“Where words leave off, music begins.” - Heinrich Heine

Who doesn’t love music? Every single person loves one music genre or the other. There’s nothing sweeter in the world like the sound of your dearest song. It just gets right into our heads and whisks us away to our happy place.


Music plays a significant role, even in our daily lives. Whether you go to any public area or on any public transport, people listening to music through their headphones is a familiar sight. Especially in this day and age, even a workout is just not complete without a playlist. We listen to melodies at all times and in all places. With faint memories of lullabies sung to us in our childhood to kick-starting our mornings with the chirping of birds, music is weaved in every fabric of mankind from the very beginning.

“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.” - Maria Augusta von Trapp

Music is a powerful tool to express emotions. It lifts our spirits even when we don’t feel like getting out of bed. There are plenty of people who swear that listening to music helps them to concentrate much better on what they are doing.


Coined as ‘Mozart Effect’, research indicates that if one listens to the music of the famous composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, one might actually become smarter. Music enhances creativity, helps in expressing emotions, relaxes the mind, and boosts self-confidence. As music is a universal language that shatters all the barriers across cultural and linguistic boundaries, 21st June is celebrated as World Music Day. Since music is such a big part of our lives, we can’t ignore its significance.


SlideTeam professionals have designed these Top 25 Music PowerPoint templates. Download these customizable PowerPoint themes and enjoy the world of music.


So, play your favorite music and start exploring the templates below!


Top 25 Music PowerPoint Templates To Download

Template 1

Electronic MusicDownload Electronic Music PowerPoint Template


Music leaves a soothing effect on our minds. This attractive PowerPoint background can be used as an advertisement for guitar learning classes. Incorporate this visually appealing music PowerPoint template into your music classes to explain the basics to students. Music festivals can also employ this music PPT background to give out the details of the event. Guitar competition can also be promoted by this editable music PowerPoint presentation. Online music platforms can incorporate this striking PPT theme to attract more viewers.

Template 2

Electronic MusicDownload Electronic Music Dj Playing Songs PowerPoint Template


This striking music PowerPoint template can be downloaded by DJs to illustrate the details of the upcoming events. Music teachers and enthusiasts can also download this music PowerPoint presentation for their coaching classes. Music festival organizers can incorporate this aesthetically appealing PPT background. This PPT background can also be used for music websites. Connect with your fans by giving details of the music festivals you are going to perform with this PPT background.

Template 3

Electronic Music Studio Room With InstrumentsDownload Electronic Music Studio Room With Instruments PowerPoint Template


Musicians can employ this completely editable music PowerPoint template to showcase the different instruments available. Details of a room to be rented for a music studio can be mentioned by utilizing this attention-grabbing music PowerPoint presentation. You can also use this amazingly designed music PowerPoint theme for school projects related to musical instruments.

Template 4

Rock Concert MusicDownload Rock Concert Music PowerPoint Template


Grow the fan base and spread your talent of music by downloading this awe-inspiring music PowerPoint template. Showcase your experience of performing for fans on stage with the help of this music PowerPoint theme. Schools and colleges can incorporate this music PPT theme for advertising their fests. This music PowerPoint background can be utilized by event management companies to highlight the services offered by them.

Template 5

Music Producer ContractMusic Producer Contract Proposal PowerPoint Presentation


This comprehensively researched music PowerPoint proposal is a must to impress your client. With the help of this ready-made music PowerPoint complete deck, you can highlight the services you offer such as music recording, studio sessions, marketing & sales music, sound production, and others in a precise manner. You can also mention the terms & conditions in this pre-designed PowerPoint theme so the client gets a clear understanding before signing a deal.

Template 6

Dance Music AbstractDownload Dance Music Abstract PowerPoint Template


This attractive music PowerPoint template can be employed by fest organizers for promotion purposes. Music students can also download this visually appealing PowerPoint theme for their projects. Children camps can introduce this music PPT background to give details of the event. Event organizers can incorporate our editable PowerPoint theme for their website. 

Template 7

Person Playing Electronic Music With InstrumentsDownload Person Playing Electronic Music With Instruments PowerPoint Template


With the help of this versatile music PowerPoint template, you can promote your skills and expertise in the field of music. Highlight the music festivals and upcoming tours for your fans by downloading this striking PowerPoint layout for your website. Details of electronic music classes can be illustrated by utilizing this professionally designed music PPT background.

Template 8

Music Image Of Kid Playing XylophoneDownload Music Image Of Kid Playing Xylophone PowerPoint Template


Music has a huge impact on the overall development in early childhood which can be effectively communicated with the help of this music PowerPoint template. Children’s care centers can employ this PowerPoint theme to elucidate the facilities available to them. Child care experts can effectively explain the significance of music for kids’ development by downloading this attention-grabbing music powerPoint layout.

Template 9

Entertainment Photo Mosaic Music CollageDownload Entertainment Photo Mosaic Music Collage PowerPoint Template


Event management companies can download this versatile music PowerPoint theme for their websites and attract viewers. This editable music PowerPoint theme can be used for music fests and the details can be mentioned easily for the audience. The price of tickets, food kiosks, and other entertainment facilities available at the music festival can be illustrated impressively by utilizing this PPT background.  

Template 10

Indian Classical Singer MusicDownload Indian Classical Singer Music PowerPoint Template


Indian classical music and its history can be elucidated to the audience by employing this ready-made music PowerPoint theme. Classical music concerts can be advertised by downloading this pre-designed music PowerPoint template. Learning musical instruments can be encouraged in students with the help of this PPT background.

Template 11

Girl Playing Electronic MusicDownload Girl Playing Electronic Music PowerPoint Template


Music production enterprises can utilize this eye-catchy music PowerPoint template to highlight the various services they provide. Event managers can include this editable PPT theme to discuss the packages they offer and other relevant details to the clients. The career opportunity in the field of music can be discussed by career counselors by introducing this music PPT layout.

Template 12

Audience Enjoying Summer Music FestivalDownload Audience Enjoying Summer Music Festival PowerPoint Template


Download this professionally designed music PowerPoint template and showcase the events you have performed to impress your customers. Music festivals can incorporate this attractive PowerPoint theme to give details such as venue, timings, tickets, etc. The pre-designed music PowerPoint background can be downloaded to explain the effects of music on enhancing creativity.

Template 13

Electronic Music With Black Electric GuitarDownload Electronic Music With Black Electric Guitar PowerPoint Template


Guitar classes can be promoted using this music PowerPoint template. The history of music and the therapeutic effects of music on patients can be discussed efficiently by incorporating this attractive PowerPoint theme. Music bands can download this PowerPoint background to acknowledge the members of bands after the performance.

Template 14

Summer Music Festival Full Of LightsDownload Summer Music Festival PowerPoint Template


If you are an event planner and looking for a striking PowerPoint template, this theme is just for you. Employ this editable PPT background to showcase your awards and achievements effectively. Music companies can also download this professionally designed music PowerPoint background for their website and online platforms

Template 15

Music Girl AbstractDownload Music Girl Abstract PowerPoint Template


Music and singing competitions organizers can introduce this striking music PowerPoint template to give the details of the event. Students can incorporate this pre-designed music PPT theme for their presentation on music. Teachers can download this attractive PPT background to promote the classes.

Template 16

Kids Music Image Of Boy Playing Acoustic GuitarDownload Kids Music Image Of Boy Playing Acoustic Guitar PowerPoint Template


Kids can be encouraged to take music classes and pursue this field by employing this music PowerPoint template. The positive impact of music on the overall development of the child can be effectively discussed by child counselors with the help of this pre-designed music PPT theme. The various effects of music can be discussed efficiently by incorporating this music PowerPoint background. Music templates like these can be employed for encouraging people to learn about guitar.

Template 17

Music Production Companies Contract ProposalDownload Music Production Companies Contract Proposal PowerPoint Presentation


Download this comprehensively researched music PowerPoint proposal template and increase your clientele. With the help of this content-ready music PowerPoint background, you can showcase the services you offer and give relevant information to potential customers. You can state the terms and conditions of your service in this music PowerPoint presentation to avoid any legal confusion during the job engagement.

Template 18

Music Notes BackgroundDownload Music Notes Background Entertainment PowerPoint Template


This amazingly designed music PowerPoint template can be used for various music events. Musicians can incorporate this editable PowerPoint background to list out the details of the upcoming music shows. Musical events for kids can also download this eye-catching music Powerpoint background for promotion. 

Template 19

World Music GlobeDownload World Music Globe PowerPoint Template


This awe-inspiring music PowerPoint template is the best fit for events like World Music Day. You can promote musical fests and attract the audience with this attention-grabbing music PowerPoint background. The benefits of listening to music can also be described with the help of our pre-designed PPT layout. Music templates can be utilized for concerts and events.

Template 20

Mike Speakers Music Node RhythmDownload Mike Speakers Music Node Rhythm PowerPoint Template


Download this versatile music PowerPoint theme for various music icons. Just edit the details and you are good to go for any music-related project. By incorporating this music PowerPoint template, you can teach students about the basic symbols used in music and the significance of each of them. 

Template 21

Media Information Literacy Multiple BulbsDownload Media Information Literacy Multiple Bulbs PowerPoint Template


Employ this aesthetically appealing music PowerPoint template to teach students about music and the significance of it in our lives. You can also discuss the positive impacts of listening to music by utilizing this attractive music PowerPoint background. The evolution of music across different cultures can be efficiently illustrated by incorporating this PPT theme.

Template 22

Classical Music Showing Musical Instruments With PianoDownload Classical Music Piano PowerPoint Template


The history of music and the introduction of the piano can be effectively illustrated by downloading this editable music PowerPoint template. Teachers can employ this PPT background to teach students the sound of different keys in a piano. Music learning camps can utilize this pre-designed PowerPoint layout to advertise the services they offer. Music templates can be used for giving details about the upcoming music events.

Template 23

Musical Note Stave And MicrophoneDownload Musical Note Stave And Microphone PowerPoint Template


Download this music PowerPoint template for music websites and blogs to instantly grab attention. Music and singing competitions organizers can incorporate this PPT background to list out the eligibility criteria of participants. Music has a therapeutic effect on the mind which can be discussed with the audience with this striking PowerPoint theme.

Template 24

Kids Music Image Of Girl Playing GuitarDownload Kids Music Image Of Girl Playing Guitar PowerPoint Template


Kids’ activity institution can utilize this attention-grabbing music PowerPoint template to showcase the musical instruments learning session offered at the classes. This editable music PPT theme can be utilized to highlight the advantages of learning musical instruments from an early age. This striking PowerPoint layout can be downloaded by shopkeepers to mention the musical instruments available at their store. Music templates can be used to encourage kids to learn music from an early age.

Template 25

Icon Of Music ListenDownload Icon Of Music Listen PowerPoint Template


The versatility of this music icon PowerPoint template makes it easy to incorporate for several purposes. Music websites can utilize this attractive music PowerPoint background to showcase the latest playlist. Music is celebrated across the globe on events like World Music Day which can be depicted effectively with the help of this visually appealing music PPT theme.


Life without music can not be imagined. So, download these amazingly designed Top 25 Music PowerPoint templates and cherish the fascinating world of music.


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