Entrepreneurs always seek ways to improve their business. To strive in cut-throat competition, continuous improvement in terms of innovation, fresh ideas, and creativity is essential. The conventional way of company meetings doesn’t include an exchange of rewarding proposals. It is mostly a one-way communication that usually overpowers the ability of free-thinking of other bright minds. One the other hand, brainstorming sessions facilitate conducting productive meetings based on innovative ideas that focus on ‘out-of-the-box thinking’.


“Brainstorming is the nexus of ideas.” — Asa Don Brown


The different viewpoints that come up in brainstorming business meetings stir fresh ideas that can become a path-breaking solution to major issues. The organization structure and tasks related to internal procedures are adequately analyzed and evaluated using this business technique. Brainstorming sessions help in discovering the best feasible solution to achieve outstanding results. This revolutionary technique contributes significantly to the success of the organization. 


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“Evidence from science suggests that business people must be insane to use brainstorming groups,” — Susan Cain


Keeping in mind the significance of brainstorming for achieving desired goals with maximum efficiency, SlideTeam professionals have come up with Top 25 Brainstorming PowerPoint Templates. Download these customizable Brainstorming PowerPoint templates and get the creative juices flowing.


Top 25 Brainstorming PowerPoint Templates to Download

Template 1: Discussion Brainstorming Techniques PPT Template


Discussion Brainstorming Decision Making

Download Discussion Brainstorming Decision Making PowerPoint Template


Fruitful discussions encompassing the ideas of team members leads to one of the best solutions, and this can be illustrated with the help of this brainstorming PowerPoint complete deck. The techniques of brainstorming, its pros, and the process to follow it can be efficiently showcased with our brainstorming PowerPoint theme. The principle of judgment among alternatives can be identified easily by utilizing this attention-grabbing brainstorming PowerPoint template.


Template 2: Idea Development and Brainstorming PPT Template


Idea Development And Brainstorming Process

Download Idea Development And Brainstorming Process PowerPoint Template


It is an idea which outstands a company from its competitors, and this brainstorming PowerPoint helps in emphasizing this concept. Elaborate on the rules of brainstorming, such as no judgmental looks, no criticizing, etc. so that the idea of brainstorming is effectively conveyed to the audience. The benefits of brainstorming sessions on the overall result of the company can be elucidated by incorporating this striking PowerPoint background. 


Template 3: List of Ideas for Effective Brainstorming PPT Template


List Of Ideas For Effective Brainstorming

Download List Of Ideas For Effective Brainstorming Process PowerPoint Template


Showcase the strategic techniques of brainstorming in business by utilizing this engaging brainstorming PowerPoint template. Explain to your colleagues the significance of brainstorming and the procedure to win clients by incorporating our attention-grabbing brainstorming PowerPoint layout. The stepwise process starting from addressing the issue, looking for alternatives, and figuring out the best option after weighing the pros and cons can be easily illustrated with our content ready PPT layout.


Template 4: Brainstorming Techniques PowerPoint Template


Brainstorming Techniques For New Product Development

Brainstorming Techniques For New Product Development PowerPoint Template


This engaging brainstorming PowerPoint theme is perfect for explaining the concept of brainstorming in business. You can discuss the procedure of brainstorming and the scorecard in an easy to comprehend manner with the help of our comprehensively searched brainstorming PowerPoint templates. Companies can download this professionally designed brainstorming PPT complete deck to come to a solution that benefits the enterprise.


Template 5: Brainstorming Creative Idea Plan PPT Template


Brainstorming Creative Idea PlanDownload Brainstorming Creative Idea Plan PowerPoint Template


Organize and categorize the free-flow of ideas with our brainstorming PowerPoint theme. You can discuss the various pros and cons of a plan with your colleagues using our pre-designed PPT background. This brainstorming PowerPoint complete deck includes comprehensively researched slides addressing the business goals. The challenges and the ideas suggested by colleagues can be efficiently elaborated with our pre-designed brainstorming PowerPoint templates.


Template 6: Brainstorming Tricks PPT Template


Brainstorming TricksDownload Brainstorming Tricks To Inspire PowerPoint Template


Make decisions and solve problems using the technique of brainstorming with the help of this attractive brainstorming PowerPoint theme. Explain the concept of brainstorming and its benefits by utilizing this brainstorming PowerPoint complete deck. Elaborate on the issues of brainstorming and the procedure adopted to get the best business ideas by incorporating our ready-made brainstorming PPT template. Types of brainstorming can also be elucidated using this PowerPoint theme.


Template 7:Mindmaps for Brain's Creativity PPT Template


Mind Maps For Brains Creativity

Download Mind Maps For Brains Creativity PowerPoint Template


Utilize our pre-designed brainstorming PowerPoint template to demonstrate the need to use creative ideas to convince clients. The uniqueness of an organization relies on the basic concept and this can be efficiently portrayed with the help of our brainstorming PowerPoint theme. Utilize this comprehensively researched brainstorming PowerPoint complete deck to illustrate the various techniques such as clustering, tree diagram, vein diagram, and T- diagram. Download this brainstorming PowerPoint layout to state the different stages of brainstorming.


Template 8: Idea Development PPT Template


Idea Development Process StrategiesDownload Idea Development Process Strategies PowerPoint Template


Foster team building and promote creative ideas by incorporating this brainstorming PowerPoint complete deck. List the strategies and techniques of brainstorming in business by utilizing this attention-grabbing brainstorming PowerPoint theme. Problem-solving ability can also be enhanced by the application of brainstorming sessions in the enterprise, and this can be efficiently communicated with our ready-made PowerPoint background.


Template 9: Change the Lead PPT Template


Change LeadDownload Change Lead PowerPoint Template


This eye-catchy brainstorming PowerPoint template is perfect for portraying the idea of brainstorming to generate innovative solutions and allow freedom of mind. Keeping in mind the rules of brainstorming sessions, an enterprise can apply this technique to build a strong team bond and exchange of creative ideas. The aesthetically appealing color palette used by our professionals makes it a must for the next business meeting.


Template 10: Business Strategy Innovation PowerPoint Template


Business Strategy InnovationDownload Business Strategy Innovation PowerPoint Template


Download this visually appealing brainstorming PowerPoint template to discuss the business strategies to encourage fresh ideas. Utilize this brainstorming complete deck to highlight the innovative business model and its framework in detail. Elucidate the different approaches of the business model suggested after the brainstorming session by incorporating our pre-designed PPT layout.


Template 11: Brainstorming Tips PowerPoint Template


Brainstorming Tips Invite ParticipantsDownload Brainstorming Tips Invite Participants PowerPoint Template


The result-oriented business techniques can be demonstrated to your fellow teammates by downloading this brainstorming PowerPoint template. List the tips of a productive brainstorming session by utilizing this attractive brainstorming PowerPoint theme. The visual in the PPT layout effectively displays the group session of brainstorming.


Template 12: Idea Development and Brainstorming Process PPT Template


Idea Development And BrainstormingDownload Idea Development And Brainstorming Process PowerPoint Template


Idea development procedure can be illustrated by employing this pre-designed brainstorming PowerPoint template. The stepwise procedure can be used to explain the management students in their classes. You can also elaborate on the points mentioned in the pre-designed brainstorming PowerPoint theme by giving examples.


Template 13: Brainstorming PowerPoint Slide


Brainstorming Generating New Ideas

Download Brainstorming Generating New Ideas PowerPoint Template


Promote the application of a brainstorming technique to get effective results by downloading this attention-grabbing business PowerPoint template. This editable versatile brainstorming PowerPoint theme can be used for presenting ideas at conferences and seminars. Students can also utilize this PPT layout for projects.


Template 14: Brainstorming Startup Entrepreneur Ideation PPT Template


Brainstorming Startup Entrepreneur

Download Brainstorming Startup Entrepreneur PowerPoint Template


Download our fully customizable brainstorming PowerPoint template to visualize the relationships between different business strategies.  Share your ideas with your colleagues in an engaging manner with the assistance of this pre-designed brainstorming PowerPoint theme. Perfect for elaborating on the pros and cons of different approaches to yield maximum profit can be illustrated with this PPT background.


Template 15: Brainstorming Session PPT Template


Brainstorming TeamDownload Brainstorming Team PowerPoint Template


Boost creativity among your teammates with the help of this editable brainstorming PowerPoint template. Present your ideas in an easy to comprehend manner by utilizing this engaging brainstorming PowerPoint theme. The significance of brainstorming sessions can be described efficiently by incorporating this elegant brainstorming PPT layout.


Template 16: Idea Development Process PPT Template


Idea Development And BrainstormingDownload Idea Development And Brainstorming PowerPoint Template


Brainstorming can result in massive success to the enterprise, and this striking brainstorming PowerPoint theme serves the purpose efficiently. Download this editable brainstorming PowerPoint template to showcase the procedure of brainstorming for business. The complete process can be explained using a case study by incorporating our pre-designed brainstorm PPT background. 


Template 17: Brainstorming Technique PowerPoint Template


The Brainstorming TechniqueDownload The Brainstorming Technique PowerPoint Template


Download our comprehensively researched brainstorming techniques PowerPoint template for business purposes. Elaborate on each method in a detailed manner by employing this attractive brainstorming PowerPoint theme. You can encourage your co-workers to bring creative ideas and the plan to execute it by introducing this PPT theme.


Template 18: Idea Development PowerPoint Template


Structure Of Idea Development And Brainstorming ProcessDownload Structure Of Idea Development PowerPoint Template


Idea development plays a crucial role in business development, and this can be communicated effectively by downloading this brainstorming PowerPoint template. This editable brainstorming PowerPoint layout is a must for business meetings. Employ this content ready brainstorming PowerPoint theme and present your ideas efficiently.


Template 19: Brainstorming Team Session PPT Template


Brainstorming TeamsDownload Brainstorming Team PowerPoint Template


Discuss the importance of team building activities and its usefulness in brainstorming sessions using this beautiful PowerPoint template. List the problem areas and encourage your teammates to work together to find a solution by incorporating our professionally designed brainstorming PowerPoint layout.


Template 20: Idea Development PowerPoint Template


Four Steps Of Idea Development And BrainstormingDownload Four Steps Of Idea Development And Brainstorming PowerPoint Template


Incorporate this brainstorming PowerPoint template to elucidate the stepwise procedure of idea development. Utilize our content ready brainstorming PowerPoint layout to business meetings, seminars, and conferences. Employ this accessible yet adequately explained brainstorming PPT background and promote team-building skills with your team.


Template 21: New Product Proposal Idea and Brainstorm Template


New Product ProposalDownload New Product Proposal PowerPoint Template


The business proposals need to be unique in the idea, and this can be discussed by introducing this pre-designed brainstorming PowerPoint template. Incorporate this editable brainstorming PowerPoint theme to elaborate on the problem and the possible alternatives to solve them in a detailed and listed manner.


Template 22: Brainstorming Diagram PPT Template


Example Of Brainstorming DiagramDownload Example Of Brainstorming Diagram PowerPoint Template


Brainstorming requires a series of steps which can be highlighted by employing this amazingly designed business PowerPoint theme. The image used in this brainstorming PowerPoint template makes it eye-catchy and engaging. Students can download this editable brainstorming PowerPoint background for projects.


Template 23: Basics of Brainstorming PPT Template


Basics Of BrainstormingDownload Basics Of Brainstorming PowerPoint Template


Project managers can incorporate this comprehensively designed brainstorming PowerPoint template for elaborating the techniques of brainstorming to the team members. The icons used in this brainstorming PowerPoint layout makes it attractive to the audience. You can effectively convey the objective of brainstorming sessions by introducing our pre-designed PPT background.


Template 24: Brainstorm Design PowerPoint Template


Process MethodologyDownload Process Methodology PowerPoint Template


The process of brainstorming and its application in business can be discussed efficiently by utilizing this detailed brainstorming PowerPoint template. The complete procedure, along with the icons used in this brainstorming PowerPoint theme makes it perfect for expressing your views at seminars and conferences.


Template 25: Brainstorming Challenges and Idea PPT Template


Brainstorming Challenges And IdeaDownload Brainstorming Challenges And Idea PowerPoint Template


The techniques used to filter the best business ideas to outshine the competitors can be described engagingly by utilizing this brainstorming PowerPoint template. The visuals in this brainstorming PowerPoint theme make it interesting and hence grabs the attention of the audience. Communicate your creative ideas with your team members by introducing this pre-designed brainstorming PowerPoint layout.


Download these Top 25 Brainstorming PowerPoint templates and motivate your team to bring creative ideas!


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FAQs on Brainstorming 

What is the main purpose of brainstorming?


The main purpose of brainstorming is to generate a large number of ideas and creative solutions to a problem or challenge. Brainstorming is a group activity that encourages free-flowing, non-judgmental sharing of ideas among participants, with the goal of generating as many ideas as possible.


Brainstorming can be used in a variety of settings, from business to education to creative fields, and can help individuals and teams overcome creative blocks and find innovative solutions. The aim is to generate a broad range of ideas, without worrying about their feasibility or quality at this initial stage. These ideas can then be evaluated and refined later on in the process. Overall, the purpose of brainstorming is to foster creativity and generate new ideas that can lead to improved outcomes.

What are the 4 methods of brainstorming?


There are several methods of brainstorming, but here are four commonly used ones:


Traditional brainstorming: This is the classic method, where a group of people gather in a room and verbally share their ideas. The facilitator records all ideas on a whiteboard or paper for everyone to see.


Brainwriting: In this method, participants write down their ideas on paper or post-it notes silently for a predetermined amount of time. Once the time is up, the facilitator collects the notes and displays them for everyone to see.


Reverse brainstorming: This method is used when the problem or challenge is difficult to approach directly. Participants brainstorm ideas for how to make the problem worse, which can then be reversed to generate ideas for solving the problem.


Mind mapping: This is a visual brainstorming method where participants create a diagram that shows the relationships between ideas. Starting with a central idea, participants add related ideas and connect them to the central idea with lines, creating a visual map of the ideas.


What are the benefits of brainstorming?


Brainstorming can offer several benefits, including:


Generates a large number of ideas: Brainstorming encourages participants to generate as many ideas as possible, without fear of judgment. This can result in a large number of creative and innovative ideas.


Fosters collaboration: Brainstorming is a group activity, which means that participants can collaborate and build on each other's ideas. This can lead to better ideas and solutions than working alone.


Promotes creativity: Brainstorming is an open-ended activity that allows participants to think outside the box and explore new possibilities. This can help to promote creativity and innovation.


Encourages participation: Brainstorming is an inclusive activity that encourages participation from all members of the group. This can help to build a sense of teamwork and create a more supportive and collaborative working environment.


Facilitates decision-making: Brainstorming can help to identify the most promising ideas and potential solutions to a problem or challenge. This can make the decision-making process more informed and effective.


Overall, brainstorming is a useful tool for generating new ideas, promoting creativity, and fostering collaboration and teamwork.