business structure. 


Startup Investor Presentation

Download Startup Investor Presentation PPT PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Angel Investment Template 11)


This template is an ideal set to pitch yourself in front of executives, community leaders, entrepreneurs and others who wish to gain a return on their money. Gain momentum in your business growth and secure more funds from the investors by utilizing this fully functional PPT. Comprising of major facets of a successful pitch and interesting color scheme makes this template an apt choice to be included in your business upholdings. 


Angel Investment

Download Angel Investment PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Elevator Pitch Template 12)


Close your deal and grab the immediate attention of your prospective investors by utilizing this Elevator Pitch Template. Deploy this PPT into your business structure to provide a quick introduction to your company, its working and how investing in it can bring greater returns to the investors. The professional layout of this template helps you in delivering a clear, concise to-the-point pitch which is sure to get funded. 


Elevator Pitch

Download Elevator Pitch PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Seed Funding Template 13)


Get optimum support and funds for your business venture by employing this Seed Funding Powerpoint Presentation. Persuade the seed investors to put their money and get on board. Consisting of major constituents of a winning pitch such as elevator pitch, problem area, solution service, business model, revenue streams, revenue model, etc, this template is apt for every entrepreneur irrespective of his niche. 


Seed Funding

Download Seed Funding PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Investor Profile Portfolio Template 14)


Use this template as a basic narrative of a pitch deck which is to present the existing problem, showcase how you can solve it, show why it is worth solving in the first place and how you can solve it competently that others out there. Since our PPT is designed keeping in mind, the needs of the user, it can be adapted to any format. 


Investor Profile Portfolio

Download Investor Profile Portfolio PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Investor Relations Profile 15)


This Investor Relations Profile Template is fit to serve every entrepreneur of a small or a large company. It is suitable to pitch your business in front of the investors as well as present vital statistics and information. Furthermore, you can communicate your company’s key metrics and other relevant data through this content-ready PPT. You can also propose new ideas and opportunities to your investors using this PowerPoint presentation, the design of which is enough to keep your audience engaged. 


Investor Relations Profile

Download Investor Relations Profile PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Startup Pitch Deck 16)


Capture the imagination of your investors and persuade them to invest in your early-stage business by incorporating this Startup Pitch Deck. Compel them to fund your new age venture by stating your vision, plans, investment history, solution to their problems and many more with this resourceful PPT of ours. Designed under, the supervision of expert researchers, this template will help you in explaining the unique traits of your business such that they secure investments. 


Startup Pitch Deck Raising Money

Download Startup Pitch Deck Raising Money From Investors PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Startup Funding Deck 17)


Raise money for your startup using this PowerPoint presentation curated after extensive research and analysis by our experts. Present a winning pitch that is sure to impress your investors with this fully editable layout. With numerous useful slides that can be customized, this template is enough to bring you positive results. There are also additional slides included in this template making it a complete package to pitch confidently in front of your seed investors, angel investors or any investor in general. 


Startup Funding Deck

Download Startup Funding Deck PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Investor Personality Profile Template 18)


Present a compelling narrative about your business plans, vision, highlight investment history, and explain the qualities of your business using this Investor Personality Profile Template. Engage your audience and get them excited about your pitch with this fully editable PPT.  The attractive colors used in this template helps you in persuading investors to put money in your venture, whether it is a start-up or full-blown business. 


Investor Personality Profile

Download Investor Personality Profile PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Business Proposal For Venture Capital Template 19)


Attract venture capitalists by pitching your business ideas, vision, plan and other aspects using this PowerPoint template. Comprising of slides like marketing gap opportunity, value proposition, product benefits, business model, go to market plan, channel strategy, scatter chart, etc, this template can be edited by anybody and used as per your needs and requirements. 


Business Proposal For Venture Capital

Download Business Proposal For Venture Capital PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Pitch Deck For Entrepreneurs 20)


Spark interest in your investors using this Pitch Deck For Entrepreneurs Powerpoint Presentation. Raise money for your business and take it to soaring heights by presenting a convincing pitch. Embodied with all the major slides of a winning pitch deck like the problem, solution, product demo, business model, competitive analysis matrix, etc. this template is fully responsive to all your needs and requirement. Furthermore, the versatility of this PPT makes it apt for any industry or organization no matter whether it is a start-up or a renowned business venture. 


Pitch Deck For Entrepreneurs

Download Pitch Deck For Entrepreneurs Raising Money For A New Business PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Business Pitch 21)


Present a detailed overview of your business operations with this content-ready Business Pitch Powerpoint Presentation. Secure the funding and the resources required to move forward in your business venture by utilizing this fully editable PowerPoint presentation. The vivid design graphics and valuable content of this template keep the investors from losing interest, thereby helping you get funded. 


Business Pitch

Download Business Pitch PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Investor Update Newsletter 22)


Leverage your investors into funding your business by providing them regular updates using this template. Keep them in loop always by incorporating these PowerPoint templates. Ensure regular updations of your business upholdings by downloading this fully customizable PPT. The vivid design elements used in this presentation can help you present in front of a large number of audience without any fear of pixelation. 


Investor Update Newsletter

Download Investor Update Newsletter PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Investor Update Profile About Business 23)


A unique template with every capacity to pitch resourcefully- this Investor Update template can be used by any industry or organization. Gain the confidence of your prospects and get funded with our PPT. Created under the supervision of expert designers and researchers, this PowerPoint presentation can be customized any which way as per the need and requirement of the user. 


Investor Update Profile

Download Investor Update Profile About Business PowerPoint Presentation With Slides


Pitch Deck Slide 24)


Portray your company’s achievements using this Pitch Deck Slide. Give a short brief about your operations, vision, and plan and help your investors focus on the major aspects of your business by deploying this fully editable slide into your business structure. The vivid colors used in this template makes it look exciting as well as professional, thus helping you get funded. 


Pitch Deck Slide

Download Pitch Deck Slide Accomplishments To Date PowerPoint Images


Pitch A Potential Investor 25)


Give a brief overview of your company by utilizing this Pitch Deck slide. Deploy this slide to persuade your investors to make an investment in your business and earn greater profits. Owing to its fully customizable layout, this template can be used by any entrepreneur of any niche or industry. 


Pitch A Potential Investor Example

Download Pitch A Potential Investor Example PPT Background Images


These are the pitch decks that we absolutely love from our collection to help you get to the top. 


Hopefully, these 25 deck samples will help you concede what is persuasive enough to get into a VC’s head and compel them to invest!