SWOT is not just another business jargon. It is the foundation of a smooth business venture.


Developed by Albert Humphrey, SWOT Analysis is a comprehensive, powerful, yet simple business evaluation tool to be on the right track in the competitive corporate landscape. Widely used by entrepreneurs, this competitive analysis is beneficial to access business by identifying internal Strengths and Weaknesses, alongside external Opportunities and Threats. 


“A SWOT analysis involves asking, What are our strengths and weaknesses? What are our opportunities? What are the threats?” — Amanda Lang


This multidimensional analysis of a new project helps organizations to reap maximum benefits, minimize the negatives, and to verify whether the objectives are attainable. The SWOT matrix presented in a 2X2 grid helps in gaining detailed insight into a fair-minded overview of a business as a whole or a particular product. Based on identifying and planning methodology, SWOT analysis uncovers latent opportunities and risks so that the company develops the ability to adapt to the volatile market.


Emphasize the impact of strategic techniques to a successful business by downloading our Top 10 SWOT Analysis Google Slides Templates. Compatible with Google slides, these professionally designed PowerPoint templates are a must to wow your client with a well crafted, in-depth SWOT analyzed business plan.


Top 10 SWOT Analysis Google Slides Templates To Download


Template 1


HR SWOTDownload HR SWOT Google Slides Template


The versatility of the SWOT technique makes it even more beneficial for improving the overall performance. By utilizing this content-ready, Google slides adaptable SWOT analysis PowerPoint template; you can boast the HR practices of your company effectively. You can easily highlight the SWOT technique applied to the recruiting process using our editable template. With the help of this amazingly designed PPT complete deck, you can also evaluate the performance of an employee and give suitable feedback. This SWOT analysis PowerPoint presentation is all the human resource department requires to reflect business excellence.


Template 2


Business Swot AnalysisDownload Business SWOT Analysis Google Slides Template


Download this comprehensively researched SWOT PowerPoint complete deck which covers a wide range of topics to prove your expertise to the client. This 60 Google slides adaptable PowerPoint presentation helps in giving a detailed overview of the products of competitors. Illustrate an eye-catching SWOT analysis for a presentation using this editable template to highlight the key features of products and discuss the methodologies to excel. You can also introduce your talented workforce by incorporating this attention-grabbing business PowerPoint theme.


Template 3


SWOT AnalysisDownload SWOT Analysis Google Slides Template


This visually appealing SWOT analysis PowerPoint template works well for PPT presentations for various purposes. Teachers can incorporate this Google slides compatible template for seminars and lectures. The versatility of this attention-grabbing professional template makes it perfect for workshops for startups and budding entrepreneurs.


Template 4


Retail Statistics Company Swot AnalysisDownload Retail Statistics Company SWOT Analysis Google Slides Template


Take your SWOT analysis findings to the next level with this striking SWOT technique PowerPoint template. Download our Google slides compatible template to list the factors that are needed to be considered for a flawless retail business plan. Merchandise industry can introduce this editable template for client meetings.


Template 5


Organizational Brand StrengthDownload Organizational Brand Strength Google Slides Template


The strategies for improving brand position can be devices using this contemporary SWOT analysis PowerPoint template. The strong visual aspect of this Google slides compatible template helps keep viewers engaged, and interested in the concept you are trying to explain. Download this Google slides compatible SWOT template for brainstorming sessions with your team and reach new heights. The different aspects of the brand can be communicated effectively with the help of our ready-made template.


Template 6


Information Technology Swot AnalysisDownload Information Technology SWOT Analysis Google Slides Template


IT professionals can take advantage of this pre-designed SWOT analysis PowerPoint template to stay ahead of its competitors. This Google slides adaptable template can be easily modified to business needs. With the help of our content-ready theme, you can list the strengths and weaknesses of software and work towards a better version in an engaging manner.


Template 7


Hr Swot AnalysisDownload HR SWOT Analysis Google Slides Template


Use this pre-designed HR SWOT PowerPoint template to discuss the recruiting process with the company management team. With the help of this Google slides adaptable template, you can highlight the section which demands attention to improve the overall recruitment process. Showcase strategies based on the findings of your analysis by employing this template.


Template 8


4 Matrix For Swot Analysis Of BusinessDownload 4 Matrix For SWOT Analysis Of Business Google Slides Template


Whether you’re struggling with a marketing SWOT analysis, evaluating operations, or planning a new project, this Google slides compatible template is all that you need. Download this pre-designed PowerPoint template to analyze the product launch. Create a distinctive presentation by incorporating our ready-made template for brainstorming sessions. This customized template is perfect for presenting findings in an eye-catching manner.


Template 9


Company Swot AnalysisDownload Company SWOT Analysis Google Slides Template


Incorporate this attractive SWOT PowerPoint template for designing a perfect business plan for your firm. This editable Google slides compatible template offers easy sharing for brainstorming sessions or a group process. Understand the different elements of a process by downloading this stunning, professionally designed template to meet business needs.


Template 10


SwotDownload SWOT Google Slides Template


SWOT analysis is useful for achieving business as well as personal goals. Improve your performance at work by analyzing your strengths and weaknesses with the help of this visually appealing PowerPoint template. Make a wise decision of applying for a new job, or other situations by considering all aspects by utilizing this Google slides compatible template. 


Determine the best way to excel in business using these Top 10 SWOT Analysis Google Slides Templates. After all, a well thought out, SWOT analyzed, a business management plan is an essential tool in the arsenal of any enterprise.


Happy Brainstorming!